Wednesday 6 November 2019

tail wind

Let us talk, my friends.  Let us talk about...

About tail winds.  Yup, let's talk 'bout tail winds, right here on my blog.


I know, I know...  I know what you're thinkin'.  You're thinkin' I'm talkin' about lactose intolerant kitties gettin' into the cheese, and passin' some wind from the ol' tail area back there, aren't ya?

Well you know what?  You'd be wrong about that.


Although truth be told, that might very well be a topic for another blog post on another day.  But I'd have to call that post, STINKY Tail Winds, I do believe.


So anyway....

So anyway, the other day I was out in the garden with the peep, and the wind was blowin' somethin' awful.  It was blowin' and blowin' and blowin', my friends.

It was blowin' so hard...

How hard was it blowin', you ask?

It was blowin' so hard, my tail got caught up in that ol' wind and my gosh, I slapped myself in the face with my very own tail.

Talk about TAIL winds.


Yes, it's true, although I'm tryin' to spread the rumour that I didn't so much whack myself in the face with my own tail as I uh...  Um...  Well as I CAUGHT my own tail, a feat very few cats can do.

Yeah, that's the ticket.


And speakin' of tickets...

Speakin' of tickets, I bet I could have sold tickets to that show, for sure.


And speakin' of tickets, AGAIN...

Speakin' of tickets again, you ever get a speedin' ticket on account of a tail wind pushing you so hard across the backyard that you were travellin' so fast you exceeded the speed limit?

Yeah, well neither have I, but that's probably on account of the fact that in my own backyard, there is no speed limit posted, and NOT on account of my not goin' too fast, 'CAUSE IF THERE WERE a posted speed limit, I would have exceeded it, for sure.


Yup, that's how strong the wind here was.

The wind was so strong...

The wind was so strong, it blew all the remaining leaves off the trees.  The wind was so strong, it blew shingles off the roofs.  (Not our roof, thank goodness, but the peep did find a stray shingle from someone's roof out back.  It was the wrong colour to be ours.)  The wind was so strong, the neighbours' gazebo tent kinda thingy they had set up for Hallowe'en blew down and got a little ripped up or somethin' in the process.  The wind was so strong...

Well let's just say, the wind was so strong, when I was out in the garden that day, that ol' wind almost picked me right up and blew me away.

Now THAT, my friends, is a TAIL WIND, for sure.

And in other news...

In other news, Rushy's long fur got ruffled up like no cat's fur has ever been ruffled up, before.  And as for the peep's ponytail...

Well the description of that tail wind will have to wait for another day.

Once I stop laughing myself silly at the thought of it, that is.


And in some other, other news...

The peep appears to be missing one black tarp, used, an odd hole here and there, last seen November 1st, in our garden, insufficiently anchored to the ground.



  1. That must have been some wind, we don't have that inside!

  2. I gather it was pretty windy around your place, Seville!

  3. I sure hope that tail wind doesnt become a Head Wind, MOL, just think of all the problems of lose heads blowing hither thither and all stops in between. MOuses!

  4. We have had some of those Tail Winds here lately Seville but were not outside so missed all the fun. We want to see it next time and hope you can show us all how to "Catch-Our-Tails." Hee Hee

  5. Seville, you could have been made famous on YouTube; tail smacking you in the wind! Your peep needs to be ready for this type of thing.

  6. We have that windy problem here but it is mostly the peeps fault. I,Stella, never cause wind. I promise. Well, there was that one time curled up beside my favourite Mummy but we don't talk about that. Anyway, now that we have snow we blame everything on the dog.

  7. Wowy, Severs, that sounds like a wind of the howling, grumpy and all kinds of chaos kind. Good thing you weren't holding an umbrella or you might've ended up in Abu Dhabi. Tee hee hee. Winks.


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