Sunday 16 January 2022

ninety-six weeks

And here's how it all went down:


Week before last - Friday, I do believe - we had a big snowstorm.  Not as big as the one two days ago, but it was a pretty big one, for sure.  At this point, Saffy Saffron Saffers was still livin' outside.

Now to be honest, I can't remember if it was Thursday night or Friday night 'cause it's all kind of a blur.  I mean, it feels like every time I turn around, there's a snowfall warnin' on the go this year.  But it was dark, the temperature was hoverin' around zero, and it was startin' to snow.  Peepers had put food out for Saffron on the veranda just like she has multiple times every day for the past year and a half.  She could see from the front door that the food was untouched but thought maybe - just MAYBE - Saffron was in the box in the corner of the veranda.  The box the peep had set up just for him.

So she opened the front door, and...

Yup, sure enough, Saffron was in his box, sittin'...

No, lyin'.


Well you know how we cats sometimes sit or lie on our tummies, lookin' like we're a furry ol' loaf of bread?  Well Saffron was sittin' like that.

Sittin'...  Lyin'...  Whatever.


Peepers stepped outside and the wind was howlin' and blowin' to no end.  Snow was driftin' onto the veranda and even though Saffron's box was in the most protected spot the veranda has to offer, snow was landin' on Saffy's back.

And Saffron, hearin' the peep come outside, looked up at her with the most pathetic and sorrowful expression.  He looked absolutely miserable.  The most miserable Peepers has ever seen a cat look.

Peepers, wearin' nothin' but her jammies and some flippity-floppity sandals, crept through the layer of snow toward Saffron in the box.

Now normally, Saffron would never let the peep near him when he was in a box.  Not on a chair, either.  It's one thing for Saffron to let Peepers pick him up when he goes to her, but quite another when it's the other way around.  Plus, Saffy's box was in the corner so I bet seein' a peep comin' at him would make him feel trapped and cornered - pun intended - and all that, so seein' Peepers approachin' would be his cue to run like the dickens, for sure.


But that night, with the snow landin' on his back and with his bein' miserable as all get out, Saffron allowed Peepers to approach.

Slowly but surely, Peepers got closer and closer 'til she was able to bend down and touch Saffron's back.  And then she picked him right up!  She held Saffron close to her jammies - which by now were gettin' all snowy just like Saffron's fur coat - as tightly as she dared, spoke softly, and carried Saffron inside.

And Saffron really must have been super miserable - as miserable as he looked - 'cause let me tell you, he's normally a squirmy wormy when picked up, but that night he didn't squirm or worm, not even an inch.

Once Peepers was inside, she lifted her right leg, and...

NO, she didn't pee.  What do you think she is, a dog?


No, Peepers, lifted her right leg and kicked behind, slammin' the front door shut.  I swear, reverberations were felt right thru the house.  But Saffy?  Well Saffy was inside.

As soon as Saffron realised what had happened, feelin' miserable or not, he started to sing the song of our people.

I mean, cats.


So Saffy started to howl although not nearly as much as I expected.  And he didn't get all crazed like I thought he would, either.

You know, like he did that one time in the summer when he accidentally ended up locked inside.  The cat literally climbed the walls.  Brought down two screens in the sunroom, too.


Instead of actin' like a crazy cat, Saffron ran into the livin' room and crawled under the trolley, whatever a trolley is when it's at home, and that's where he spent the night.  Spent the next day there, too.


But by Saturday evenin', he was allowin' the peep to reach under the trolley, and...

Well to tell you the truth, there was some fizzin' at first; and then later when Peepers reached in, he reached out, in kind.  After that Peepers was sportin' a bandage on her left paw.  But by Saturday night, he was still curled up under the trolley, although by then there were bits peekin' out.

And then before we knew it, he was out from under the trolley, entirely!

And that is the story of how Saffron came...

Came...  Caught and brought in kinda against his will...  WHATEVER.




And remember:



Continue to practice SOCIAL DISTANCIN' measures



Remember to mask up, too.


  1. Good news for Saffy - and for the Peep's persistence.

  2. This is wonderful news. Absolutely wonderful.
    Sending Whisker kisses from the girls and pawing high 5s from Etude and me for Saffron... and you too, of course.

  3. Oh! WOW! This is the best news ever! Saffron is inside! We know that your Peep has been trying to entice him in forever! We do hope hat you 2 get along as well inside as you do out! And we hope that Saffron decides to stay inside! Purrs Marv

  4. I'm glad that Saffy finally realized that being inside isn't really too bad.

  5. That is the best story, Sivvers! We are super glad that Saffy is now inside and safe with you all. Just think, now at least you have company being cooped up with your Peeps! :)

  6. That's quite a story! I'm just glad he's inside now. <3

  7. Hooray! A safe and warm Saffy! Happy Gotcha Day!!
    Hope the scratches on Peeper's hand/arm are going to heal well...kitty doings like that can brng trouble...our pawppy can tell you all about that...

  8. Saffron is home!
    Sending purrs that he soon gets a clean bill-o-health from the vet and then let the shenanigans begin.
    Peep #1: I know how you were feeling for every step of your journey that day! And being outside when you aren't dressed for it seems to be the way it usually goes. Good for you for following your instincts; Saffy was finally ready.

  9. Whatever way the peep Saffy or we look at it, the dude is in and warm and safe. Well, safe is a relative word. There is still the question of singing, the peeps singing! And then the electrified hair! Maybe to help Saffy, Seville, you need to get him a pair of shades and some of those cool ear muff things — ear muffs!

  10. That was sure quite a Saffy tale Seville, a good one at that too!

  11. Our current stray Teddy is nervos as heck too so I can empathise with Peep' bringing Saffron in.

    Good to see Saffron inside, really good.

  12. I am glad he is in and I look forward to hearing more about your new brother.

  13. This rescue story will go down in HISStory for all of us stway kittehs who were wescued by a well-meaning hoomon. Yoo stay inside, Saffy. It's mean and severe outside. Peepers aren't so bad once you get to know them. Purrs, Dori


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