Wednesday 2 October 2019

I'z so tired

I'z so tired.


Peepers, did you hear me?  I'Z SO TIE-RRRD!!!


And your point would be?  Why are you telling me it's five o'clock in the mornin', Peepers?  I didn't ask you what time it was.  Did I?  No, I most certainly did not.


Oh.  Okay.  Okay, I think I can see what you're sayin', but let me make sure I've got this straight.  You're sayin', if I'm really as tired as I say I am, I shouldn't be up and about two hours before dawn, waking you up.


But here's the thing, Peepers: I HAD to let you know how tired I was...  Am.  Whatever.  I HAD to let you know how tired I am so that you'd know not to expect me to be all bright-eyed and bushy-tailed in the mornin'.  And...

No, don't interrupt me, Peepers.  It's rude.

And I figured you'd want...  Need.  Whatever.  I figured you'd need to know that I'll be way too tired today to go outside in the garden to play and stuff.  You know, the stuff that I normally do outdoors.  Playing, investigating, patrolling, and that sorta thing.  So as...

I thought I told you to not interrupt.  MOUSES!

So as I'm as tired as I am, I'm probably gonna spend the day indoors napping, and getting up for an occasional snack or two.  Maybe three.  Okay, so probably four or five, but that's it.  Just a few snacks, and the rest of the day I'm gonna spend asleep.  Okay?

Peepers, you look like you're gonna blow a gasket or somethin'.  Your face has gone a funny shade of red.  You need me to call a doctor for you?

All you need is to go back to sleep, you say?

So what's stopping you?

Oh, me.


But Peepers, I NEEDED to tell you about my bein' so tired.  I was only thinking of you.  So you wouldn't get all worried about me when I wasn't interested in goin' outside and stuff.  So you wouldn't think I was subdued on account of my bein' sick or anythin' like that, and go and do somethin' STUPID like callin' my doctor 'bout my uh...  Um...  Subduement?  That a word?  Subduement...  Hmmm...

What's that, Peepers?  You want to go back to sleep right now, you say?

But don't you want to know WHY I'm so tired?

You already do?


Did I already tell you all this stuff while walkin' in my sleep or somethin'?  Was I so tired I started sleepwalkin' and...

What's that?

Oh.  So you know all about why I'm tired because YOU were up way past midnight as well, just like me, TRYIN' TO GET ME to come inside.  And you claim you're tired, too.

Well I guess that makes sense.  Kinda.

You know, Peepers, if you're that tired, you should probably sleep in today, too.  Just like I plan to do.  You should probably spend the day nappin' and catchin' up on your sleep just like me.  As a matter of fact, your bein' up at five in the mornin' is probably makin' you even more tired than you already were.  And now that I think about it, WHY ARE you up at five in the mornin'?  WHY?

Oh yeah.  I did do that, didn't I.  But in all fairness, what I had to tell you was very important, you know.  It had to be done, for sure.  But now that you know...  Now that you've been informed 'bout my bein' too tired to do much today, you should probably just roll over and get another couple hours sleep.  Just don't be expectin' ME to be gettin' up at seven with you.

'Cause you know, I'm very tired.

*five, ten minutes later, pawing at the peep's shoulder and waking her up again*

Peepers, I'Z SO TIRED!  I'm too tired to even roll over and fall back asleep.



  1. Kitty SoftPaws Pawsum Rescue Page2 October 2019 at 17:04

    Holy peepers we gotta get our cat naps in daily we must n snacks yes tasty snacks also 💖💖💖

  2. You can be a little devil,lol. My Stella sleeps all night and when she wakes up in the morning, goes into her window seat until we wake up. Sometimes she even comes back to bed in the morning. We do love you though. Just not at 5AM.

  3. Seville, dude...I'm thinking that you are walking a very fine line with the peeper!

  4. Maybe you need a pre-bedtime nap or three!

  5. Sorry, I am way too tired to comment, so this message comes from Mrs H who happended, after much encouragement, to become awake at the unearthly inhuman time of 6AM. Strange that, but very handy, ;)
    PP Mrs H

  6. I see nothing wrong with this. I do this lots of times when I am on the road with my human. She needs to know.

  7. Best to make sure Peepers is as tired as you!

  8. Our Prancie was quite tired today too from bugging us for a snack at 4 AM. :)

  9. We are all tired as you are Seville from Buddy waking us ALL up at 4am so we can move around so Dad can feed him


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