Sunday 23 July 2017

well it's about time

Hey there, Peepers, whatcha doin'?  Makin' a mess?

Um, never mind.  I can clearly see you are. Makin' a mess, I mean. Now that I think about it, the makin' of the mess thing is pretty obvious, for sure.

But what else are ya doin'?  You just makin' a mess for the sake of makin' a mess, or is there some kinda method to your mess-makin' madness, too?

And in case you were wonderin', Peepers, when I say madness, I do mean madness in a crazy kinda way.  MOUSES!


So anyway, whatcha up to there, Peepers?


Hmmm...  This here box looks mighty familiar, Peepers.  Is this the box that...


It sure looks like it is.  Mouses!

Well it's about time.  What took you so long?

Oh NO?  Well a year is a pretty long time to me.  And that's a year in peep years.  You don't even wanna think about how long that is in cat years.  In cat years, a year is like...  Like...  LIKE... FOREVER.  MOUSES!

It was only eleven months, you say?

Eleven months...  Twelve months...  WHATEVER.

So anyway, you want some help there puttin' that rollin' compostin' thingy together, Peepers?  'Cause it looks like you could use some help, for sure.  MOUSES!

Where are the directions?  Have you spent the last year studyin' them?  Is that why it took you so long to take the rollin' compostin' thingy out of its box and put it together?  Is that why this ol' box has been sittin' in a corner in my office for all that time?  Is that why...

No, Peepers, that's not where that piece goes.  MOUSES!

NO.  No, I didn't read the instructions.  DID YOU?

Well I only ask 'cause I'm thinkin', had you read the instructions, you wouldn't have this little pile of screws and things over here, with nowhere to put 'em.

Oh, those are the extras, you say.  Yeah, we've been down this road before, Peepers, and if I've told you once, I've told you a million and three times, these come-in-a-box-and-put-'em-together-all-by-yourself projects DON'T COME with leftover pieces.

Yeah, yeah...


Okay, so let's say the manufactures did send along some extras pieces.

Okay, so let's PRETEND the manufactures did send along some extra pieces.  Shouldn't there be an equal number of extra screws and bolts left over?  I mean, don't you use those kind of things together?

Yeah, that's what I thought, too.  So how come you have four extra screws, and only three extra bolts? Got an answer for that, Peepers?

Yup, it's a good question, for sure.  MOUSES!

And is this flap thingy supposed to be loose?

Yeah, another excellent question on my part, I should think.  MOUSES!

And speakin' of questions...

So Peepers, I'm thinkin'...

I'm thinkin' this rollin', compostin' thingy you got eleven months ago but didn't put together 'til today...

I'm thinkin', it's not all that small.

Yeah, well I'm ALSO thinkin', the door to my office is not all that big.

And I'm wonderin'...

I'm wonderin' if you're plannin' on compostin' stuff inside the house, in my office, 'cause if you are, we're gonna have to have a little chat about that.

You're not actually plannin' on compostin' stuff inside the house, in my office, are you, 'cause I never agreed to ANY of that.

Yeah, yeah...

So anyway...

So anyway, have you given any thought as to how you're gonna get this not-all-that-small rollin', compostin' thingy through the not-all-that-big door to my office, cause...

Don't cry, Peepers.  Think of it this way, your first shot at puttin' the rollin' compostin' thingy together can be sort of a test run.  Next time, when you put it together OUTSIDE, you can...



Well maybe next time you'll be able to put it together without any leftovers.

Again, if I've told you once, I've told you a million and three times, Peepers, THESE KINDA THINGS DON'T COME WITH EXTRA PIECES.  MOUSES!


  1. You mean your not supposed to have leftovers when you put things together? Hey Dad, guess what?!?!? MOUSES!

  2. We're so sorry putting that rolling compostin' thing was so frustrating for your peep, Sivvers. We kind of think the manufacturers make them that way on purpose. MOUSES!

  3. This is why my human generally buys things already assembled! Apparently she can't afford the "sweat equity" (which usually comes with tears, and sometimes blood).

  4. MOL! Humans and dere tryin to put stuff together can be entertaining.

  5. You know, my mice come fully assembled and I nearly always have some parts left over. MOL
    Anyways, my peep said yours was just checking, you know like they do, to see if the manufacturer had done the requisite quality control and full assembly instructions.... like a mystery shopper does. Not sure I believe this though who am I to disagree? Must dash, I have a yacht in the lounge that I need to send back as we are missing some bolts!

  6. Are you sure that's right Seville? I always get bits left over and thought they must be spare parts "just in case".

  7. Your poor Peep. I have my hubby put everything together because I always end up with extra pieces. XO

  8. MOL! That was funny. What we peeps do to put things together without reading the instructions is hilarious. Especially the part about not being able to get it out of the room!

  9. Oh Seville your one of a kind,amazing,funny,adorable love your blogs.xπŸΎπŸΎπŸΎπŸΎπŸ˜ΈπŸ˜»πŸ’•πŸ’•

  10. I love when my Momma puts stuff together ... I get out my pen and paper and write down all the words she says for future use ;) ~Bear Cat
    ps - Maybe you could talk to your peep about composting catnip when it's neared the end of its useful life?!?!

  11. It sounds like SOMEONE should read the instructions. You just might find out that there actually are supposed to be extra pieces! Although, in my experience, there usually aren't any. Just saying.


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