Wednesday 15 February 2012

easy peasy

A few weeks ago now, my brother Seville had a bit of a health scare.  He was having bad pains and crying and had to go see the doctor.  Apparently, Seville had crystals in his urine and those nasty crystals were the cause of his pain.  Poor Seville had to spend two whole nights in the hospital which he really did not like.  Believe me, he didn't like that at all.  But the doctor fixed him all up and he has no more pains now.  Thank goodness.

The doctor told Seville that he had to drink more...  lots more.  He loves his dry food and that, coupled with the fact that he didn't drink enough, wasn't good.  But Seville was a little concerned he might develop a drinking problem.  He didn't want to do that.  I explained to him that drinking water was okay.  Better than okay, actually...  it was a good thing.  It's the nip that might cause those  kind of problems...although not for us.  We can all handle our nip.

Anyway, as some of you already know, to encourage Seville to drink more, the peeps bought us all a fountain.  Yup, they went out and got us one right away.  Even before Seville was ready to come home from hospital.  We're all lovin' the fountain so much.  I take a drink every time I pass it and since peep #1 put the fountain right between the family room and the kitchen, I pass it A LOT!  That means lots of drinks for me. 

And yes, Seville is drinking lots too.  He takes drinks ALL the time now which is great 'cause the doctor said that will help him not get those pee-pee problems again.  He has really taken it to heart.

And speaking of hearts...  yesterday was Valentine's Day.  Did you know that?  Seville wrote a poem for me to pass along to everyone for the big day but to be honest, I didn't find it all that Valentine Dayish.  In fact, it really wasn't appropriate for Valentine's Day at all.  Thank goodness I didn't have a scheduled post until today...  the day after Valentine's Day.  The poem was however, appropriate for a post about Seville and his, well...  you know whats.  So here it is.  Seville says it's called "Easy Peasy."

The more I drink,
the more I pee.
The more I pee,
the easier it be.
Easy peasy.
That's the key!

I do hope you all like Seville's little poem.  He's really quite proud of it.  That's kind of why I didn't have the heart to tell him I wouldn't pass it along.  He gave the poem to the peeps for Valentine's Day.  I was so proud of my first peep.  She didn't roll her eyes or anything.  Instead, she gave him a big hug and then a whole bunch of kisses.  Not sure what Seville thought of that!  Actually, I do know.  He hopped down from the chair, lifted his tail and peed right on the peep!  Could you believe it?  The peep did let out a not-too-happy kind of of squeal but then she just went off and changed her pants.  Had to be done, I suppose.  Although not very nice of her when you think that Seville had gone to all that trouble to tell her she was his Valentine.  The rest of us cats gave the peeps a rose bush.  The flowers are red and pretty.  We're not allowed to eat them though.  That's too bad.  They look quite delish.


  1. I wish I could get Skootch to drink more - it's not the crystal thing, it's the constipation thing. We put medicine in his food, which helps, but he just won't drink! We tried one of those fountain things, and he ignored it. He hates going to the vet when he's constipated, because unpleasant things happen (see 1/14/12 post).

  2. Oh gosh...mommy wishes *I* drank more but there is no available wall sockets where a fountain myght go. We have a small home..all carpeted except the kitchen and bathroom and the bathroom is tiny tiny tiny. We're still thinking how to pull off getting a fountain.

  3. M has been seriously considering a fountain. Outlets are a problem tho - guess you need to plug into electricity and there are only 2 outlets in the bathroom - both are occupied. M is thinking she might have to call an electrician.

  4. what a great idea! I can get the gravity one.

  5. Loved the poem. And there was even a demonstration!!!

  6. We're glad Seville is better now and that you guys love your fountain. We got a fountain too.

    Sounds like Seville was marking your peep to make sure everybuddy knew she was his Valentine!

  7. I like the poem! But yeah, I guess it is better for the day AFTER Valentine's Day. I'm glad the fountain is working out. We love ours!

  8. Great to meet you, thanks for stopping by. Now theese one was an excellent poem! Glad Seville is feeling better. I personally thinks you kitties are very considerate...writing poems, buying rose bushes...

  9. We are very glad that Seville is feeling better now!!! We have two fountains at our house and we love them :-)

  10. We're glad he's better now too.

    Derry had a bout of idiopathic cystitis in the fall, and while he did have crystals in his urine, that wasn't the cause of the bladder inflammation. Anyway, I cut WAY back on the dry food I was giving them and now both boys get about 2 TBSP kibble per day each (1 TBSP in the AM, 1 in the PM) as a treat. The rest of their food is grain-free (though not premium) canned, with a little bit of added water.

    So far, knock on wood, he's been okay. I think it was the stress of my being away at the time that triggered it, as he's very skittish, a real "fraidy cat," and he hid the entire week I was gone (I had someone coming in twice a day to feed them).

    Anyway, we all hope Seville has no more pee problems, ever again!

  11. I sure am glad that Seville is doing better and the poem was terrific! Yes, those fountains are wonderful and we all use ours too!

  12. Poor Seville! Sounds like the fountain might have done the trick though....great idea! As for peeing on your peep as a show of Valentine love - well - he's got an interesting way of showing he loves her!! :)

    Kitty Hugs, Sammy

  13. Seville
    We are so glad the fountain was such a success!

  14. Hi Nerissa

    I think or can answer you better if they ship to Canada.
    they are very Nommy & I'm waiting for my order [they sold out that is how good they are]
    Love, Spooky

  15. This is great! Yous a Canadian Cat too! Me readed about yous on Brian's blog.
    Pleased to meets yous

  16. I am also visiting you from Brian's blog. Hello from Texas. Sassy recently had a dehyderation problem. I got her a fountain, but she will only drink from the bowl part. One thing the vet recommended with that helps is to take 1/4 cup water and 1/4 cup canned food and blend together - give to her twice daily. It gets lots of water in her without giving her a bunch of canned food.

  17. Hi there! Jonesie here! Of course you can join the Society of Feline Gardeners! All you have to do is show only need to love gardening...snoopervising, pawing in the dirt, dreaming of the outdoors. It's all up to you. Come one, come all! All kitties and well behaved woofies...even buns are welcome.


    Jonesie, Purresident and Founder of the Society of Feline Gardeners

  18. Hi again. I loved that poem. Me, I still am not peeing as much as mommy wants me to. She'll tell the Vet and see what he says. Probably that mom worries WAY too much. xoxoxox

  19. We hope Seville is feeling better now - one of the before cats here used to suffer like that - very ouchie.
    Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

  20. Crystals are bad! Glad the vet took care of that little problem, hopefully it never comes back!

    I want a fountain! That is cool!

  21. Hi Nerissa!! Thanks for visiting our blog :)
    We are very happy to hear that Seville is doing much better!! Our JJ had that problem too :/
    We are indeed Canadian kitties and live in Nova Scotia,just outside Halifax(though we are part of HRM-Halifax Regional Municipality) in a community called Lake Echo. It is always nice to meet fellow Canadian kitties :) We are on day 16 of our transit strike. We don't like it much ;) heehee
    We will add you to our blog list :)
    Purrs Tillie and Georgia,
    Tiger,Treasure and JJ

  22. Love your poem! Crystals are very dangerous; your colleague is lucky to get through it. We eat lots of wet food because our mum thinks it prevents crystals. And we tell her we need lots of rost chikkun too as it's Good Stuff MOL!

  23. Some peeps just don't get kitty lit and some do! We think its lovely. Poems about food are great too!

  24. Is Seville still doing well? Is everyone drinking sufficiently? Do you need nurse Katie?

  25. I have the same problem as Seville, but I got fixed ! I didn't go the pain stage yet. Now I eat special food and I do drink a lots in these day.
    And Seville's little poem, I'm really on to it : )
    Purrs for him to get better every single day !

  26. Mowzers and he peed on your peep and EVERYTHING? Well, she was squeezing him....

    Tells Seville pawesome poem, and highpaw on the fountain! We love ours too!

  27. I am a collector of fine literature and poetry (hee hee) and I love the poem..... It's one of my favs.

    Have a great day.

    pawhugs, Max

  28. Two of The Crew got crystals and ended up blocking while eating dry food. It is why I now feed raw..


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