Sunday 12 February 2012

it has begun...

One of my favourite spots in the house is the sun room.  Here, there are lots of windows through which shine beams of deliciously warm sunlight.  Ohhh....   I get warm and fuzzy all over just thinking about it. 

It's not an overly big room.  Whoever designed the house should have made it bigger but whoever he was, he probably wasn't a cat.  Probably didn't know any better.

In my sun room, there are two chairs.  They're of a good size with nice big comfy cushions upon which we cats love to sit.  And very conveniently, the chairs are made of wicker.  Wicker chairs are great 'cause they double up as scratching posts.  The peeps really don't understand this feature but we cats do.  It's very obvious.  As obvious as the whiskers on my face.  Not the whiskers on my sister Connie's face though.  As you can see in her picture, her white whiskers blend right into all that white fur.  No, mine are much more obvious that that!  Just as are the many uses of wicker furniture.

Anyway...  every year around this time, we allow peep #1 to borrow bits of the sun room.  She's not allowed on the chairs, mind you...  she's only allowed to use the floor.  But boy, does she ever use it.  She fills the joint with plants.  I think she thinks it's some kind of greenhouse or something.  We don't mind her putting in a plant or two but a hundred?  There are probably even be more than a hundred.  Way more.  She's really starting to take advantage of our generosity and good natures.

The other day, in she trotted with a whole flat of carnations.  A whole flat!  Do you have any idea how big that is?  Then, when I wasn't looking, another appeared.  This one with snapdragons.  Yesterday, I was snooping around in her office, and I found three more flats.  Next to them were empty seed packets from pansies.  You know what's going to happen, don't you.  Once those pansies start germinating, the peep is gonna want to put those flats in the sun room, too!  And I didn't see any stocks or painted daisies yet.  She's probably gonna want some of those in there, as well.  She always does.

Obviously, once again, it has begun.  Before I know it, that whole sun room floor is going to be covered in plants.  She'll have that floor so filled that there will only be a teeny-weeny path for us cats to use to access our chairs.  Luckily, we're all very nimble footed.  Thank goodness for that!

All those plants.  All those wasted sun puddles on the floor.  We'll be totally confined to the chairs and yes, they are comfy but still, a cat likes to have options.  And furthermore, regarding the plants, we cats aren't allowed to eat them, pee on them, dig them up or anything fun like that.  We just have to put up with them.  Hmmmph!  Like I said, it has begun.


  1. What I'm getting from this is equality with plants is not something you encourage? lol

  2. Well, just plant yourself in the sunpuddles and enjoy!!!

  3. Poor you ! at least she could plant some catnip plants ! at least that would recompensate all the other rubbish !

  4. If there is some room between the plants, maybe you can shove them with your head so they are smushed together and there is more room for your sunpuddles.

    Have a great day.

    pawhugs, Max

  5. Stand your ground and make sure you still have your favorite sun spots available.

  6. Gasp - you must not let mom get away with that. Next thing you know the chairs will go to make room for even more plants, then you won't have anywhere to sit! It's not right.

  7. Well, I like to chew on plants so that sun room sounds like a lot of fun!! Maybe you should try giving those plants a nom or two and she'll get them out real fast!!


  8. Nerissa - you have to "nip this in the bud" - your human's behaviour is wrong - hasn't she asked your permission to put those plants out in your sun room. We recommend the accidental knocking over of plants pots and the spreading of the dirt all over the carpets as you "stage" a war enactment - do make sure you fill your coats full of damp soil and roll all over the lightest coloured carpets and for the best trick try rubbing soil into a new piece of her clothing. We await your Mum's comments with paws in ears!!
    Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

  9. Oh dearie me....intrusions in your sun room huh? I think Hannah and Lucy have the right idea - demonstrate your TRUE feelings about the lack of respect displayed by your human in loading up your sunpuddle escape room with PLANTS. That ought to send a clear message! As for wicker - I've been a fan of wicker for years now - it's marvelous for claw sharpening purposes and makes a nice creaky sound when you hop up in a wicker chair don't you think?

    Good luck on your plant elimination plans.....


  10. Darlings, sometimes we must in our beds where we spread out and sleep at night. Those mom's and Dad's get in there WITH us! But..we love them so we allow it just as you do the use of your sun room. Huggles and kissies, sweetnesses.

  11. My mom doesn´t have any greenhouse or greenroom but I have a furiend that is telling the same story as you about how his mom filles the entire room with plants :)

    You couldn´t find my translater on my blog ??
    It is at the top of the right column !!
    Just so you know Mr Google Translater is not doing great translations :)

    Happy Valentine Day !

  12. FaRADaY: mowzers, ALL those PLANTS and not a one to eat? That's inhumane!

    Allie: *sigh* and all those sunpuddle spots, taken away from you. You poor things...

  13. Hello there beautiful Nerissa and your adorable sister Connie! Yay for wicker chairs!! You are both very good for allowing mum to cover all your space with her plants! We hope you get extra treats though! Yay! Take care

  14. It's a hard life when the sun puddles get taken away from you, but hurrah for comfy chairs, though.


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