Sunday 20 November 2011

a lickin' of the wounds

The other night, my sister Mason came running into the family room, aiming to jump up onto this big old chunk of wood belonging to my peeps...  they call it an 'armoire' or something like that...  don't know why...  it doesn't have arms.  Anywho...  Mason must have misjudged the height of the wooden monolith because the next thing I saw was the poor girl dangling in mid-air before falling back down to earth.  Later, she told me she wasn't hurt but boy, was she ever embarrassed! 

Cats get embarrassed.  Did you know that?  We have very sensitive feelings.  Did you know that?  We're almost always right in absolutely everything we do so on the rare occasion when something goes wrong...  it's very embarrassing.  The usual cat response to this embarrassment is to sit down and wash oneself.  A lickin' of the wounds, so to speak.

Not only are we always right, but we cats are also very smart.  I happened to notice that when Mason wanted up onto the monolith the next day, she thought better of making that nasty jump from the floor.  Instead, she took the circuitous route from the big chair onto the window ledge and then was going to jump up onto the wooden thing from there.  Unfortunately, that route is no longer available.  Peep #1 put a plant there.  Right in the middle of our road.  Of all the nerve!   Some kind of ginger, she says.  Ginger, shminger...  that was our road!!!

But always one to make lemonade out of lemons - which is odd, because cats don't like lemons or any other kind of nasty ol' citrus stuff - Mason decided to make the most of the window ledge.  It's a very good ledge.  I've enjoyed that spot, myself, many a time.  Easy access and good sun on a sunny day.  Now, if only we can get rid of that darned plant.  Humph!

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