Sunday 2 September 2018

labour of love

Labour Day, huh?



So Peepers, exactly what do you labour at that gives you the right to consider this weekend a holiday?  A weekend for celebratin' and stuff.  I don't think I've ever seen you labourin' at anythin'


And you CERTAINLY don't labour at anythin' concernin' me.


Litter boxes, you say?

What about 'em?  We have a few.  What's so laborious about them?

What do you MEAN you don't enjoy cleanin' out our litter boxes?

No, seriously, what do you mean?



Well I'll be...


Would you rather we use the floor?

Oh quit your griping, woman.  I'm only kiddin'.

Kiddin' about our usin' the floor, that is.  I, Seville the Cat, am a respectable cat.  I would never dream of doin' potty on the floor.  Never in a million nine lives.

I'm still waitin' to hear why you don't enjoy cleanin' out our boxes, though.  I wasn't kiddin' about that.


And speakin' of respectable cats...

That there line ends with me.  Me, Seville the Cat.

Well...  Well maybe Mason, too.  But those two long-haired freaky marmie brothers of mine?  NEVER.


What's that?  What's that Peepers?  What's that you're babblin' on about now?

You don't enjoy cleanin' up the mess we sometimes leave 'round our plates, either?  The mess we make when some of us tend to pick through our food, knockin' bits of it off said plates and onto the floor?

Meh...  You say mess, I say artwork.


Besides, you do know we do that for your benefit, don't you?  We do that to give you somethin' to do.


So anyway...

So anyway, 'bout this lack of daily labourin' you don't do but celebrate anyway:  What's up with that?  This some kinda fake holiday or somethin'?  Some kinda fake holiday peeps made up to sell Happy Labour Day cards and run movie marathons on TV?  Some kinda fake holiday for...

WHAT THE MOUSES, WOMAN!  I thought I already told you to quit your gripin', and...

Oh for mousin' out loud...

Of all the mousingly rude things to do...

The peep just walked out of the room on me.


Can you believe it?


Happy Labour Day Weekend Everybody!  Happy Labour Day Weekend, whether you're a peep who labours with litter boxes and food artwork, or not.



  1. Seville, just let your peeper have one quiet bad could that be?!?

  2. Happy Labor Day to you and make sure the peeps doesn't get you labouring.

  3. I thought Labor (or Labour in your country) Day was for us kitties to relax. Humans aren't supposed to have days off from us kitties! Or our litter boxes, right?

  4. I have never seen a Happy Labour Day card- maybe you need to start selling them :)

  5. Oh my, can you imagine the ruckus if Mrs H walked away from me. Well she actually does but she does roll her eyes a lot and say tut tut, too. Then heads off to fix the problem as only she can. Mind you, we don't use the indoor loo, and have a multiplicity of outdoor facilities MOL
    Maybe you need to put the peep in detention, and write lines as punishment... sort of dictation without the fun, MOL

  6. Happy Labour Day to you and your peep, and whatever kind of labouring she decided to do (or not)!

  7. Speaking as the one who labors every day to give my cats a happy and healthy would be nice to be acknowledged on Labor Day by having the Wonderpurr Gang volunteer to clean their own dang litter boxes and fix their own dang meals and clean their own dang dishes... Just one day a year. Honestly, is that too much to ask?

  8. My humans don't care to clean my chamber pots either. No one said the job would be all glory. Our humans just need to stop their complaining, 'cause we pussycats demand cleanliness and shiny chamber pots and will accept nothing less. As fur food art, I leave all kinds of that for Mom, but based on her comments to me I don't think she appreciates the depth and thought that goes into my art. It sounds like your mom doesn't understand your art either. Sigh. I guess it's one more thing we need to teach them. Tee hee hee.


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