Sunday 13 November 2011

a nissy's work is never done

Do you ever feel that no matter how much you do, it's just never enough?

One of the members of my cat family, Tobias - yeah, that's her in the photo...  cute little thing, huh?  Anyway, she is always wanting me to likka-da-top-a-da-head.  You know, lick the top of her head.  I guess it makes her feel safe and loved and all that jazz.  Also - and I can tell you this from personal experience - it's a very difficult spot for a cat to reach.  Like, on our own heads.  We don't have face cloths, you know.

Well, when this all started, I didn't mind.  You know, within reason...  once or twice a week.  That wasn't too bad.  But now, every single time she sees me, she's wanting me to likka-da-top-a-da-head.  It's really getting to be a bit much.  And it's not just her...  Now, my sisters Constance and Beatrice would like me to do the same thing for them!  Come on girls...  I have my own coat to clean.  All this licking of the tops of heads is going to give me fur balls!!!  And fur balls are serious stuff.

And the worst part is...  when my peeps see me rejecting little Tobias, I hear "oh, that's so sad" or "poor little Tobias."  Poor little Tobias?  Poor little me!  What did I do?  Why is it always my responsibility to always be licking the tops of heads?  Why don't my peeps lick the top of Tobias' head? 

The bottom line is this...  a nissy's work is never done.  Life isn't fair.

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