Sunday 12 November 2017

not very nice

Oh Pee-pers...



Peepers, that's really not very nice, you know.

What am I talkin' about?


I'm talkin' about what you did to Toby, of course.

What else would I be talkin' about?


For mousin' out loud, Peepers.  Are you in SUCH a habit of doin' not-very-nice things, that you can't even keep track of what you're doin' that's not very nice?  You know, most people would know exactly about what I was talkin', when I said what you did wasn't very nice, 'CAUSE FOR MOST PEOPLE, they'd only have done one not-very-nice thing, so they'd automatically know that THAT was the thing about which I was talkin'.


Hey, if you think it's confusing listening to me say that, you should see how confusin' it is for me to say it in the first place.


So anyway...

So anyway, Toby told me ALL about how you wouldn't share your breakkies with her this mornin' and THAT, my dear peep, is what you did that was not-very-nice.

Yeah, yeah, yeah...

Excuses, excuses...


Lookie here, Peepers, Toby told me how she offered up some of her breakkies to you.  SHE was bein' generous.  SHE was bein' nice.

As opposed to you.


Oh PUH-lease.  Toby didn't want your plate after you were all done.  What good was that to her?  After you were finished, your plate was EMPTY.

Oh my mousie mousin' mouses.  Why do I even try reasoning with the likes of a peep?  WHY???

Peepers, Toby wanted you to let her eat off your plate WHILE YOU were eatin' off your plate, too, and by that I mean, at the very same time.

As opposed to after you were all done, and the plate was all empty, AND THERE WAS NOTHIN' LEFT FOR HER TO EAT.


Yeah, I know.  I KNOW!  I know she had her very own breakkies on her very own plate.  How else could she have offered some of her breakkies to you?

And when I say she was offerin' you some of her breakkies, I mean, she was offerin' to allow you eat some of her breakkies off the very same plate from which she was eatin', at the very same time.

Now THAT, my peep, is what one calls bein' generous.

Unlike you.


Oh don't give me that.  The fact that you're a vegetarian and therefore don't eat what we cats eat, does not negate the generosity of my sister when she offered up some of what was on her plate, to you.  Oh sure, one MIGHT say she knew full well that you'll never accept her offer.  But that doesn't make her offer any less generous, you know.


Do you know what I think?  I think, you think you're above eatin' off the same plate as a cat.  Yeah, that's what I think, for sure.  I think, you think you're too good to eat off the same plate, at the same time, as a cat.  I think, you think, sharin' a plate of breakkies with a kitty is beneath you, and somehow DIRTY, and...

Okay, so you might have a point there.  A point about the dirt factor, I mean.

I mean...

Well what I mean is, goodness knows what germs a kitty could catch by eatin' off the same plate as a peep.  A kitty could catch peep germs, for sure.  A kitty could get sick by eatin' off a peep's plate, especially if said kitty were to eat off the same plate at the very same time, and...


Do you know what I really think?  I think, you should allow Toby to eat off your plate first, BEFORE you have had a chance to contaminate said plate with your PEEP germs and stuff.  Yeah, that makes a lot of sense, for sure, 'cause that way, Toby can have some of your breakkies without riskin' gettin' sick.  And since she's just a little girl, with a very small appetite, when you think about it, they'll be plenty left on your plate AFTER she has finished, for you.



  1. MOL - cats should always get to eat furst!

  2. Well, Toby going first makes a lot of sense to us!

  3. Wow!! I do believe that I should be able to eat off my Mommy's plate, but she won't let me have anything until she is done. SOMETIMES she does give me tastes of her meat though...and do you know what? I LOVE beets!

  4. That is a good idea. The Peeps should let you use their plates first.

  5. You know what? My human won't eat out of my bowl either - and she never shares her food with me AND she eats chicken sometimes! I guess maybe she doesn't want to spread her human germs, but still. It would be nice to get a little taste of whatever she's having before she puts her grimy mouth and hands all over it.

  6. That's some good thinking, Sivvers! Your Peep should let Toby eat first!

  7. No such problems in this place as all the stuff the peep has now I don't like. I keep telling the peep if the diet was paleo we could share mice, the peep could catch and I'd eat... that sounds fair to me MOL
    Toodle pip

  8. Yep, Seville, that sounds logical to me - to have Toby eat off of the peep's plate before peep starts eating off of it. Our humans may have cooties or something, so we wouldn't want to eat on their plate at the same time they do - no. And we are superior so we should always eat before them anyway. Tee hee hee.

  9. Hmmm...we don't get to eat much of bean food, but then again we don't really like much of it. AND we sure aren't sharing out soft foods. The kibble maybe....

  10. I always offer my meal to the kitties. Usually, they sniff and make a horrible face, but at least I've been polite. Chuck sometimes will drink some camomile tea from my cup, and Angel likes to lick dry toast. Thanks for visiting my blog too!

  11. That was absolutely not very nice, Pal. We agree. And CATS are the world's CLEANEST beings. Cleaner than hoomans could even ever dream of being. *sigh*

    1. Way cleaner. WAY cleaner. WAY! And peeps complain 'bout our eatin' off THEIR plates. MOUSES!


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