Sunday 4 May 2014

been a long time

It has been a long time since I did a this and that post.  Probably months and months!  Better do one up for today, I should think.

In the wake of the Great Flood of 2014, there have been a lot of little things goin' on at my house.  Little things that could very well add up to one big post containin' a little of this and a little of that.

Spring is late.  No doubt about it.  I have informed Mother Nature 'bout her slackin' bein' unappreciated but so far, I've heard nothin' back.  How rude.

For the past week, the primroses have been starting to bloom but there are still way more buds than blooms and I have not yet been able to pose amongst them for my spring photo shoot.  Same with the daffodils.  Only the yellow ones are bloomin' and the bed is lookin' somewhat patchy.  And the violets? They're comin' up, sure, but only leaves so far and not a single flower in sight.

Does Mother Nature not realise I have a spring photo shoot to do?  Peeps out there are wantin' to see pictures of me with the flowers.  They're awaitin' new pictures.  I'm havin' to use pictures from previous springs in my posts.  MOUSES!

Speakin' of violets...  The peep is ever-so-pleased to see her special little fragrant violets are startin' to pop up through the soil.  I inspected them yesterday and let me tell you...  I've never seen anythin' so little and piddly and piddly and little before in my life.  Totally useless.  I really can't see myself posin' with those.  One paw in the wrong spot and...  well...  SQUISH.  Know what I mean?

Oohhh...  but I've got some big news.  WE HAVE SWALLOWS!  It's true.  There are swallows nestin' in the overhang of the garage.  Peep says they might be barn swallows which is weird 'cause we don't have a barn and they're nestin' in the garage.  Anyone out there ever hear of garage swallows?

I've been babysitting 'em.  We cats all have.  The swallows don't mind.

Every time the peep comes round to that side of the garage, she finds one of us cats lyin' down on the ground just below where the swallows appear to have their nest.  We can't really see the nest although Ol' Peepers thought she saw some nestin' material stickin' out of the little opening.

We cats haven't actually been sittin' on the eggs keeping 'em warm or anything like that.  No, we just lie there, below their nest, protectin' it from marauding nosey neighbour cats and whatnot.

Like I said, the swallows don't mind my fur-fam at all.  On the contrary, we're all pals.  The peeps, on the other paw, are somethin' else.  Whenever the peeps come around the corner, there's a wild flurry of wings and the parent swallows fly off.  They fly off so quickly, it's all just a blur but the sound lets the peeps know they've just had a swallow fly-by.

Numerous times, I have tried to explain to the swallows that really, my peeps will do 'em no harm but so far, they're not buyin' it.  Swallows are smart, you see.  Swallows know that humans cause the vast majority of songbird related deaths in the world.  The swallows feel safe with us cats but peeps are a different matter.  Let's just say that peeps are a totally different species of trouble.

Yesterday, for the first time in two whole years, Peep #1 finally figured out that the brambles growin' next to my Japanese Moon Garden have to go.  I have been tellin' her to get rid of those things for two years now and only yesterday, did she start cutting 'em down.  I think she's goin' hard of hearin' or somethin'.

I call the garden that 'cause Japanese Moon Garden sounds so pretty but really, it's not a Japanese garden and no one is allowed to moon anyone while in there.  What's that Peepers?  The moon refers to the moon in the sky 'cause  the plants are light-coloured and glisten in the moonlight? Interestin'...  Who knew?  Oh yeah, and I guess the Japanese honeysuckle is kinda Japanese.  My name for the garden is makin' more and more sense by the minute.  MOUSES!

From what I've heard, the deck next to my Japanese Moon Garden is probably goin' bye-bye this summer.  Sure do hope the peep manages to salvage my honeysuckles.  They attract the hummingbirds and you all know how I love my hummers.

But back to the brambles.  You should have seen the peep!  She got scratched so many times I lost count.  Those moused-up brambles kept reachin' out and grabbin' at her clothes and skin while she went at 'em with the secateurs.  FINALLY, they were all down and most of 'em have been snipped up and put in the green bin, waitin' to be carted away on the next garbage day for compostin'.  She pretty much filled the bin to the brim so the rest will have to wait 'til the bin is empty, I guess.

You know, those brambles would not have gotten so out of paw had the peep listened to me two years ago when I told her they were in my way every time I tried to walk from the front yard into the back and visa versa.  MOUSES!

And finally, I should just mention about the fur that flew last night.

Howls and yowls and then yowls and howls could be heard emanatin' from the basement.  At first I thought, did a rocky raccoon get into my house?  Then I recognised the voices and realised...  Nope, not rockies.  Only marmies.

My two marmalade brothers were goin' at it.  For some reason, Rushton and Seville just don't get along with one another.  Actually, for the last month or so, the peeps have been commenting on how they have been gettin' along better but I guess, really, they were just savin' up their animosity.

Peep #1 went downstairs and picked up Seville, noticing a big wad of marmalade fur that did not belong to him 'cause it was too long, stuck to his paw.  I heard her tellin' Rushton to get his tail upstairs and sure enough, Rushy ran up the stairs.  She then brought Sivvers up and proceeded to calm the two of 'em down which really required not much more than bein' separated from one another.

But this mornin'!  This mornin', Ol' Peepers went downstairs and found a small cat's worth of marmie fur in the furnace room.  Those two must have been really goin' at it.  A real knock 'em down, rollin' on the floor with whappy paws kind of fight.  Needless to say, they're both pawin' on thin ice with the peeps right now.  Rushton is tryin' to convince Peep #1 that he was just sheddin' on account of it bein' spring and all but so far, she's not buyin' it.  MOUSES!

So that's about it for my this and that post, I think.  I was gonna write about the smoke yesterday but I'll save that for a future post.  Maybe a post all to itself.  You'll just have to just stay tuned for that one.


  1. My goodness, that looked like a fun time out, but those yowls are not fun at all!

  2. When the boys go at it, do they ever draw blood? If so, even a small puncture would can get abscessed so please check their skin. Our violets just popped this weekend and I'd love a moon garden!

    1. The only blood that has ever been drawn has been the peep's when she has been breakin' them up. They both have, however, had run-ins with nosey-neighbour-cat that required visits to the doctor, afterwards. MOUSES!

  3. Seems like your flowers are coming up just fine. Those white ones are really pretty. Hope those kitties having the battle are all right. Seems they left fur everywhere. Have a great Sunday.

    1. Unfortunately, those were pictures from previous years on account of Mother Nature's slackin'.

  4. My mom loves swallows. We don't have any at our barn. Sniff and licks from Laika and Vaks.

  5. How cool that you have swallows! Apparently we get them in southern California, but I don't think I've ever seen any.

  6. That was quite the round up :)
    We are not liking this "Spring" either. Only the other day has Mom finally noticed a daffodil in bloom. Slow, things are moving slow!
    Tillie and Julie did not get along.
    Used to keep the household hopping.
    We purr the marmie work it out.
    Purrs Georgia and Julie,
    Treasure, JJ
    and Angels Tiger and Tillie

  7. That sounds like a pretty bad smack down. Hopefully the time out will help.

  8. All we can say is that it's good that you behave ..honestly, fisticuffs in the basement where no one can see to give scores?! That's as silly as a garden being about the moon in the sky, not a disgruntled cat!
    The REAL Maple Syrup Mob xxxxx

  9. Sounds like spring is slowly coming around. We went from winter to summer. It was 93 degrees today!

    Happy Easy Sunday! (you orinjj boys have an easy PEACEFUL Sunday!)

  10. It is almost a relief that we are not the only household where smacky paws and flying fur occur. Mom always gets really upset when she sees one of us with or tail all puffed up and getting in another cat's business. Mom says she'd be dying if Spring was just starting as it is at your house. Hope Rushton and Seville resolve their differences .XO, Lily Olivia, Mauricio, Misty May, Giulietta, Fiona, Astrid, Lisbeth and Calista Jo

  11. We hope Seville and Rushton kiss and make up.

  12. Swallows and flowers?? Woohoo!! Haha!
    Hope you had a great weekend!
    ღ husky hugz ღ frum our pack at Love is being owned by a husky!

  13. Suwe is a lot of this and a lot of that. MOL Glad spwing finally spwung fuw ya' and good luck wiff da birdys and da gawden.

    Luv and Hugs and Kitty Kisses ♥♥♥


  14. Your garden sounds like paradise!! Spring blooms, swallows, silvery moon honeysuckle... wow!

    Hope Seville and Rushton are bestest pals again! Yay! Take care

    1. And weeds! Don't forget the weeds! I've heard that a lot of peeps consider those white violets to be weeds but the peep has let 'em just take over the lawn and now.... Now they're backdrops for my photo shoots. purrs

  15. AIIIEEEE !!! That was some serious smacky whacky paws. The 3 cats before me used to have some smacky paws too...when the peeps came home they would find those tell tale chunks of fur blowing across the wood floors. I don't do that to Sage...she also doesn't do that to me. Maybe we will be ok one day

  16. Hehehe little rascal's,what will they get up to next Nissy,xx Speedy

  17. Oh my that was some very serious paw pawing goin on! We throw a lot of paws around here but they never connect! We think the swallows would be fun to play with too!

  18. Dear Nissy.your wonderful posts make me smile her on a wet day here in deepest darkest Wales and roar with laughter in this sometimes very sad world we inhabit.You,your peeps and feline family are beautiful kind souls.Do hope the spring arrives soon with you an the flowers come out for your photoshoot.Lots of love and purrsXXX

  19. We feel fer ya about da flowerz; nuffin here either :(
    As fer yer Marmee Brofurz...soundz pawfull...
    me iz so glad no one hertz ya Nerissa....n ya iz pawsum guradin da 'garage' swallowz fer shure!
    Nylablue n sherriellen Mum xoxoxoxo

  20. Swallows and all those flowers sound wonderful, Nissy!

  21. Sounds like things have been busy at yours!!

  22. That is quite a bit of this and there was a lot of that so good post all around. The Dad misses that clippin and nippin in the garden (nippin as in clippin not as in Nip...)
    Yeah the birds know the truth. No matter how much a misguided peep tries to blame cats for the loss of bird populations the birds will rally to our defense. Well maybe not that far but you know what I mean. We have those who are ill or not flying right and thats that. Peeps wipe out whole populations with pollution and such
    Thanks for that and this


I love hearin' from my pals. I really, REALLY do. PURRS.