Sunday 23 June 2019

don't look at me

Don't look at me, Peepers.  I didn't plant 'em.  In fact, I had nothin' to do with 'em at all.


Two minutes earlier...

"It still stings.  I think the tip of my nose has gone numb."

And a minute before that...

"OUCH!  What the heck?"

And even before that...

Well actually, this next part might need some explainin'.  Have a seat and take a load off your paws, 'cause boy-oh-boy do I have a story to tell.


So the peep and I were doin' a little gardening together.  I was tendin' to my nip plants, and the peep was...


Well she was..,.

Truthfully, I don't know what she was doin'.  Walkin' about.  Checkin' things out.  Not gettin' much of anythin' done.  You know, basic PEEP kinda things.

Oh sure, she pulled a few weeds out here, and maybe a few out there, but let me tell you somethin', there were still loads of weeds left pretty much everywhere.


Then at one point she wandered over behind the big pots with the roses.  Now there are seven of those big pots.  Used to be seven roses, too.  Now there are only six roses on account of the peep's poor gardening skills.  She probably pulled one of those roses out thinkin' it was a weed.

And this, my friends, is why I don't let her near my nip.


But anyway, six of those seven pots contain a rose, and all of 'em have some garlic, too.  And under the roses and between the garlic, are little itty bitty sweet alyssum plants coming up, along with...

Well it's those along with plants that were the problem, you see.  Peepers said they were weeds and that she needed to get rid of 'em, for sure.


So back behind the big pots she went, and she started pulling various things out.  And a little while later, I heard her say, "Oh, I wonder what this is."

Well the peep, bein' a peep, had been pulling all sorts of things out, all the while not knowing what sorts of things she was pulling.

And one of those things...

One of those things looked suspiciously like mint, only the leaves weren't as pointy.

Bet she thought it was nip.


Well the peep, bein' a peep, put one of those not-mint-but-possibly-nip kinda things up to her nose to sniff it.  You know, on account of mints and nips all having particular smells, and that's when...

That's when...

Well that's when she yelled, "OUCH!"

Amongst other things.


Turns out, we have nettles.  Wood nettles, to be exact.


Weird thing is, no one is accepting responsibility for planting 'em, at all.  Not her, and CERTAINLY NOT ME.

Luckily for the peep, the nettles were little.  Baby seedling nettles, is all.  Only a few inches high.

But now...

BUT NOW, she's scared she might meet up with their mama.


I, of course, am telling her I may have seen a BIG OL' GINORMOUSLY HUGE MAMA NETTLE PLANT lurking about in and around my catnip.

That should keep her away from my nip, for sure.  'Cause let me tell you something, my friends: She's not to be pullin' out catnip plants thinkin' they're weeds.



  1. Oh no, I hear those plants are very polite!

  2. Apparently you can eat wood nettle, but don't take my word for it, I read it on the internet. At least it wasn't poison ivy. ;)

  3. Ouch! Hopefully that'll keep her away from your nip!

  4. Seville, there is nothing worse than trying to smell something but getting a sting instead, for a human!

  5. MOL! My human guessed nettles right from the start! I wonder how she knew...

  6. Yup you gotta be careful which generation you pull, MOL
    Still better they go now than later when they get to playing rock music like the Police—Sting! MOL

  7. Gotta keep that nip safe :)

  8. That nettle has teeth?! Mom has some dead nettle in her garden, but they must be toothless, 'cause she's never gotten bit once by them. Maybe the wood ones that grow in your momma's garden are part of a street gang or have been experimented on my ALIENS.


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