Wednesday 20 September 2017


There I was, sleepin' soundly on a chair in the family room, when...


Yup, that's what I heard.  It's an exact quote, for sure.  That's exactly what the first peep said to my brother, Anderson.


So I thought to myself, should I get up and go see what's goin' on?  Or should I roll over and....


You guessed it.  I decided to roll over, and then I immediately fell right back to sleep. Whatever was goin' on in the kitchen, was none of my business, you see, and...

WRONG!  Whatever was goin' on in the kitchen was my business, for sure, 'cause EVERYTHIN' that goes on in my house is my business. But truth be told, I was too sleepy to care 'bout what was goin' on at that particular moment.

Plus, knowin' Andy, I figured he'd probably do it again, and I could find out what he was up to, then.


Well a little while later...

A little while later, I was sleepin' soundly on a chair in the family room, when...

You guessed it, my brother Andy had gone and done it again.


Well you should have heard the peep.

Actually, it's probably best that you didn't.  Especially if you happen to have sensitive ears.

Like me.


So anyway...

So anyway, turns out, Andy was gettin' underpaw.

Scratch that.  He was gettin' underfoot, on account of the peep not havin' paws.

Scratch that, too.  He was gettin' underfoot on account of the peep not callin' her paws, paws, but rather, calling 'em feet.


So like I was sayin', Andy was gettin' underfoot. Gettin' under the peep's feet.  Basically, he was gettin' in the way.


The peep was goin' from one end of the kitchen to the other, but before the peep could get there, to the second end, I mean, Andy had raced over and plopped himself down, right in her way.

Moments later, the peep was goin' from the second end of the kitchen to the first, but before she could get there, that's the first end this time, Andy had raced over and plopped himself down, right in her way.

A few minutes after that, the peep was crossin' over to the fridge, but before she could get there, Andy had raced over and...

You get the picture, I am sure.


Andy, of course, says he was NEVER in the peep's way, at all, but rather, SHE was followin' him - one might even say stalking - around, and nearly scared him to death, when she almost tripped over him, but instead ended up doin' a jump and a skip, in a hopscotch game kinda way, before banging her big toe on a cupboard door.  AND THEN...  And then havin' the nerve to make false accusations 'bout his being in the way.

The peep, of course, says her toe is still smartin', which is odd on account of my never havin' thought of toes bein' all that smart in the first place.  I mean, they're toes, for pete's sake.  You'd think if they were smart, they would have figured out how not to be walked on all day.

And the cupboard?  Well the cupboard the peep's toe hit, is considerin' filing a complaint.



  1. Andy would not want to try that here - my clumsy human is as likely to STEP on us as she is to trip over us because sometimes she isn't looking where her feet are going. She's always abjectly sorry when that happens, but I think it's a sorry too late.

  2. The kits around here are always under the Mom's feet. They are just looking to get stepped on. Hope your Mom is all right.

  3. Sister Dolly is our underfoot specialist here and she takes her job seriously!

  4. Oh man falling over your cat is not a good sign at all. Have you tried a bell around the peep, or one of those reversing bleepers? That way Andy can hear her coming and run for it! Or maybe you could type up a schedule and allocate footpaths and parking zones!
    Toodle pip and purrs

  5. Well accidents do happen and peeps are clumsy beings anyway compared to us GRACEFUL kitties.....!

    Hugs, Teddy

  6. One of us is always under our mom's feet. She hasn't fallen - yet!

  7. dood....eye like ta sneek bee hind de food servizz gurl when herz de sink doin dizhez.... sew when her ternz.........BAM !!!! ☺☺☺♥♥♥

  8. Those peeps are always blaming cats for being underfoot, but it's really them hovering over us, right Sivvers? MOUSES!

    Thank you so much for your thoughtful condolences and purrs about our sweet angel Zoe's passing. You are such dear friends, and we are so grateful for you.

  9. "None of your business..." We don't know what that means, either. It's ALL our business!

  10. I'm sorry but cats have the right of way!
    We aren't under their feet, they are just in the wrong place at the wrong time.
    Have a wonderful Sunday...

    Noodle and crew

  11. Yep, the peep was stalking Andy. Peeps are stalkers of cats. That's what they know & that's what they do, 'cause they just can't GET ENOUGH of us kitties. They are so enamored with our genius, wit & beauty. Tee hee hee!


I love hearin' from my pals. I really, REALLY do. PURRS.