Wednesday 16 November 2011

a cacophony of dogs

Who let those dogs out?

My little neighbourhood is filled with dogs...  some small, some large, some medium-sized.  Most of them are small.  The small ones are the whipper snippers...  real yappers.  And the big ones?  Those are the howlers.  And boy do they love to howl!

Have you ever noticed that if one dog begins to howl, every other dog within earshot has to howl as well?  It starts with one...  then there are two...  then three, four and even more.  Before you know it, you have a cacophony of dogs!  It's like they're chorus members in a Broadway musical and they're all lookin' for their own solo.  (Note to the great Andrew Lloyd Webber...  you write a musical called Dogs and I can send you a full cast!)

Cats never behave in this manner.  We simply don't believe in it.  When I meow, I expect someone to be listening to me.  Me...  just me...  the one and only.  What's more, I expect that someone to do something for me.  When I meow, a door opens or food & water appear in my dishes or someone comes along to pick me up and give me cuddles and tickle me behind my ears.  Why would I waste my voice simply to join in, in a chorus with others?  What's that going to get me?  It really doesn't make any sense.  But then, not much that dogs do ever does.

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