Wednesday 11 June 2014

a common enemy

My two marmie brothers had to see the doctor last week.  Don't worry, it was nothin' serious.  Just annual check-ups and whatnot.

Peep #1 was torn between takin' Rushton and Seville together or takin' them separately.  Together, they're quite an impressive pair.  Both big and handsome marmalade boys.  On the other paw, they also kind of hate one another.  Would takin' them together wreak havoc at the doctor's office?  It was always a possibility but the peep decided to chance it anyway.

I've blogged about those two and their personality differences before.  Nothin' Rushton and Seville like more than gettin' up into each other's business, nose to nose and all personal like and then lettin' loose with the howls and growls and who knows what else.  Well I know what else.  Once, Peep #1 went downstairs after one of their little marmie incidents and found chunks of marmalade fur all over the place.  Seville claimed that Rushy was just sheddin' and although Rushy does shed a lot in the spring, I really don't think his fur comes out in chunks like that.  At least not when simply sheddin'.  MOUSES!

So the decision was made that my marmie brothers would go to the doctor, together.  Peep #1 got out the carriers and put fresh towels in them.  The towels were spread out nicely for comfort.  Then she went in search of marmies.

Rushton was the first to be found as he happened to be snackin' in the kitchen.  The peep picked him up and proceeded to encourage him to enter the carrier.  Nothin' doing.  No way, no how, was that brother of mine going inside.  Peep #2 had to be called in for reinforcements.  The second peep held the carrier upright and, of course, the towel laid over the bottom of the carrier fell to the back where it remained and was pretty much useless.

With the carrier still in an upright position, Peep #1 attempted a drop insertion, tail-end first, of my brother.  Well Rushy grabbed hold of the edge of that carrier and held on as tightly as a cat can hold which, believe me, is pretty darned tight.  The peep lifted one paw only for Rushy to hold on even more tightly with the other and, I'm told, he was bracing his back legs within the carrier, preparing for a vertical escape.

Peep #1 was just about to give up on the carrier business.  Not only was Rushton simply unwillin' to go into it but Ol' Peepers was beginning to question whether or not he would even fit!  Did I happen to mention that my brother Rushy is a rather big boy?  Well he is and let me tell you...  floof and big bones can only account for so much, you know?

But then, miraculously, Rushy let go of the edge of the carrier for just a second.  I think he was tryin' to get a better grip or somethin' but Peep #1 was on the ball, I tell you.  Seizing the opportunity, she stuffed my marmie brother into the carrier.  Tight squeeze but he made it...  FINALLY.

So the peep then went off in search of Seville.  She found him outside.  Sivvers, bein' a rather co-operative kind of guy, came immediately when she called him.  He was likely hoping there might be a snack in the offing.

Peep #1 encouraged him to enter the second carrier, head first, with a gentle SHOVE to his butt but Sivvers was havin' nothin' of that.  So once again, the second peep's assistance was required and the carrier was held up on its end only for its towel to fall to the back where it was utterly useless, just like Rushy's towel.

The tail-first drop insertion method proved to be much more manageable with Seville and within five minutes, he was in.  You're probably thinkin' that five minutes is a long time to take to get a cat into a carrier but believe you me, it took a lot longer than that to get Rushy in.

Watching from a safe distance, I looked over at the clock and noted that the peeps were already late for the marmies' appointments and they hadn't even left the house yet.  MOUSES although, to be honest, typical.

Peep #1 attempted to pick up the two carriers.  It wasn't easy.  I think she thought she was liftin' weights or something but eventually she managed it and they were off.

Now the rest of the story I did not witness first-paw however the peep took notes for me and I trust her note-taking abilities.  Anywho...

My brothers were ushered - or rather, carried in their carriers - into the exam room.  Seville refused to exit his carrier.  This is pretty much the norm when we visit the doctor and the peep has become quite competent at takin' apart the carrier so that the top half is simply lifted off.  Puttin' the carrier together afterwards still eludes her, however.

Once Seville had been removed from the carrier, his temperature was taken and his weight, calculated.  Sixteen pounds.  MOUSES!  Really big mouses.

Then the nurse wanted to see Rushy.  Hmmm...  That would require havin' Rushton and Seville both out of their carriers at the same time.  Clearly, the peep had not thought this through.  It was suggested that Seville could go back into his carrier while she checked on Rushy but Seville's carrier was still in pieces from the peep havin' had to take it apart and what's more, even if they put it back together again, they would have a devil of a time, gettin' him back out when the doctor arrived. Decisions...  decisions...

Finally it was decided that they would risk havin' both boys out together.  Rushy's carrier was dismantled and he was lifted out.   His temperature was found to be normal and his weight was calculated.  Seventeen point six pounds?  MOUSES, Rushton.  You eatin' the plates as well as the food these days?

When the doctor arrived, Seville and Rushton were both on the exam table, being held at opposite ends.  Somewhat unbelievably, there was no chaos.  There were no howls and no growls to be heard.  There were no nose to nose confrontations going on.  I know they were bein' held at opposite ends of the table but those exam tables aren't that big.  There couldn't have been a lot of space between the two.

The doctor examined each of my marmie brothers before giving them their vaccinations.  All remained peaceful and calm.  Seville had one little clump of fur near his tail that needed attendin' and the doctor combed that right out.  He was lucky our doctor did it 'cause Peep #1 would likely have snipped it.  Yeah, she would likely have taken the easy way out, for sure.

On the other paw, Rushton had some matted fur in the tail area that needed to be dealt with immediately.  The doctor used the shears or clippers or whatever and mounds of fur were left on the table.  By the way, a couple of days later it was somewhat damp and chilly outside and you should have heard the complaints emanating from Rushton 'bout how his bum was feelin' a draft.  MOUSES!

This peace between my brothers would NEVER have happened at home but apparently, when visitin' the doctor together, those two marmie brothers are quite capable of bein' well-behaved.  Who knew? A thought crossed Peep #1's mind but she didn't want to say it aloud however, the doctor did.  The doctor said right there and then that my brothers had untied against a common enemy...  HER. MOUSES!

Peep #1 is thinkin' that she will continue to take the marmie boys for their yearly exams together however, she's also thinkin' that she's gonna have to get bigger carriers in order to do it. Either that, or let them walk in on harnesses but I can tell you right now that neither one of those boys will be wearin' the harness that was bought for me when I was recuperating after havin' my knee bionicized.  They wouldn't fit! Nope, Ol' Peepers is gonna have to look into gettin' bigger harnesses. Maybe harnesses sized for dogs or somethin'. Anyone know what size of harness a Great Dane takes?  Maybe those would work for my marmie brothers.  Maybe...   MAYBE...  Yeah, that size might do the trick.

***  I just wanna let everyone know that even though my marmie brothers weighed in at sixteen and seventeen point six pounds, the doctor did not suggest that they go on diets.  In fact, Sivvers is already on a special diet on account of his crystals issue which has not reoccurred in well over a year and it's extremely important that the crystals are kept at bay.  Gotta pick your battles, you know?  And neither of the boys eats all that much.  At least, no more than the rest of us.  They're just big cats, we think.  Very big, indeed.


  1. All Mommy needs to do to get us into the carrier is to lay the towel then throw a treat right to the far end of the carrier and we'll be fighting each other to get into the carrier first. Then again, we like our carriers because Mommy leaves them out for us to sleep in (and we do). She thought we'll never enter the carrier again after she took us to the vet but noooooope. We were right back in there for our naps!

  2. Sounds like an exciting trip to the vet. Bet everyone was worn out by the time they all got home. Glad it all went well at the vet. Have a great day.

  3. I eat practically the same amount as Binga and Boodie and they are twice my size! So go figure.

  4. Popcorn, before me, looked lots like Rushton and he was also a big boy...sort'a Maine Coon like. If I were Peep #1 I think I would be careful going to sleep...keep one eye open ya know...those boys just may have teamed their sizes they could just about haul her outside in her sleep...

  5. Yep, that's big! I was 17 lbs at my last visit, myself. And I'm also a marmie. My mom uses a small dog carrier (I know, I know!) with two doors on it. One on top that opens up the whole thing. Very useful. For her! - Tobers

  6. doodz....16 poundages N 17 poundages !! ????? thatz lite weights guys...want we should send ya several hundred cases oh flounder perch N mackerull sew ewe can "beef up " ♥

  7. what an adventure....sounds like having a common enemy comes in handy. :)

  8. Mommy agrees. Pick your battles.
    Thank you for the very graphic description of the vet appt. Mommy assures you, we've had a few like that. MOL!
    We are going to invest in a top-loading pet carrier. They are much easier!

    Happy Thursday, furriends!

  9. Winter is a big cat too. The vet does not think he should be on any other diet then what he is already on. He has also had an issue with crystals in the past. So I hear ya there!
    ღ husky hugz ღ frum our pack at Love is being owned by a husky!

  10. MOL, dat are too funny bout dem gettin along at da vet becuz of da common enemy!

  11. Those big ones did good fur sure! Our carries open at the top and stuffing us in is much easier.

  12. I have a hard enough time with one kitty. My kitty is getting too close to your weight. At least you marmies didn't throw up or poop in the car. I almost would like a better cat carrier and maybe bigger one with my kitty. It's hard unscrewing it all so the top comes off.

  13. Those two definitely are heavyweights. Mom has found that even those of us who don't get along will band together once we are stuffed into PTUs and put in the car. Glad both boys are doing well and no kitty or human blood was shed. XO, Lily Olivia, Mauricio, Misty May, Giulietta, Fiona, Astrid, Lisbeth and Calista Jo

  14. I'm glad to see that your brothers are doing well :) Sounds like you guys could use one of those stroller carriers so your peeps don't have so much lifting to do. One of my cats is really heavy too (but he is as skinny as can be). He's just a large cat all the way around.

  15. Tricky business those cat carrier things - even when the peeps are on the ball!

  16. Bag lads those two, united by a common loathing of the vet too!!


  17. Look at your peep go - perhaps she should use her peace keeping powers for the greater good and we could send her into war torn countries to stuff people into cat carriers until they all learn to get along!!

  18. Well first of all I'm glad the boys are AOK according to the vet guy.....secondly I "feel their pain" about the carrier issue - I will not and never have and don't intend to get in a carrier. I make a VERY large deal about it. That's why Mom has always taken me to the vet with my harness/leash. She carries me though - I don't walk in. If there are other animals in there who don't like the fact I'm "out" and not in a carrier, then the vet gives us a room to ourselves right away so we can wait in peace! Otherwise, I just sit with my Mom for our turn. I HATE carriers (did I mention that I hate them???). Anyway, glad all is well with the BIG BOYS!

    Hugs, Sammy

  19. Gorgeous moggies x

  20. Going to the Vets...ick!
    Mousies...oh boy!


  21. Dad got us all to the vet for our last visit but has been having second through fifth guesses whether to do it this year. We get along ok but with his pivoting on that fake leg and asking sis fur a hand... well... We think he got a union laborer last year to assist with the 6 carriers and now there is Einstein and... Oh yes he went today for his nip-n-tuck of man parts. Maybe Dad will be able to after all.
    Hey you have some big fellows there. I tip at 14 along with Buddy and Toby so we are big manly man-cats but meow! Your Marms are Mammoths!

  22. Only once in 10 years has Mom decided to take Boo, Ping and Jinx all together to the Vet. Only once. That was too much. Never again. She did take Annabelle and Boo together a few weeks ago, but that was only to get AB nails snipped and Boo some blood work. Goodness the marmie brothers had a day of it, didn't they?

  23. OMC I thought Mom might fall off the couch she was laughing so hard! Your brothers are big just like mom's! Glad they had good reports at the V.E.T. ! Hope all peace is restored at your house and the PTUs put back away.

  24. Nissy, we are ashamed. VERY ashamed. Actually it's MomKatt that should be ashamed. We haven't visited you in AGES and have not forgotten you! Hopefully, MomKatt & I will get to visit more often. Glad to hear your brofurs were OK! And we have the same thing w/Peppers. He weights 20 lbs but he's a big-framed kitty. NOT FAT!


  25. I think they're gorgeous. The weight must be in the bones, Nissy ;) Pawkiss :)

  26. I tell ya. My mom is past master at her kitties howling, screaming, low pathetic moaning, more screaming, howling, hisses in between...all from Angel Admiral.

  27. hehehe interesting trip for the boys then Nissy,xx Speedy

  28. Bigger carriers fur sure for your big boys :-0

  29. Is okay tu be big Nissy. Meez and me sisfuw awe boff well ovew 15 pounds each and wees got clean bills of healff wecently at da VET tu. And no suggestion of a diet eevew. Sum kittys just be big. MOL

    Luv ya'


  30. Doez Brofurz of yerz are bery bery funny n yah da Vet beecame da 'enemee' so Rushton n Seville found a common things to unite them.....
    Dey iz big kittehz butt not overwait at all..dey are BIG boned n dere iz alot of floof n floof weighz ;)
    We iz thrilled both boyz are healthy n doin well.
    Nerrisa ya shure tell a grrreat storey!!!
    Much lub <3 Nylablue n <3 Sherriellen Mum too xoxoxo

  31. I have a top loader carrier with doors on top and at one end. Top door used almost exclusively. I love that photo of Rushton. Boy if looks could kill.


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