Sunday 18 December 2011

thanks BFF!

It arrived!  My peep #1 has a best friend...  a BFF, whatever that is.  Anyway, the BFF lives very, very far away.  I've never met her.  Only heard of her.  I assume she exists.  Have to take the peep's word on that.

Every year, just before Christmas, the BFF sends a parcel through the mail.  My peep heads off to the post office and picks it up.  Once home, she carefully opens the package.  Inside, there are presents all wrapped up...  just like the ones Santa brings to us cats on Christmas morning.  The peep takes out the presents and sets them aside.  They look really pretty and everything but I don't get too excited about them.  They're for the peep.  And besides, they're not the best part. 

I watch the peep, anxiously.  Yes!  Here it comes...  here comes the really and truly best part...  THE BOX!  Peep #1 places the box down onto the floor in the family room.  Ohhh...  what a wonderful thing is a box.  And especially a box from the BFF.  The BFF sends the best boxes.

I don't know if any of you out there have ever been given a box before but boxes are just great.  They're such cosy little spots in which to curl up.  They're all warm and snugly and I feel so safe & sound in them. 

I've already been in this year's box.  So have my sisters and brothers and aunties and even my dad.  I haven't seen my peeps in the box though.  They don't know what they're missing.  And I'm not about to tell them.  Personally, I think they're too big for the box.  They might break it!  Wouldn't want that.  It's a really, really good box.

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