Wednesday, 15 November 2017

chill man, chill

Ya gotta learn to chill, man.  Chill.

You know...

As in...


I'm just sittin' here with my paws up, chillin'.

Got a nip mouse by my side, and I'm chillin'.

I'm sittin' here, lookin' out the window, watchin' squirrels race round and round and round, chillin'.

Chill man.  Chill.

You know...

As in...


Let me tell you, there's really nothin' better than findin' an almost unslobbered upon nip mouse under a chesterfield.  Nothin' better at all.

Or sure; that's right; I know.  Findin' a completely unslobbered upon, as opposed to an almost unslobbered upon, nip mouse might be better.  Maybe a little.  Maybe a lot!  But let's face it, in a multi-cathold...  In a multi-cat household, completely unslobbered upon nip mice are pretty hard to find.  I haven't found one of those since uh..  Yesterday.

Or was it last week?

No matter. Thing is, frantically searchin' for the rare and elusive completely unslobbered upon nip mouse is unconducive to the art of chillin', anyway.

Besides, I did give this particular almost unslobbered upon nip mouse a good sniff, and I think...  I really do believe, the slobber that's there might very well be my own.  My own slobber, that is.

Let me ask all you...  All you out there.  Let me ask you a question.  And it's a very important question, indeed.  It might even be the most important question I will ever ask anyone, all day long.

Okay.  Here it is.  Snowmen.

Okay, so snowmen isn't a question.  It's more like a topic, I think.  So the topic at paw is snowmen.

You know, men made out of snow.

So anyway...  Snowmen.  Do you, or do you not, think snowmen know how to chill?

I think...  I think maybe they do.

I mean, when was the last time you saw a snowman all hot under the collar?  When was the last time you saw a snowman bothered by the minutiae of life?  When was the last time you saw a snowman wearin' a collar?  When?

Oh yeah, you might have seen one wearin' a tie.  Or a hat.  Maybe some buttons, too.  But a collar?  Ya can't get hot under the collar if you don't have a collar to wear, now can you.  Not a question.  Statement of fact.

Course, a snowman gets too hot, and a snowman might melt.  Seems to me it's very important for snowmen to know how to chill.

You know...

As in...


Peeps could learn a lesson or two from snowmen.  They could learn how to ignore the little, unimportant stuff, and concentrate on the stuff that really matters.  Stuff like chillin'.

Oh yeah...

Oh yeah, peeps should learn how to grab a nip mouse by the tail - preferably one with no slobber but their own - sit back, relax, and just...



Yeah, you.  Peepers, COME ON OVER HERE and sit down next to me.  Put your feet up, Peepers.  See if you can find another nip mouse under the chesterfield there, and come on over here, and...

And uh...  Chill.

'Cause let me tell you somethin', Peepers.  Let me tell you somethin' important.

Let me tell you that...

Are you listenin', Peepers?

Okay Peepers, here it is.  Peepers, you've gotta learn how to chill.

You know...

As in...


And let me tell you somethin' else, Peepers.  Somethin' even more important than chillin'.

You know that last batch of nip you got from the nip lady from...  From...  From that-a-way?  The nip lady who lives over there?  There.  Watch the tip of my tail, Peepers.  It's pointin' over there.

Anyway, let me tell you somethin', Peepers.  That nip was PRIMO stuff.  It was primo stuff, for sure.  All buds and leaves.  Not a stem in sight.  That was the best nip...

The best nip...


That nip, Peepers.  That nip was the...


The Best. Nip. EVER.

That's why I'm...

Why I'm...

Why I'm sittin' here, chillin'.

Oh Peepers, you have gotta grab a nip mouse, and learn how to CHILL.


  1. Nip! You got Nip!?! I got Nip and its primo BC Bud Nip!
    Its better than Nip Nanners...
    Its better than store bought nip mice...
    Now excuse me as I go beg for some freeze dried salmon...
    (The BC Budz makes me hungry...)
    Marv (chilln by the the treat drawer)

  2. That was a great lesson in chilling!

  3. You cant beat a snowman for chillin' thats for sure unless it's a nip mouse slowly tossed in an easy Sunday sun puddle with a cool breeze blowing down from the hills, and a bowl of cream dip and mouse crisps by your side.... I really must stop having cheese late in the morning MOL
    Toodle pip and purrs

  4. dood...lotz oh peepz in thiz day N age knead ta take de add vize oh snow menz N lurn ta chill ~~~~~ tho frank lee we wood rather knot SEE snow menz R selves.....just coz oh de hole brrrrrrrrrr.....itz brisk outside kinda thing...which iz rite round de korner we noe ~~~~~ ☺☺♥♥

  5. I guess we should all chill like snowmen in the winter- I think they get pretty hot at some point because they melt :)

  6. When we're talking snowmen you know it's winter.
    Have a super Sunday...

    Noodle and crew


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