Wednesday 23 October 2019

an open bag of treats

I could have told you that would happen, Peepers.  I COULD HAVE TOLD YOU it would.

As a matter of fact...

As a matter of fact, I think I DID.


So the first peep had to go out and buy more Hallowe'en candy the other day.

And do you know WHY Peepers had to go out and buy more Hallowe'en candy?  WELL I'LL TELL YOU WHY she had to go out and buy more Hallowe'en candy.  Peepers had to go out and buy more Hallowe'en candy on account of Peep #2 openin' up the first box, early, and once it had been opened up, the candy disappeared like magic.


But that's what it's like at my house.  Peeps leave a box of chocolates unopened, and that box of chocolates could stay unopened like that for years.  But you open it up, and...


It's gone.


Of course, this is not what happens with my cat treats.

Okay, so maybe it is, but seriously, we're talkin' about Hallowe'en candy here, and not my tempting treats.


But back to that Hallowe'en candy.

Box number one is now toast.  Not literally toast, of course, but toast nonetheless.  Box number two is still somewhere 'round here.  As for box number three...  Well box number three is still at the store, on account of box number two - SO FAR - bein' unopened.  But hey, give the peeps time:  Hallowe'en's not here for a week.


Now back to the topic of treats.

Treats for me.  And Rushy, too, I suppose.


I don't eat the peeps' Hallowe'en candy, and I expect them not to eat my treats.

It's not that I'm bein' selfish, or anythin' like that.  The peeps are veggies, you see, so my not allowing 'em to eat any of my tempting treats is actually...


Well it's actually like I'm doing 'em a favour.


And speakin' of treats...

Speakin' of treats, I happen to know - FOR A FACT - that there's an open package of freeze-dried salmon sittin' up on the kitchen island right now.  Open.  Open like it's sittin' there WAITIN' to be eaten.

I also happen to know there's a wee little empty spot in my tummy, on account of my tummy tellin' me it has a wee little empty spot.  You know, because I've not eaten a thing for days and days and days and...

Okay, for hours and hours and...

Okay, I've not eaten a thing in the last forty-five minutes.

But still...

But still, the fact remains, I've got an empty spot in my tummy, and there's an open bag of treats in the kitchen.  Now, a cat puts two and two together, and a cat gets...


Nah, that's not right.


Nah, that's not right, either.

I know!  A cat puts two and two together, and a cat gets...

HEY PEEPERS!  I'm in dire need of a snack over here.  Wanna paw me over a few freeze-dried salmon treats?  Once the bag is open, Peepers, I need to eat 'em right up.  They're not gettin' any fresher, you know.



  1. Seville, your logic is impeccable!

  2. Treats are always a good option no matter what other options may be!

  3. Hey, you deserve treats every time the humans have some! MORE often, in fact!

  4. A bag of treats that's open and NOT being eaten is a crime against. . . er . . . all sorts of things, mainly tummies I guess. I hope you get them treats before the treat inspectors come round and fine your peeps for keeping opened packs of treats out of reach ;)
    PS. Im not sure there is such an inspector, but there should be...

  5. I hope you got lots of treats.

  6. My humans do the same, Severs. When they buy All Hallows Eve candy early, they end up eating some so then they have to go out and buy more. It seems they have no sense of control. I sure hope those salmon treats found there way into your tummy, 'cause what good are they if they're just sitting up there on that kitchen island, right? Winks.


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