Wednesday 27 February 2019

not MY mess

No way.  No how.


Peepers, I am NOT takin' the blame for that mess.


Because it's not my mess, that's why.

No, I'm not blaming my fur-sibs for the mess at all.

In actual fact...



Well in actual fact, I happen to be blaming you.


Because Peepers, if you look carefully, you'll see that the mess I left was...

I MEAN, the mess I MIGHT have left, on account of my not bein' the only kitty livin' here in this here house, and short of a DNA test, there's no way you can prove it was me, which is why we can only say might, and...


Now where was I again?

Oh yeah, as I was saying, if you look CAREFULLY, you'll see that the mess SOME KITTY left was comparatively small to the mess that's now there.

AND FOR THE RECORD, the mess that is now there - the big one, I mean - didn't appear until you arrived with the carpet cleaner, tryin' to clean up the Teeny-Tiny mess SOME KITTY left on the carpet.

Out of interest there, Peepers, is the carpet cleaner SUPPOSED to spit dirty water out of its bottom like that?

Inquiin' minds wanna know.



What's so funny, you ask?


Well the carpet cleaner spat dirty water out of its bottom.




It's like the carpet cleaner PEED itself.

And FYI, by the looks of it, there might have been a little somethin' more than just pee in there.

Just sayin'...


Anyway, as I stated before, THAT mess there, the BIG one, was left by the carpet cleaner, and not by little ol' me.  Not by any of us kitties, in fact.

But YOU, Peepers, were operatin' the carpet cleaner at the time, so...

So that there big ol' mess is ALL YOURS.



  1. Oh those peeps hate it when mess happens!

  2. Your carpet cleaner PEED on itself? Oh My Cod! How Rood! Your Peep really needs to get her cleaning equipment under control, or surely they will take over control of the house.

  3. dood.....peepz iz all wayz reddy ta blame de rezz a dent catz fora mess that THEY made, ore de naybor catz made..... we heer it round heer all de time.... !! ☺☺♥♥

  4. OMC! How can they blame you Seville! You are always blameless! Mol, bad Carpet Cleaner!

  5. Seville, you've sorta incriminated yourself on the 'small' mess, just sayin'...

  6. Sounds like the carpet cleaner thing needs a trip to the carpet cleaner vet! Hmm, do you think it'll wet itself and the peep when she tries to get it in the carrier, as that might just be fun to see ;) MOL

  7. That mess blaming can be a tough issue to overcome but you have steered things right where they belong, the peeps. They can be sooooo touchy about that stuff. I myself only... oh... never mind. We have hardwood and tile in our new place so Dad says the mess, of Einstein by the by, is easy to get up. Now Einstein is another story so I will leave that fur later. Great work aiming at the true culprit, Peeps and the carpet cleaner
    Timmy and Family

  8. As long as you're okay with being the small mess maker, Sivvers. 'Cause you kind of just admitted to that!

  9. OMFP (Oh My Floofy Paws)! That is silly, Severs -- a sweep that isn't potty trained! Yep, it sounds like the peep and the sweep need to take full responsibility for that big mess!


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