Saturday 24 December 2011

has she forgotten that I'm a cat?


But this brings me to the topic of today's post...  the Christmas tree.  My Christmas tree.  Okay, our Christmas tree.  It's all set up now in the living room.  All nicely decorated too.   But what a hullabaloo it was getting it done!

As you know, my peep grew the tree.  I told you about that in my last post.  It was a good looking tree to start with, but for Christmas, it needed some bling.

First came the strings of lights.  Well, obviously, the operative word here is string.  They may be lights but they come in strings.  Cats like strings.  Doesn't my peep know this?  Of course I'm going to chase them.  She went around and around the tree with the lights.  I followed her around and around the tree, batting at those strings at every opportunity.  It was pretty obvious that this was going to happen.  I don't think the scolding was necessary.  Darn right humiliating, if you ask me.  And all 'cause she couldn't figure out that obviously, I was going to be interested in those strings.  Has she forgotten that I'm a cat?

Then came the fancy glass balls.  Uh...  excuse me?   I mean...  they're balls!  If I'm not supposed to play with them, why are they round?  Again, cats like balls.  Cats like to chase balls.  Cats like batting at balls.  If I give them a good bat and they happen to fall off the tree, who am I to not follow my God-given cat instincts and chase them around the room?  I repeat...  they're BALLS!  They're meant for chasing.

It took a while but finally, we got the tree all decorated.  Looks pretty good, too.  But next year, the peep will have to plan for extra time.  When decorating a Christmas tree, there's definitely playing to be done.  She should plan for it.  Then maybe she wouldn't get quite so uppity in the tail when things take a little longer than expected.  She really needs to keep this in mind.


  1. Nerissa I couldn't agree with you more! Just who does she think that she is? Nothing like teasing you with those "toys" and then yelling at you when you play with them! Geeze!

  2. We hope you are having a very Merry Christmas!


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