Sunday 29 July 2012

Houston... we have a problem

And it's name is the peep.  Peep #1, to be exact.

But we've got some super-duper good news, too.  Let's start with some of that.

See that picture of me?  Isn't it great?  It's my new avi for twitter where, as you probably know, I am known as @nerissathecat.  Katie's mom made it for me and she did the most amazing job.  You see, a few weeks ago, Katie and her mom were having a week of giveaways to celebrate their new shop, GLOGIRLY DESIGN.  I was one of the winners!  Yoo-hoo!  YOO-HOO!!!  That's right, GLOGIRLY did up this wonderful GLOGIRLY DESIGN Personalised Profile Avatar just for me.  And I love it to bits!  Thanks so much Katie and Katie's mom.  You're both FANTASTIC!!!

Okay...  more good news.  I won two more awards.  That's right...  another two!  I won the Blog on Fire and the One Lovely Blog awards.  I had been given the One Lovely Blog Award before but this one has a different design and so...  well...  I thought it would be a nice addition to my little blog roll of awards on my blog.  No one minds, do they?

Now we come to the first problem...  That peep of mine took so darned long to help me post my thank yous and accept my awards that...  well...  Oh, all I can do is lower my head in shame.  I don't even know who gave me the second One Lovely Blog Award.  I can't believe I do not know this.  It's all the peep's fault.  Really, it is.  She should have written it down for me or something.  I searched all over the Internet all day long yesterday and I just couldn't find the information I needed.  I am so sorry.  I am so very, very sorry.  If the cat who gave me this award reads this post, please let me know who you are so that I can give you my proper thanks.  Please know that I appreciate the award.  And please know that this is all the peep's fault.  It is not mine!  It's never my fault, you know.  Never!

The good news is that I do know that Sammy from onespoiledcat gave me my new Blog on Fire Award.  It's a great award and I like it very much.  Thank you, Sammy.  Thank you, thank you, thank you!  Now, I'm supposed to tell you eight things about myself that are a little different or unusual.  Well...  here goes.

1.  I talk a lot to my peeps.  Little chirps and lots of big gigantic purrs.  I'm a very talkative cat.
2.  I potty trained myself!  Well, I litter box trained myself.  I was the first of my sibs to come into the
     house.  I came in even before my mama and I learned all about the litter box all on my own.
     Then I taught my sibs!
3.  I hate marinated varieties of Fancy Feast.   Love the grilled stuff but hate to the point of spitting
     out of my mouth the marinated ones.
4.  When I first came into the house to live, I slept with peep #1, right on top of her, for exactly one
     week.  That was nine years ago and I've never done it since.
5.  I like oregano.  I'm a huge fan of the nip - of course - but I won't say no to a little roll in the
     oregano patch, either!  Hehehe....
6.  My sister Tobias thinks I'm her mama.  She's always asking me to licka-da-top-o-er-head.  Talk
     about fur balls!
7.  At Christmas time, I play with the glass balls on the Christmas tree and I ALWAYS get away with
     it.  It's 'cause of my incredibly irresistible cuteness, you see.
8.  I am the chief mushroom burger griller at the #wlfbbq held every Sunday on twitter.  No one grills
     up the shrooms like I do.  Not even Barnabas and he's an excellent chef!  His specialty is grilled
     trout with nip sauce.

So there you have it!  My eight answers.

Now for more bad news.  Because the peep took so long to help me publish this post...  everybody already has this award.  And when I say everybody, I mean EVERYBODY!  MOUSES!!!  I am so very embarrassed.  I have never done this before but I am afraid I will have to, this one time only, leave this award up for grabs.  Again, I am so very, very sorry.  I feel like I've let you down, Sammy.  I'm so sorry...  So, if anybody doesn't already have this award and would like it, please feel free to grab it.  It's yours for the taking.  Again, I'm sorry.

And there's even more bad news.  Remember that goal of mine, from way back, to have someone from the Space Station reading my blog?  Well, it hasn't happened yet.  HOUSTON, WE HAVE A PROBLEM!  Don't they have the Internet in space?  Oh bother!

But now for some good news.  No, great news.  I just passed ten thousand hits on my blog!  Yeah, you heard that right...   TEN THOUSAND!!!  I'm so happy I'm walking on air.  If I'm not careful, I might just float right on up to that ol' space station myself.  I should get myself some breathing apparatus and whatnot, I think.

Anywho, to celebrate...  brand new award!  Even though my peep is - as you all know - a technologically impaired duffer, I managed to get her to design an award for me.  Those are my pansies from my garden and everything!  To accept the brand new Thinking of You award, one must link back to the one giving you the award, tell us all seven things you love and think about daily and then pass the award on to seven more blogs.

So, seven things I love.  Let's see...
1.  My peeps.
2.  Fancy Feast Grilled Chicken.
3.  My blog and everybody who reads it.
4.  My fur family.
5.  The nip.
6.  Curling up next to peep #1 to watch The Big Bang Theory.
7.  Cool shady spots to lie down in, in the summer.

And I'm gonna pass along this brand spankin' new award to...   drum roll please...
- Katie from Katie Isabella
- Savannah from Savannah's Paw Tracks
- Herman from It's a Wonderpurr Life
- Mario from Mario's Meowsings
- Spitty from Spitty Speaks
- Sammy from onespoiledcat
- Selina from One Eye on the Future

Of course, there were many other blogs to whom I wanted to give this new award.  It was so hard to stop at just seven.  But I figured I had to leave some blogs for the new recipients to pass it along to.  I didn't want a repeat of what happened to me with that lovely Blog on Fire award from Sammy.  And remember...  it was all the peep's fault!  And maybe Houston's.  You know that guy named Houston?  Oh, he's a trouble maker, all right.  People are always telling him he's got a problem.


  1. Our Mom has done that before. Couldn't remember who gave her an award. She writes everything down now. Conga rats on getting all those awards. Well done. Hope you have a super Sunday

  2. Nerissa my man, must think of new ways to retrain your peeps. Especially the memory retention part. Maybe reward her with a tablet or android that she can make notes in a jiffy when she needs to. har har har *evil laughs*

  3. Fanks you so muches! xoxoxox I'm so happies. I'll be able to show this beautymuss awardie very soon.

  4. I can't believe it!!! Nessie! I am so excited! A brand new award and you gave it to me in such great company!! Blushing and leaky eyes...thank you so much. I will post about on my Monday Meowsie News! Paw pats Savannah

  5. Congrats Nerissa on your new awards,you deserve them you cool cat you!

  6. Wow Nerissa....first of all concatulations on the awards AND the landmark of 10,000 hits on your blog! Just goes to show how many smart peeps and animals there are out there who visit you like I do and keep comin' back for more! Secondly, what a BEEEEEEAUTIFUL new award Peep #1 designed for you - and to be one of the very first recipients of it - well - I'm just plain thrilled down to my extra toesies. THANK YOU SO MUCH! As for your blog not being read at the space station (yet) - I'm sending you a special "something" via email so keep your eyes peeled. :D :D

    Thanks again my friend....You know how I love my bling collection!
    Kitty Hugs, Sammy

  7. Congrats on your awards, Nissy!!! We are SO happy you love your new avatar!
    : ) Katie & Glogirly

  8. Concatulations on your awards, Nerissa, and the 10,000 hits - and I LOVE your new Twitter avatar! Katie's human is so very talented!

  9. Concats on your awards, and I love that graphic done by Glogirly.

  10. WOW - first I want to say thank you for the brand new award. It's such a pretty one and I'm honored to get it. Don't feel too bad over you ooman's goof - it's happened to most of us at one time or another. We tried hard, but life gets busy sometimes and mistakes happen. Thanks again pal for the award. it's gorgeous.

  11. Peep #1 is not alone in her senility! We had the Blog on Fire award recently and the two-legged staff cannot remember who it came from. It is so embarrassing, so we haven’t done anything yet. I might have to make her fess up! :( Humans!!!!

    Anyway well done Nerissa. Well deserved :)

  12. We think your new avatar is ACE! Our peep is usually guilty of some dereliction of duty to us AND our blog--if it wasn't for the whole thumbs thing...

    And aren't you a clever puss, box training yourself!

  13. That Glogirly is so so talented. It helps to have a good subject I think, too. Congratulations. I love it!

  14. ConCATs on the awards. Like everyone else said, don't worry about forgetting - with the CatOlympics and Callie's birthday, I have an award I forgot to post about! It happens....

  15. Great avi!!! I KNEW something was up when I saw it because you always told me how technologically challenged you are and I thought "hmmmmm" I know! MOL! Glogirly did a great job!

    Concatulations on your awards too......

    1. Oh Cody... if ONLY the peep was just 'technologically challenged.' It goes way beyond that, I'm afraid. She's a right ol' duffer, she is! Don't know how she managed to make that award for me. I can say this though.... it took her days!

  16. Nerissa, your new avatar is AWESOME! Glogirly did a great job. And congratulations on your awards. Don't blame your peep too much...our mom forgets to post things like awards for us all the time.

  17. Nerissa, you look so intellectual! Next, we'll find out you have a Shakespearian name. Ahahahaha!

    Maybe we kitties would do a mom swap since so many of us are unhappy with the ones we are stuck with.

    1. But I do have a Shakespearean name! The peep named us all (in my litter) after Shakespearean characters... Nerissa, Desdemona, Beatrice & Constance! Pretty neat, huh?

  18. Wowwie! Your avatar and your awards! Yous is just the bestest! And me LOVES reading more about yous! Yous is the bestest.
    Kisses and concatulations!

  19. Concats on the awards!! Better late than never! Enjoy the fame!

  20. Congratulations! So impressed with your ginormous numbers of visitors.
    Great job on the avatar Glogirly!

  21. MOWZERS, you sure does have tons of awards! WELL deserved and CONCATS!! *pumps paw in air* Dude, you rock!

  22. Oh Nerissa! I luffs my awardie! Thank you sooo much! I think of a lot of things efurry day. It will be hard to list just seven!!! I will make the Human help me work on this later this week, once she recovers from her 'zawsting few days away. XOXOXO

  23. Nerissa congrats on the well deserved awards and what a fine job you did of posting your take a whiff of nip and a nap
    Hugs madi

  24. Wow, congratulations on .. EVERYthing! Awards, 10,000, avatar and making an awardie of your own! Coolies!


I love hearin' from my pals. I really, REALLY do. PURRS.