Wednesday 1 August 2012

and he's a yapper!

Actually, I don't know if he's a he or if she's a she as I haven't gotten that close.  I can tell you this though...  boy or girl...  that dog is a yapper!

Of course, I'm talking about our new neighbours.  Haven't met the people yet but their dog has been out and about in his or her yard and has been yappa-dappa-doodaling-o-dandy all over the place.  I'm not afraid of him or anything.  I'm no scaredy-cat.  Besides, he's kind of small.  I'm pretty sure I could take him.

Yesterday morning, peep #1 was out there in the back garden, picking some flowers.  Well, you should have heard the yapping.  The moment that doggy saw my peep he started it up.  And he didn't stop until his peeps took him inside.  But my peep is so brave.  So very, very brave.  She stood her ground and just kept on picking.  Yup.  Didn't hesitate one bit.  Not even for a second.  Probably 'cause she knew the dog was in his yard and that she was in her - I mean my - yard so it's not like the yapper could do anything to her or anything.  Plus, I was there...  doing my peep protection patrol thing.

Just wait 'til the day when that ol' peep of mine goes picking flowers way at the back of her - I mean my - cutting garden.  That'll put her right up against the property line.  Oohhh... there will be yapping that day, for sure.  They'll probably hear the yapping all the way up to the space station up in outer space.  Then, maybe someone up there will start reading my blog!  You hear that Houston? 

You know, I think my peep and that dog are gonna get along just fine.  He might be a yapper but my peep is a real caterwauler.  You've heard how she goes to caterwauling practise every week, right?  Yeah, she says she's going to Choral Society.  I say that's just a fancy-shmancy, high fallootin' way of describing caterwauling.

And if any of you peeps out there reading my blog went to Theatre School with the peep and think you might come to the woman's defence when I describe her as a caterwauler...  THINK AGAIN!  You don't have to live with her!  I do.  I have to listen to her practise.  Like practising is gonna help.  It's a nightmare on Elm Street, for sure.

Oh yeah, my peep can definitely out-caterwaul any of that dog's yapping.  If peeps could be professional caterwaulers, my peep would be right in there.  Making money hand over fist with her professional caterwauling, she would.  I could start up a little side-line selling earplugs.  Ooohhhhh...  I would be so rich.

If caterwauling was made an Olympic sport, she would be winning medals left, right and centre.  She'd be winning all those gold medals...  all of them.  Actually, they might even give her the gold, silver and bronze ones just 'cause everyone else would hear her caterwaul just once and give up right there and then.  No one - and I mean no one - can caterwaul like my peep.

She should have gone to those old Olympics they're holding in London, this year.  The United Kingdom would have been a very appropriate place to introduce caterwauling as an Olympic sport, I think.  The only thing that comes close to the peep's caterwauling are those screeching bagpipes they've got over there.  In fact, that would probably be her closest competition.  On the other paw, I don't think that even they can sound that bad.  Not nearly as bad as the peep and her caterwauling.

My peep can wake the dead with her caterwauling.  Believe you me...  you never want to let the peep caterwaul on Hallowe'en...  too scary a thought to even contemplate.  If you could see me right now, you'd see me shaking in my boots at the thought.  That's if I had boots.  Hey...  if I did have boots, I'd be Puss-in-Boots!  Hehehe...


  1. Hope the doggie quiets down as he gets used to his new home. Maybe he is just nervous. So maybe if the Peep caterwauls at the doggies, they will be quiet. Take care and have a great day.

  2. LOVED reading about this newest thing going on. I have yapping dogs..5 of them next door. OH, the PAIN of having to listen to them. How much sense does it take to realize that YOU are in your yard yapping your heads off when my mom goes out into HER yard for a bit? Don't they have ANY cognitive abilities about them at ALL?

  3. Maybe dog thing is all yappety-yap because he's heard your peep performing and is trying to be helpful by drowning out the sound before she starts off again. Or maybe he just thinks he's doing a great job of joining in and he's just too young and stupid yet to realise that to match your peep's singing he needs to howl, not yap.

  4. Yap Yap Yap nothing worse than a yappity Dog,you have my sympathy on the noise level.if you 're gonna have dog at least have one with a respectible deep belly WHOOF

  5. oh my CAT! Let us tell you about caterwauling...! Even Maxie winces and he's - yanno - deaf and stuff. She's lately been going around wailing at the top of her lungs, something about "mommas don't let yoru babies grow up to be cowcats." And she thinks she's - get this - FUNNY.

  6. Yapping and caterwauling... both hurt my ears.

  7. I bet you could take that yapper too. hopefully it won't ever come to that, but sometimes you gotta do what you gotta do.

  8. Ugh. When our neighbors moved in about a year ago, they brought THREE dogs, that yappity yappity yap ALL NIGHT LONG for weeks! Mommy had to use ear plugs and even that couldn't drown out the yappings. Thank goodness they now put the doors indoors at night so at least there's some peace and quiet.

  9. Haz you herd that I haz one living in MAI howse? It calls itself mai noo brofur, but it iz daluzhunul of cors.

  10. Oh Nerissa old chap, you ain’t heard nothing til you’ve heard eleven yappity yappers within 20 yards!!! But you have my sympathy with the peep’s caterwauling an’ all. Oy!!!

  11. I have howling yappy beagles up the street and when they get their walkies, they have to go right past my house..if they see another dog...OH MY CAT!!! I can hear them even if I am napping in my closet! ugh! paw pats, Savannah

    Oh Nerissa, I still need your mailing address so I can send you the Dog is My Co-Pilot book, okay? thanks

  12. OMC! Nerissa, do I know what you MEAN! Apparently we didn't use to HAVE neighbors but now we do and THEY have a REALLY yapping Lab. Ugh! MomKatt says every time he starts up, "I wish that dog would shut up!" His owners have him in a chain-link fenced in square area (and he sometimes finds his way to our porch & eats Oliver's dry food, which REALLY cheeses MomKatt off. She isn't paying good money to feed HIS mongrel butt!)

    Not his fault, though. Hoomans need an invisible fence & if the mutt keeps it up, MomKatt's gonna tell 'em just that!


  13. are you sure that Dakota didn't move in next door to you? Welcome to my world (and that of my neighbors) lol.
    He barks at blades of grass moving in the wind...if it moves (or not) he will bark at it.
    The best think your peep can do is to meet the dog ASAP...then...the dog will know her and won't bark...and she might be able to spare everyone her caterwauling :)

  14. We do not like things that yip and yap all day long. There is one of those two streets over that we can hear, and it interrupts our sleep more than my mom does!

  15. Oh, and I just saw Selina's comment--my mom says, "Turn than d*nm dog down!"

  16. Thankfully, no yappy dogs live near us. Just one yappy mom. Our mom hates those baggy pipes, they are so screechy! How can anyone learn to "play" them? Maybe they don't, which is why they sound so bad. They make the mom wish she were dead when she hears them at funerals. She's sure your peep sounds heavenly next to them. (Nails on chalkboards do too - no offense intended.)

    Anyway, the mom wanted to tell you how pretty your Thinking of You award is! Mario just passed it on to her and she was so excited cause she loves pansies! Would you like to hear her rant, rave purrhaps, about them? We thought not!

  17. I think you should be a little embarrassed that the Human is a better caterwauler than YOU or your furry siblings. I mean, isn't CATerwauling kind of a feline art form? Perhaps you need to step up your game, Nerissa, eh?

    1. No... the sounds that emanate from the peep are so terribly awful. She hits these high A and B thingies and oohhh... my ears! No cat would ever want to make such noise. We cats have much more taste than that!

  18. I Nerissa!
    My hairy slobbery sisters bark! They are pretty loud when they see strange dogs or people coming into our yard, or if a deer comes in. But the rest of the time they are pretty quiet. Once they get to know the other animals and people they get quieter, I am sure your new neighbor will too!
    Kozmo at the Cat from Hell

  19. We are lucky. All the houses in our neighborhood sit far back away from each other. No yappers for us. YAY in fact it's very peaceful just like we like it. YOur flowers are beautiful.

  20. Hey my furiend! I answered the Thinking of You questions today! Come and see--thanks for giving the awardie to me XOXOXO

  21. Oh we have a yappity woofie here too.. he likes to yap when his hoomans are gone.. we bet the hoomans don't even know about his yapping habit!

    Thanks for visiting our blog and your lovely comments. You are a kyoot kitty too :)

  22. Nerissa, Bro--Can you BELIEVE how much trouble I got myself into today??? Sheesh! Women!


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