Wednesday 21 December 2011

a Christmas miracle

It happened the other night.  It happens every year around this time.  That's right...  my peep's very own Christmas miracle.

I passed the living room and took a peek inside but there wasn't much to see.  Peep #1 was in there.  She had just finished vacuuming.  Oh, how I hate that noisy monster.  It looked like it had finished its screaming but I wasn't sure I wanted to risk going into the room.  Didn't want to take the chance it might start up again.  From the doorway, I couldn't quite tell if the monster was still plugged in.  Whenever it's plugged in, there's risk involved.  So I passed the room by.

I went and had a little nap - in a different room.  Whenever in doubt, nap.  Always a good motto.  After awakening, I thought I'd see what my peep was up to now.  Was she still playing with the monster?

Well, lo and behold...  there it was...  the peep's annual Christmas miracle!  Before me, right there in my living room, stood a tree.  I have to admit that my first thought was, "just how long did I sleep?"  Then I remembered how this happens every year.  As I said, it's an annual thing.

Every year around this time, when there's a little nip in the air and maybe a little white stuff on the ground, my peep manages to grow a tree in matter of minutes.  I don't know how she does it.  The peep grows trees out in the yard all the time.  But they take forever to grow.  It's a long wait for those trees to be of climbing size.  Believe me, I've sat and watched them more times than I have claws to count.  There's never any visible progress. 

I gazed up at the tree.  The tree my peep grew while I napped.  It was a pretty good looking tree.  Good enough for a quick climb.  DON'T TELL ANYONE!  Yeah, I climbed up it a bit when the peep wasn't watching.  It's a hard tree to climb, though.  Doesn't have proper bark on its trunk.  It's all smooth and metal-like.  Difficult to get a hold on it with your claws.  Nevertheless, it's at times like these that I'm darn proud of my peep.  As I said, I don't know how she does it.  Growing a tree in a matter of minutes...  it has got to be some kind of miracle!

I should just mention that due to Christmas being this Sunday, my regular Monday post will be published a day early.  My Christmas gift to you!


  1. We don't know what your Krissmouse eve plans may be (naps?) but der is a party effury year wif da cat blogosphere:
    We haf it on Chatzy, and on Twitter, der are games and prizes and virtual foods and it's lots of fun. You should join us, it's always fun to get to know da new bogging cats (okay, and der slaves, er, people too).

  2. Hi! So happy to meet you! Thanks for finding me on Twitter!

    Your story was soooo sweet and I look forward to reading more since I am now following you!

    Hope you will check us out as well!
    Have a wonderful Christmas!


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