Wednesday 23 July 2014

disappeared like magic

You're in big trouble now, Rushy.  BIG trouble, for sure.  Peep #1 know 'bout this?  Of course she does.  MOUSES!

Let me start at the beginnin'.

It was like magic.  That's right... MAGIC.  In the blink of an eye, Rushton had disappeared like magic.

Well maybe he didn't disappear in the blink of an eye.  Peeps don't actually know how long it took Rushy to do his little vanishin' act as they weren't watchin' him at the time but he still disappeared like magic.

Let me explain.  The peeps were lookin' for Rushton.  Don't know why they were lookin' for him but I'm assumin' they had a reason.  There must have been a reason.  They usually do have reasons. Not necessarily good reasons but reasons, nonetheless.  But in all the excitement of Rushy's new magic trick, any reasons - good or bad - were forgotten.

So the peeps were lookin' for Rushton.  They looked high and they looked low.  They looked upstairs and they looked downstairs.  They looked on top of chests of drawers and they looked underneath beds.  They looked everywhere.

Peep #1 kept goin' back into the livin' room 'cause truth be told, she was sure she had seen Rushton in there, earlier in the day.  She was positive.  But he wasn't behind the couch or chairs.  He wasn't under the table or on any of the dining room chairs.  He wasn't anywhere to be found.

But you see, the doors to the livin' room were shut.  Had he been in there earlier, he couldn't have gotten out.  And Peep #1 was sure he had been in there earlier so it only made sense to her that he still was.  She'd go out and look somewhere else but she repeatedly returned to that room, positive that he must be there.

Peep #1 called to Rushy numerous times.  I know.  I heard. No one answered.  Could Rushy not hear her or was he simply ignorin' her.  When it comes to cats, either is possible although truth be told, the latter is more likely than the former.  MOUSES!

Eventually, the peeps gave up on findin' Rushton.  Peep #1 plunked herself down on the couch in the livin' room, hopin' and prayin' that Rushy was okay, wherever he was.  By this time, the reason for searchin' for him was long forgotten and even the belief that he had ever been in the living room was bein' questioned.

Then it happened.  Peep #1 watched as Rushton slowly emerged from inside the chair.  MOUSES!

Yes, he emerged from inside the chair.  The big, light green chair.  Not from underneath but rather, from INSIDE.

Of course, when I found out about Rushy's secret hidin' spot, I immediately had to check it out for myself.  Crawling in under the big, light green chair, I pushed my head into the inner workings of it.

Man, what a set-up he had.  SWEET.

Rushton had managed to tear a whole in the black netting underneath the chair and burrow his way into the chair, itself.  Since most of the netting still remained, he was able to curl up on it, like it was a hammock.  NICE.  The space was small enough to feel cosy and secure but at the same time, there was enough room to really stretch out in, if so desired.  VERY NICE, indeed.

I thought to myself, I have got to get a hidey-hole like this!

Lookin' around the room, I quickly realised that none of the other chairs would be suitable for creatin' such an amazin' hidey-hole but...  but there was the couch.  The couch would make an excellent hidey-hole, for sure.

I padded over to the couch.  Hmmm...  Yup, yup...  Uh-huh...  Hmmm...  Just as I thought.  The couch would work.  I could do a similar tearin' of the black netting to access the inner recesses of the couch.  In fact, the couch was big enough that I could create two points of entry.  Then on one side, I could have a little restin' spot like the one Rushy had in his chair and on the other side, I could create a little guest room or better yet, a spot for entertainin'.  Yes!  No reason why I couldn't invite a brother or sister into my couch-house where we could chat about world events and whatnot. Share a laugh or two over whatever stupid things the peeps had done that day, without bein' overheard by said peeps.

My couch-house could be like a private clubhouse.  NO PEEPS ALLOWED.  Not that they'd fit even if they tried.

Of course, if I was gonna be entertainin' in my couch-house, I was gonna have to do a little decorating.  A nip mouse here and there, scattered like pillows.  Perhaps I could get the peep to knit me up a few in various shades of green and cream to co-ordinate with the soft green of the couch. Maybe a couple other nip toys, as well.  No room really for wand toys in there.  Besides, wand toys require interaction with peeps and like I said, in my secret couch-house there would be NO PEEPS ALLOWED.  Not that they'd fit even if they were.

And snacks!  I'd have to set up a little corner with some treats and whatnot.  A few bags of treats and perhaps a saucer or two for cream.  Oohhhh...  and if I could find a source of nip beer, that would definitely be somethin' I'd like to have on offer.  Nothin' like havin' company over for a few laughs over a nip beer or two.  Or three...

I was dreamin' about my plans for my secret couch-house and droolin' over the thought of nip beer when it dawned on me that if Rushton was in trouble for turnin' the insides of the chair into a secret bachelor pad, I might get into trouble for turnin' the insides of the couch into a couch-house, clubhouse.  MOUSES!

But then I realised that Rushy had been enjoyin' the privacy of his little bachelor pad for who knows how long without the peep knowin' a thing about it.  Not even I, Nerissa the Cat, had known about it and honestly, I usually do know about such things.  And to this day, none of us would have known anythin' about it had Rushy not made the mistake of exiting the chair while Peep #1 was in the room.

Well, I simply wouldn't make such a silly mistake as that.  I, Nerissa the Cat, would never make such an error in judgement.  And as I was plannin' on creating two points of access for my secret couch-house, I would make sure that at least one of these access points was hidden from the pryin' eyes of the peeps  As long as the peeps were unaware of my secret plans for buildin' my secret meetin' place, I wouldn't get into trouble.  MOUSES!

I'm currently in the plannin' stages of creatin' my secret couch-house, clubhouse.  I'm still decidin' exactly where I'll rip into the black nettin'. I also need to figure out which part of the space will be allocated for restin' and which part for entertainin'.  After all that's done, I'll start aquirin' the necessary nip toys and whatnot to create a nice homey atmosphere.  Then I'll need to find some nip beer.

Of course, the peeps would be breathin' down the back of my neck if they knew what I was plannin'.  Judgin' from the words the first peep said to Rushy about the chair, the words she'd be sayin' to me would not be of the overly friendly sort.  The peeps would be climbin' right up into my couch-house, breathin' down my back and sayin' words not fit to be uttered in the presence of a cat like me.  Well, that's what they'd be tryin' to do except, of course, in my couch-house there will be NO PEEPS ALLOWED. Not that they'd fit even if they knew.


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  1. Oh my goodness, now I have some exploring to do here! I've been voting for you pal!

    1. Thank you! I so wanna win this for the Homeless Animal Lifeline but I'm super nervous 'bout gettin' enough votes. Paws crossed I can do it. purrs

    2. You know what Nissy ... I love your story.
      Rushy seems to be a real smart one.
      I don’t know why human are always calling us. I am sure they don’t know either, but they keep on doing it.
      If you want my opinion, I think that the idea of making a secret place inside the couch is .. a bad one. Your Peeps will be really upset. And upset Peeps can be really annoying.
      It’s a shame because it can be really fun to have your own secret place.

  2. I think your couch clubhouse is an AWESOME idea - you'll need to have a couchwarming party!

  3. Our old Angel Inky, well not an old Angel but he was old when he became an Angel told us all about the secret UTB hidey Hole. Seems Dad had a bed and the bed had a box spring and... well there you go... a little claw action and a great big cat hide-a-way.
    So our Dad now keeps the box spring on the floor. Curses foiled again. But an idea for your house mayhaps, Nissy.

    We have been voting.
    The suspense is suspenseful

    1. Box springs, huh? Interestin'... Thanks so much for votin'! purrs

  4. Way to go, Rushton!!!! We kitties are very resourceful! Nissy I will teleport over to check out your new pad when you have it excavated, decorated and arranged :)

  5. rushton....awesum job dood startin yur own sekrit club...N we got betz goin says ya been hidin out ther sinz .....****

    .......yea, if de peeps iz reedin thiz, we due knot wanna give ewe up with any thing that can bee held against ewe in a court oh law ore de livin room

    tho come to think oh it...can peeps 1 PROVE ewe chewed de hole in de netting...


    we bet....*********....did it !! ♥♥♥♥

  6. That sounds like it'll be one pawsome clubhouse!

  7. Oh, Rushton, we're so sorry your 'rents saw you! You had a sweet something going on while it lasted.

  8. Whoa. That sounds like the pawsomest clubhouse ever! We have to see if we can find one of those here!

    We've been voting! :)

  9. What great plan you have for the couch- good luck!

  10. Replies
    1. Thank you Sushi! Thank you so very, very much. purrs

  11. Ha!
    That's hilarious!! My one kitty, KiKi, did the same thing to our couch. As you said, the black netting part that is underneath the couch, she tore a hole in, and started sleeping in know...I never did check to see if she turned it into some secret clubhouse! Hmm.....
    Oh BTW, I vote for you daily!
    ღ husky hugz ღ frum our pack at Love is being owned by a husky!

  12. What a brilliant idea, sounds lovely!!

  13. Gosh could operate a hideaway hotel under the couch - rent out rooms, etc. Couches are big enough under there you could make a few bucks granting sanctuary to those of us who can't SQUEEZE under our couches any longer.......just sayin' ! "Nissy's B&B"......nice ring to it.

    Hugs, Sam

  14. Nissy we love this idea! I think you need to expand upon it! We all need a quiet sanctuary all your own.

  15. This is such a great idea, it sounds wonderful!

  16. The kitty that came before did that with the box springs of the mattress. That is big enough for a whole clubhouse for sure Nissy!

  17. So glad dat evewpawdy's okay and been found Nissy. :) And of course even tho' wees been havin' bad times and not visitin' wees been botin fur yous. Suwe hope yous win.

    Luv ya'


  18. Haha! This reminds us when WE dug a hole in Mommy's old long sofa. She called and called and called but just ignored her and she freaked out! That's how we ended up with bells on our collars.

    ...Cosmo and Ling

  19. MOL Too funny.... But seriously, mew can't beat having a supurr secret hidy hole, mines on top of the kitchen wall cabinets, I can be up there and no-one will find me. I can sneak a peek over the top and no-one effur notices! MOL Mew get yourself one Nissy, asap!!!

    Purrs Basil xox

  20. why this is fascinating...we both have very private places we like to hang out where thehumans can't find us...never thought to make an even better one...heh...heh

  21. Well, clearly you must have a hideaway in the couch. That is for certain. We won't tell anyone...

  22. Wishing you all the best with your plans, Nissy. It is always best for a cat to have at least one creative hiding place within his home. XO, Lily Olivia, Mauricio, Misty May, Giulietta, Fiona, Astrid, Lisbeth and Calista Jo

  23. you are soooooo gonna get in trouble Nissy...but what a great pad this is gonna be!!! If you need me to create anything for you in my steam punk workshop, just let me know

  24. both are very creative! Good luck with your coach-house, can stash alot of nip in there!


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