Sunday 23 September 2018

a cat can look at a peep

Whatcha doin' there, Peepers?  How come you're lookin' at me like that?

Because I'M lookin' at you, you say?  Your excuse is, you're simply lookin' at me back?


First of all, there, Peepers - I, Seville the Cat, am a cat.  Kinda self-explanatory, that.  At least I would think.  You know, on account of cat bein' right there in my name at all, and...

Well I'm gettin' to that.  MOUSES!

Thing is, like I was sayin' before bein' so rudely interrupted: I'm a cat.  And CATS are allowed to look at peeps any time they please.  You've never heard how a cat can look at a queen?  Well that's 'cause they're cats.  And if a cat can look at a queen, a cat can most CERTAINLY look at a peep.

Peeps, on the other paw...  Well peeps can't just go 'round lookin' at queens and kings and things.  A peep directs an unsavoury glance toward a king or a queen, and a peep might just find herself thrown into a dungeon or somethin' like that.

Just pointin' that out to you, Peepers, in case you ever get an inkling to go gawkin' at Her Majesty the Queen.


But gettin' back on topic here.  Like I said before, a CAT can look at a queen.  And if a cat can look at a queen, I CAN GUARANTEE YOU, a cat can look at a peep.  And I, Seville the Cat, am all cat.


Well I'm just gettin' to that!

Boy-oh-boy, a kitty can't even finish a sentence 'round here without bein' interrupted and stuff.


So anyway...

So anyway, LIKE I WAS SAYIN', a cat has every right to look at a peep if said cat wishes to do so, BUT...

But I wasn't even lookin' at you in the first place.

*furiously shakes head in denial*

No sirree.  I, Seville the Cat, was lookin' at your yarn.


Now did I SAY I was gonna grab hold of your yarn and start slobberin' all over it and stuff?  Did I?  DID I?

Not that I wasn't intendin' to do exactly that, BUT...

But did I SAY I was gonna do somethin' like that?

Or are you just jumpin' to conclusions?

And speakin' of jumpin', we cats are better at THAT than peeps, too.

Just sayin'...


NO...  No, we're not better at jumpin' to conclusions than peeps.  We're better at jumpin', in general.  You might wanna keep that in mind if you think that by sittin' on that there chesterfield, your yarn is out of my reach.


Peepers, Peepers, Peepers...  Whatever makes you think I wouldn't be better at knittin' than you?  Remember how I'm a cat?  Well we cats are better at almost everythin' you peeps can do.

Like what, you ask?


Well like yarn work, for starters.  Yeah, workin' with yarn.  We cats don't need no stinkin' knittin' needles to play with a stupid ol' ball of yarn.  Why, we cats are perfectly capable of playin' with yarn without a single knittin' needle in sight.  And that's somethin' a peep simply cannot do.

Yeah, yeah...   Peeps do do that cat's cradle thingamajig with strings and things, but...

But did you notice how it's called a CAT'S cradle, and not a peep's cradle?  Huh?  HUH?  Well, DID YOU?


You're still not convinced of my yarn work superiority, huh?


Well then why don't you let me show you?  Let me prove to you my infinite superiority.  Here, paw me over that ball of yarn, and...

What, you can't bring yourself to share your stupid ol' ball of yarn with the one and only SEVILLE THE CAT?

For mousin' out loud.

What a selfish, selfish, SELFISH peep you are.

You're a real YARN hog, for sure.

And did I happen to mention you were selfish?



  1. I don't know, you might be pretty good at that knitting thing Seville!

  2. Selfish AND gets all bent out of shape when you look at her. Which you're well within your cat rights to do, Sivvers. MOUSES!

  3. Some peeps are very selfish. Although, won't it be more fun when she makes it into a nip mouse?

  4. Seville, you deserve your own yarn! Really.

  5. That sure is one yarn you told there, Seville, and I dare say Mrs H is the same when it comes to her knitting. Having said that I seldom see her actually knit anything, stuff just appears completed on them needles by itself. May be she has MAGIC needles!?
    Anyways, I tries to look at Mrs H that way, but she just looks right back the same way as I, so it sort of loses its effect.MOL
    Toodle pips and purrs

  6. Oh Seville! I haven't knitted a darn thing since Angel and Chuck came home in 2004! They attacked the yarn, attacked my needles, and there was no way I was going to hide in a room to knit when I had two cutie patooties to play with! So, the knitting has been sitting in the closet for 14 years...

  7. Replies
    1. I was thinking the same.x😸🐾🐾

  8. Does having something made of yarn count? Because our Mom won't give us yarn either. Moms!


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