Wednesday 13 January 2016

snow day!

Heading off to bed last night, I said to the peep, "Peepers, don't bother waking me up in the morning 'cause the weatherpeeps are saying we're gonna be having a snow day."

And do you know something?  They were right!  Snow day right across the province with the exception of a paw full of schools. MOUSES!

Now you might be wondering why I even care if it's a snow day or not on account of my being a cat.  I mean, for cats, EVERY day is a snow day, if you know what I mean.  It's not like we have to get up, dress ourselves and make our way over to the school bus to be driven to school.  No sirree, we cats wake up fully dressed.  MOUSES!

But believe it or not, snow days do affect us.  That's right, they affect us cats.

The great thing about snow days is the fact that when they happen, the whole world around us appears to slow down.

It's a well-known fact that when there's snow on the road, one should slow down their driving.  A lesser-known fact is that when there's snow on the planet, the planet should slow down its spinning.

Okay, maybe I made that last bit about the planet slowing down its spinning up but the thing is, when we get snowed in, I get to spend more time with the peeps and that, my friends, is a very good thing, indeed.  MOUSES!

Truth be told, this time around, we didn't get a lot of snow compared to some snow days.  I've seen way more snow out there before.  Way, way, WAY more, to be sure.

And this particular snow came at just the right time on account of The Big Dig and all being dug yesterday and the day before.  The digging was dug and the snow came afterwards.  MOUSES!

And about that big ol' dig...  I'll be blogging more about The Big Dig in future blog posts so don't worry if you missed out on all the excitement for let me tell you, there was plenty of excitement to go around.

But back to the snow.

No, back to the schools!

So almost all the schools, right across this here province were shut down on account of the snow. What I wanna know is this...

If snow gets special days for falling, how come I don't get a special day for falling, too?

Not that I fall down on a regular basis.  Truth be told, I can't remember when I last fell but my sister Connie did last year, remember?  Yup, Connie fell down and broke her leg and had to wear a cast for three months and a week.  Didn't hear about any special Connie days after that.  MOUSES!

Of course, there was no snow on the ground when Connie fell.

And she did fall inside the house where you wouldn't be expecting there to be any snow anyway.

Which if you ask me, makes her fall all that more difficult to do.  She should get bonus points for falling without any snow.  MOUSES!


But I have seen Peep #1 fall in the snow.  Not today.  Today she managed to slip and slide and skid her way over to the garage to grab some flower pots - 'cause you know, when most peeps are grabbing their shovels to deal with the snow from the snow day, my peep is getting her flower pots ready and planting seeds because when it comes to peeps, she's the silliest peep of all - without falling down but it has happened.  Yup, she has fallen in the snow, for sure.  MOUSES!

Once, way back when, when Peep #1 was still in her kittenhood and attending school, she fell in front of said school on the icy sidewalk and one of her classmates - we'll call him MF although I am in no way admitting that his initials were in fact MF although I'm not saying they weren't, either - asked if she had had a nice trip.  MOUSES!

Now isn't it funny that Peep #1 can remember things like that?  Things that happened way back when, in the dark ages or even further back like when dinosaurs roamed the earth or something like that, before I was even born, and yet can forget where she put the car keys after using the car only yesterday?

Of course, on account of the snow brought to us by this here snow day, the peep wasn't going to use the car anyway.

Oh.  My.  Mouses.  I just had a thought.

Maybe...  Maybe this here snow day was planned by the peep so that she wouldn't have to go out in the car, making it so she wouldn't need to find the car keys so that she wouldn't need to remember where she put 'em yesterday because, like a peep, she forgot.

Forgot like she forgot to leave out a few extra treats for me this morning because I'm such a good kitty and deserve extra treats on a daily basis.

Or forgot like she forgot 'bout that one time when I sprayed her, marking her as mine...  Don't I wish.  Peeps never forget stuff like that.  Let me tell you, you pee on a peep ONE time and you'll spend the rest of your days living that one down.

Or maybe...

Or maybe it just snowed.

'Cause it's winter.

And because this is Canada.


Or maybe....  Maybe this was all part of some big gigantic plan, plotted by that MF fellow way back when, when the dinosaurs roamed the earth and all, so that he could once again ask the peep if she had had a nice trip and his plan is just coming to fruition now.

If so, his plan is taking shape slower than slow.  Like dinosaur slow.  Or like dial-up Internet.  MOUSES!

Or maybe it just snowed.

HAPPY SNOW DAY EVERYBODY! Winter has officially arrived in Nova Scotia.  MOUSES!


Please note that the pictures used in this here blog post were not taken today but rather, in a previous year but in all honesty, even though they say that no two snowflakes look alike, snow looks like snow if you happen to ask me.  MOUSES!


  1. We heard you had a huge amount of snow. I know southern Ontario, where my parents live, is getting hit hard. We got about 8 cm yesterday. Stay warm and safe.

  2. I's just glad we hasn't gotten snow - for some reason it makes my momma in a bad mood (she says she has more dan enuf of it when she lived in Bawston).

  3. Dang, I had a hard time getting past the lead in. The weatherpeeps were right??? That rarely happens here, shocking!

    1. I know! That very fact should have been the headline, for sure. MOUSES!

  4. What, NO extra treats!? Hmm think peep #1 is slipping up there, pardon the pun! Please send some snow my way as all I have is rain, and that is so boring, not to mention wet. Purrs

  5. Well, I don't know if I'll ever get to have a snow day, considering that it has snowed in my area maybe three times in the past 100 years.

  6. We don't often get snow here, but when we do my mum is like Bambi on ice! She is a menace to be near, and I am sure one day she will end up sitting on me when she goes flying through the air.

    1. Yeah, when the peeps' legs go flying, it's best to not be too near. purrs

  7. dood....we iz crackin up at thiz post; for lotz oh reezonz... but mane lee coz oh de in iz shullz ewe gived de dood at de skewl !!!!

    just sayin... but round trout towne MF doez knot meen " mark
    frankenstein " "matt frizhairbane" "mike frootbat"

    oh, N all sew....we haz on purpose......snow ore knot...we haz on purpoze managed ta mizz de skewl bus 35,922 dayz ina row now....kewl huh !! ♥♥♥

    1. You missed the school bus for 35,922 days in a row? MOUSES! Did MF miss it, too? purrs

  8. NO two snowflakes may look alike, but when they are in a group they sure do look the same. I think there should be a Connie day after that fall and needing a cat last year.

    1. I think so too. So does Connie. Think we should do something 'bout that, for sure. purrs

  9. Gosh the snow IS pretty Seville....I know it's a pain the tushie for those having to drive in it or WALK over it, but it's pretty nonetheless. I say make it GOOD day no matter what - being inside and warm vs. out in the slush - that's my preference anyway!

    Hugs, Sammy

    1. Pain in the tushie for those who fall down in it, too. purrs

  10. Isn't snow fun? I mean when the peeps stay home and spend more time with the furfamily? Oh, wait. They always find something else to do, don't they!
    Mommy is mostly home and she still manages to avoid me. And I only ask for stuff when she's busy, so I know she has the strength to do what I want, right?
    We haven't gotten the snow we should have yet. Did have one nice blizzardy day, and then just cold cold weather and snowflakes enough to remind everyone it's winter.
    Stay warm. Stay our Seville!

    1. No snow yet? In Minnesota? MOUSES! Hope you get a little to make things pretty, soon. purrs

  11. I bet'cha all you cats are staying warm in the house! Hope Peep #1 gets her seeds growing someplace warm and where you won't be markin' them as 'yours'...heh...heh

    1. Making 'em mine.. Yeah, THAT'S what we'll call it, for sure. MOUSES!

  12. We wish we'd get snow days here too...oh wait a minute, maybe not because that would mean more snow. The mom bean says the schools here never close because there would be some dumb pawrent who would send there kid there.

    Stay warm indoors efurrybody. Better not to chance another fall!
    Sasha, Sami, & Saku


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