Wednesday, 29 November 2017

right in the keister

So there I was sittin' in the kitchen, waitin' for some treats, when...

When I happened to see my brother, Rushton, walkin' past my other brother, Andy.


I know, I know...  I know what you're thinkin'.  You're thinkin', what's the big deal about that?


Well for starters, when Rushton walked past Andy, Andy gave him a smacky paw, right in the keister.


Now seriously folks, I wouldn't be puttin' my paws anywhere near that long-haired marmie freak of a brother of mine's keister, for one never really knows where his keister may have recently been.


But Andy, bein' Andy, can't resist smacky-pawin' anyone as they walk past.  Sometime he gets you in the leg.  Sometimes the side.  And SOMETIMES, the keister.


Well the next thing was, Rushy was rushin' over to me, complainin' about Andy.  "Did you see that?  Did you see what he did?  Did you see..."

I held up a paw in protest.  In protest of my havin' to listen to his complaints, that is.  "I, Seville the Cat, saw exactly what Anderson did," I told him.  "But to tell you the truth, Rushy, what one long-haired marmie freak of a brother does to another long-haired marmie freak of a brother, is of no interest to me.  MOUSES!"

"But, but, but..." Rushy began.

"But he got you in the BUTT, for sure," and I rolled on the floor, laughin'.

Seein' a pout beginnin' to form on my brother Rushton's face, I added, "But seriously, Rushy, it's not like you don't have protective paddin'.  Andy couldn't have hurt you.  I'm surprised you felt it at all.  MOUSES!"

'Is that some kind of fat joke?" Rushton asked, narrowing his eyes.

"Not at all, mon frere.  I am simply statin' the truth.  You have...  Well...  Well you have ample paddin', to be sure.  MOUSES!"

"Peep #1 says I'm just big boned," said Rushy, stampin' a paw.  "Plus, I do have a whole lot of floof."

I shook my head in dismay.  "Rushy, Rushy, Rushy...  You weigh in at twenty pounds.  There's no way that can all be accounted for by floof.  MOUSES!"

Rushton sat on his butt - or should I say, keister - and gave me the look a two-year-old child gives his mother immediately prior to startin' a tantrum.  "Don't complain to me," I told my long-haired marmie freak of a brother.  "Not my fault Andy can't keep his paws to himself.  Had I walked past him, he woulda smacky-pawed me in the keister, too.  MOUSES!"

Rushton looked slightly cheered up by my little pep talk, so I continued.

"Of course, I woulda felt it more, for my keister isn't as well padded as yours.  MOUSES!"

Well that did it.  No sooner had I uttered that last statement, Rushy was up and about, threatenin' to smacky-paw ME!"

"Don't you get any ideas, you long-haired marmie freak of a brother of mine.  I'm not the one who smacked you in the butt.  You wanna get back at someone for that, you need to get back at the smacky-pawer himself, and that, mon bizarre confiture frere, would be Andy.   MOUSES!"

Rushton sat back down for a moment, and mulled over what I had said.

Twenty. Minutes. Later...

Twenty minutes later, he had figured it out.  "You're absolutely right, Seville.  If I wanna get back at Andy for smackin' me, I need to deal with Andy himself."

"You got that right."

"I most certainly do!  And do you know what I'm gonna do about it?" my brother asked.

Takin' a wild guess, I said, "Uh...  Go talk to Andy, perhaps?"

"That's an even BETTER idea than what I was thinkin'," and Rushton squealed with delight.

Goodness knows what Rushy's original idea had been.  MOUSES!

I looked at my brother, just sittin' there, not makin' a move.  "Well uh...  If you're gonna go talk to Andy, you're gonna have to get up off that butt of yours, and approach him."

"Good plan there, Sivvers," and Rushy was up and crossin' the room.

Now what happened next was not unexpected.  Certainly not surprisin', in the least.

Rushton decided it would be best for him to talk to Andy, face to face, I suppose.  And as Andy had his back to Rushy, Rushy walked past him, plannin' to spin 'round in order to talk, but...

But just as Rushy walked past...

Andy smacky-pawed him right in the keister.



  1. hahahaha seems to be a normal thing for those long haired Marmies. Here in Serenity, Kramer is the smack-the-butt cat out in the yard. Trouble is there are two other long haired Marmies out there. Seems they don't pick so much on each other but Kramer does boss some of them around. Bossiness must be a Long Haired Marmie trait as well. However, Kramer does look after pretty much anything that comes in the yard that shouldn't, so even though he paws butts he also protects those same butts. Hugs and purrs Seville and Furfriends, from all of us in Serenity!!!!

  2. Oh my! smacky paws and butt smacks. In our house it is ear nibbling, and phantom boxing. And when it gets out of paw the boys pounce on the girls and harrass them.

  3. Poor Rushton, he's not the brightest cookie in the box is he?
    But you, Seville, are one of the smartest kitties we know.

  4. Oh my, fat jokes get me in trouble around here!

  5. Well, of course that's the way it should have ended! Right in the end!

  6. Oh Boy! I would have payed good catnip for a front ring seat on a smacky paw smack down at your place!!!

  7. What I need to know is, did Ruston come back again to see you and complain, again? That would be deja vu, for sure MOL
    Toodle pip

  8. MOL - Angel Maurice used to smack da mommas in da keister!

  9. Boy, I missed some good catertainment it seems! Mouses!

  10. Well "turnabout is fair play" I'd say! Nobody's keister is safe around your house........

    Hugs, Teddy


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