Wednesday 23 November 2022

bad day

She's havin' a bad day.

Scratch that.  She's havin' a really bad day.

Scratch that, too.  She's havin' a really, really, REALLY SUPER DUPER bad day, for sure.


But like with most things of this nature, along with that bad day, there's a silver lining to be found.  Maybe two!

Now the fact that this silver linin' happens to be a silver linin' for ME and not her...  Well...  Well who cares?  Peepers is havin' a bad day and I've managed to get a blog post out of it which is OBVIOUSLY a silver linin' for me.

Couldn't have come at a better time, either, on account of my wakin' up this mornin' with absolutely no idea about what I would blog about today.


So anyway...

So anyway, it all started on Saturday when the television in the family room decided it would no longer work.  We now have a new TV but it's not workin', either.  Cable guy is comin' Monday.


So what does this have to do with Peepers havin' a bad day, today, you ask?  WELL I'M GETTIN' TO THAT!  Have patience, my friends.  PATIENCE!!!

With no television in the family room, Peepers brought a radio and CD player into the room.  It's kinda nice, actually.  Saffy and I have been enjoyin' listenin' to some relaxin' Christmas music these last few days.  It's easy on our ears AND there's none of that depressin' news and stuff to hear.  'Cept when Peepers uses the radio, of course, but mainly we're listenin' to CDs.

And now this brings us to today and Peepers' bad day.  

So this mornin', Peepers couldn't get either the CD player or the radio to work.  She tried and she tried.  She tried and she TRIED!  SHE TRIED AND SHE TRIED AND SHE TRIED, all to no avail.  After 'bout ten or fifteen minutes - maybe more 'cause I'm tellin' ya, it felt like FOREVER - she almost gave up.

Turns out, it wasn't plugged in.

Silly peep.


So I thought to myself - of course - now THIS is a topic for my blog post today.  I can blog all 'bout Peepers not knowin' you have to plug electrical stuff in, in order to get said electrical stuff to work.

Hey, when you're desperate for a blog topic, ANYTHIN' works.


But it gets even better.  While figurin' out 'bout the need for pluggin' in the radio thing, Peepers was also makin' brekkies.  She had the porridge cookin' on the stove while all this was goin' on, and...

Well long story short, the whole house now stinks of burnt porridge - which strangely enough, smells a lot like burnt toast - on account of the porridge bein' all burnt and now stuck to the bottom of the pot.

So Peepers had three oatmeal raisin cookies for brekkies, instead.

When asked 'bout this dietary choice,"It's STILL oatmeal," she said.

Somehow, I'm thinkin' it's not the same thing but as a kitty who doesn't eat oatmeal or oatmeal cookies, what do I know, right?

What am I talkin' about?  I know everything 'bout EVERYTHIN'.  I AM a cat, after all.


But the real bonus is that I have even more fodder for my blog.


Although to tell you the truth...

To tell you the truth, blog topic or not, the whole house still stinks of burnt oatmeal.  And when I say stinks, I mean STINKS.  It's gross.  It's unpleasant.  It's not what a kitty likes smellin'.  


Seems to me this blog post topic isn't so much of a silver linin' for me as it is one big, STINKY ol' mess.

AND Peepers got cookies for breakfast.  That's not fair.  I only had kibble.  I WANT TREATS FOR BREKKIES, INSTEAD!

For mousin' out loud, now that I really think about the situation, I'M havin' a really, really, REALLY SUPER DUPER bad day, too.

And that, my friends, is TOTALLY unfair.



And remember:



Continue to practice SOCIAL DISTANCIN' measures



Remember to mask up, too.


  1. I'm glad the Christmas music machine is working again. Hey, something must be going around, our TV died too and we got a new one.

  2. Sounds like everyone is having a bad day there. I would be upset to not have tv. XO

  3. Oh dear, oh dear; that was a few oopsies for sure, Seville!
    Like when my work computer is doing something wonky, and the IT person goes through a whole troubleshooting routine, then says, "Turn it off, then on again", et voila, everything is fine and I feel like an ass.

  4. MOUSES! That is a bad day indeed, Sivvers. Definitely for your peep, but for her to have cookies for breakfast while you have to eat your regular food. Not fair!

  5. What you have to see in this situation, is the possitive ie, you havent got burnt, toast smelling kibble to contend with. Or burnt treats! Now that would be bad!
    Toodle pips and purrs

  6. Oh Dear! That does sound like a bad day. Technology is so great when it works and so annoying when it doesn't! And nothing is easy to fix anymore.

    We hope everything is back in order now, and the burnt porridge smell is gone.

    The Chans


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