Wednesday 29 September 2021

he's in!


He's out...


So this mornin' was a pretty typical mornin', my friends.  Peepers fed Saffron out on the veranda as per usual, and spent some quality time with him out there.

Just to clarify, quality time includes some talkin', some pettin', some ear scritches and chin tickles, and stuff.  It also includes a return to the kitchen for more treats.



So when in the kitchen gettin' the first lot of second treats...

That make sense?  It was his second lot of treats, but his first lot after the initial brekkies were served.


So anyway, Peepers went as slowly as she could in the kitchen, even goin' so far as to make herself a cup of tea, and left the front door open while doin' so.  When she returned with the first lot of seconds, who was in the livin' room, but...



Well Saffron took one look at the peep and skedaddled right outta there.

Not that I blame him, mind you.  He saw the state of the peep's hair.


So the peep spent some more QUALITY time with him before goin' in for his SECOND lot of second treats.  Again, she took her time doin' so and when she returned...

Saffron was back in the livin' room again!

AND again, after catchin' a glimpse of the wild-woman's hair, he ran back outside like a bat outta...

You know.


Well some more quality time was spent out on the veranda and Saffron had pretty much had his fill of treats - which is kinda amazin' on account of his seemingly bein' a bottomless pit when it comes to said treats - and Peepers told him she was goin' back inside, but would leave the front door open.  Just in case he wanted back in, you see.

Well 'bout half an hour later, Peepers returned and found no sign of my soon-to-be brother so she closed and locked the front door.

But later on this mornin'...

Later this mornin', she happened to find...

Later this mornin', Peepers happened to find one dark charcoal grey kitty hangin' out in the livin' room agaiin!

So an extra litter box was quickly set up, providin' Saffron with his own private commode, and the peep left him to his own devises.  He didn't appear TOO upset at the time...

Of course, Peepers later found a window screen in the sunroom down, plus a bunch of other stuff knocked over, so I'm pretty sure Saffy Saffron Saffers had been in there, frantically wantin' out.

A little while after that - 'bout half an hour ago, or so - Saffron was cryin' outside my office door.  The peep went to him and found him really anxious and upset.  He was trapped and he knew it and didn't like it one bit.  He tore into the sunroom, brought the window screen down again - 

CLEARLY, Peepers hadn't done a very good job in puttin' it back up.

- And Peepers found him cowering and cryin' in the corner, behind one of the chairs.

So she opened the back door and Saffron ran out.

Stupid peep.

Time will tell, the peep says.   As long as when Saffron returns tomorrow mornin' - or later today - things pick up as before, then we're a whisker's length shy of gettin' that cat indoors.  Gettin' him in and at the same time feelin' comfortable around the peeps, that is.

I'm pretty sure he WILL be back.

That cat really likes his fuds and treats, you see.

Especially the treats!



And remember:



Continue to practice SOCIAL DISTANCIN' measures



Remember to mask up, too.


  1. I hope Saffron gets back inside soon so you two can plan all kids of mischief!

    1. He came for brekkies this mornin' and was all lovey-dovey with the peep, but he didn't come inside. *sighs* Yeah, can you IMAGINE the stuff he and I will be able to get up to? MOUSES!

  2. OMC! I hope he will realize things are good inside and come back. Maybe when it gets colder or wetter.

    (I Lived in Halifax from 1976/ first job...whereabouts do you live? Since 1987, I am a transplanted Canadian living in Michigan...)

    1. You used to live here? MOUSES!

      I, myself, have never lived in Halifax. I live up here in the Annapolis Valley with the peeps. But Peepers lived in Halifax when she was at Dalhousie. PURRS

    2. My niece went to Dalhousie for some of her medical schooling...she's a resident now in Kingston I think.

    3. My niece did some of her medical training at Dalhousie. Now she's an MD in residence at a big teaching hospital in Kingston Ontario. I think she wants to be a psychiatrist...who knows?!

    4. Yup, Dal has a big time School of Medicine. Dentistry, nursing, law, too. Peepers graduated from the Acting Program in the Theatre Department. purrs

  3. I hope he will decide that the indoor life is for him.

  4. Well, that is certainly a good bit of progress for Saffron. But then not. But then progress. But then not. MOUSES! We think he will be back, Sivvers. We have our paws and fingers crossed, for sure. XO

  5. Talk about conflicted! He wants in, he wants out. I guess he'll settle in eventually.

  6. And how are you and he getting on, Seville?
    We hope you will become true brofurs.

  7. Awww. What you need is a cat flap for the dude. referably in the screen. That way it will save damages mounting up a hefty repair bill. Strange things repair bills, but not as strange as the repair bird they're attached to, MOL
    Have a great week, Seville, and do keep us posted on the damage front. Mrs H is running a book on when it will hit $200 Canadian. I'm down for £5 at 100 to 1. Sooo, if you maybe, accidentally, knock some stuff over to boost the total, you know, all casual like, I'll split the winnings with you!
    Toodle pips and Purrs

  8. I hope he is not too nervous to come back in and how are you handling this whole thing Seville? We purr it all works out soon


I love hearin' from my pals. I really, REALLY do. PURRS.