Wednesday 2 February 2022

not the plants!

Mouses, Saffron, what did you go and do that for?

This is not gonna go over well, Saffy, my man.  Not gonna go over well, at all.

WELL OF COURSE we're in charge here.  Well actually, I'M in charge.  But you're my number two, for sure.  But nevertheless, facts remain facts: you and I don't have opposeable thumbs.


What does not havin' opposeable thumbs have to do with our bein' in charge, you ask?


Well what I mean by that is that Peepers opens the tins of fuds.  First she goes out and buys 'em.  Then she opens 'em.  Plus, she washes the plates and stuff, keepin' our dinin' area clean.  This is why, EVEN THOUGH WE ARE IN CHARGE, we have to respect her stupid plants.

Did I mention how they were stupid?

Yeah, I'm pretty sure I did.


The thing is, Peepers loves us more than anythin' - of course - but she has this weird fetish for plants.



Well 'cause she's a peep, I guess, and it's a well known fact peeps are prone to likin' stupid stuff.


I KNOW the plants were in your way.  They're often in my way, too.  For some strange reason, Peepers puts 'em on windowsills and things right where we cats would like to sit.

Yup, yup, I KNOW you were merely tryin' to make room to look out the window.

Yes, AND I KNOW the plants needed knockin' down in order for you to fit your fat butt on the windowsill.

What?  What did I say?

Look Saffron, it's not my fault you look nothin' like a recently former starvin' stray cat.  Fact is, you never did.  Not my fault your tum is the size of...

FINE, I won't say it.

Can't stop me from thinkin' it though, can you.


So anyway, the thing is, Peepers has had to haul out the vacuum now for four days in a row on account of your knockin' down plants in the family room; and by the looks of things, she's none too amused.


Saffron, you might be able to say you didn't know a fallen plant would make so much mess when you knocked down the FIRST plant, BUT BY THE TIME you had knocked down SIX of 'em, you should have figured it out.

And that's six in just one day!

Those, added to the ones you knocked down yesterday, not to mention the ones you knocked down the day before, and those you knocked down the day before that...

Well let's just say, you keep this up and you're gonna drive Peepers crazy, for sure.

Crazier than she already is, I mean.



And remember:



Continue to practice SOCIAL DISTANCIN' measures



Remember to mask up, too.


  1. Time for your peep to install hooks in the ceiling and use macramé plant hangers to those plants can get light while leaving the windowsills available to the superior being in the house, namely, The Cats!

  2. My human kills plants without any help from me... although if she did have some in her, I certainly WOULD help!

  3. Our human learned long ago that the place for houseplants is in planters OUTSIDE the windows or on the front porch. You need to educate your Peepers as to the propurr place for plants. Except for nip plants, of course...

  4. Oooh dear Saffron you had better listen to Sevelli there!

  5. Yes, what the Eastside Cats said! Saffy and Sivvers, how dare your peep clog up the window sills with those plants. MOUSES!

  6. Oh my word. I do hope none of those plants were catnip! SBB (Saffy Big Behind) needs to get her, I mean, his priorities right. A frustrated peep, with hair wild with rage, and yodelling, will not bode well for anyones hearing, let alone the treats for either of you!
    Drastic action and hints are needed for sure ;)

  7. I think the peep needs to find a new place for the plants. Maybe hang them?


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