Sunday 18 May 2014

a four-letter word

I need a four-letter word.  Hmmm...

Anybody know a four-letter word for ingrate?  I know one.  PEEP!

Let me explain...

A few days ago, Ol' Peepers was out in the garden, unsupervised.  I know. Never a good thing but I had some power nappin' to do.  I needed to catch up on some naps on account of my havin' missed some of 'em with all the hard work I had been puttin' into my blogging.

Anywho...  the peep was potting up some strawberry plants and I figured she could do that on her own.  I mean, just how difficult is it to take the plants from the smaller pots and replant them into the bigger ones?  How can you go wrong with somethin' as simple as that?  Little did I know...

Apparently, there were some dead outer leaves on many of the strawberry plants and Peepers wanted to snip them all away.  So snip, snip, snip she went until...  until she got a little to close to one of her fingers with those secateurs and...  SNIP!  Yup, right through the skin.  There was blood everywhere.

Don't worry!  The peep still has all of her fingers.  She'll survive.  In fact, the wound has almost completely healed up already but there really was blood everywhere.  She made a right ol' bloody mess, she did.  MOUSES!

She said it hurt, too.  She said it hurt a lot but I'm not sure how much I believe her 'bout that 'cause although she made quite a bit of fuss, she wasn't really nearly as fussy as some of us cats have been known to be at the doctor's office.  I kind of think she was exaggerating a little bit.

But exaggerating or not and even though she did wake me up from my power nappin' session, I felt a little guilty for havin' allowed Peep #1 to be out there in the garden all alone, unsupervised, in the first place.  She really does need constant supervision and this little incident is clearly evidence of that fact.

So as I was feelin' guilty, I decided to give the peep a little prezzie.  You know...  to make her feel better and whatnot.

I searched and I searched and I searched for the perfect prezzie for the peep and finally, I found it.  I trotted right up to Ol' Peepers, gently carrying her prezzie in my mouth.  I set down in front of her, waitin' for her to thank me and maybe even tell me how thoughtful I was for thinkin' of her and bringing her such a wonderful gift.

Well the peep took one look at that snake hangin' from my mouth and told me to let it go.  "LET IT GO?  You know how long it took me to find the darned thing in the first place?" I cried.

That, of course, was my mistake 'cause when I opened my mouth to express my frustration with the peep's lack of gratitude, the snake dropped to the ground and slithered away.  I tried to catch it again but it got in amongst some plant pots and if you could believe it, the peep picked me up and took me away from them to allow the snake to escape.  MOUSES!

I decided that the peep must be a little delusional or somethin' on account of havin' lost all that blood when she snipped her finger.  She simply wasn't thinkin' straight.  So I forgave her and immediately went in search of another snake.

Half an hour later or so, I found one.  This was one even bigger than the last.  Jackpot!  I promptly presented the peep with her new prezzie but this time, was very careful not to open my mouth and let it go until I knew the peep was gonna appreciate my gift to her.

She approached me as I held the snake.  I backed away.  She approached me again, sayin' somethin' about lettin' the snake go.  Clearly, she was still sufferin' from her major blood loss and was not to be trusted in her obviously light-headed condition.  I turned and trotted away to the front yard, intent on holdin' onto the snake until the peep had come to her senses.

Of course, bein' a peep, she followed me.  Not only did she follow me but eventually she even caught up with me, picked me up and got me to release the snake.  Then she took said snake and put it in the brush pile where it would be safe from us cats.  MOUSES!

Of all the ungrateful, unappreciative and thankless things to do.  Again I say...  MOUSES!

Those two snakes I found for the peep were green snakes. Do you have any idea how difficult it is to find green snakes hiding in the green grass?  Or the green violets?  Or the green anything?  THEY'RE ALL GREEN for mousin' out loud! They blend right in.  Findin' two of 'em in one day was quite the achievement and what does the peep do?  SHE RELEASES 'EM BACK INTO THE WILD!

Next time I want to give the peep a prezzie, I'm gonna give her a mouse.  Dead.  Not alive.  One she can't try to save. Perhaps with a little nip sauce served on the side...


  1. How ungrateful is your mom ! Snakes are royal presents ! We hope her fingers get better, though. Purrs

  2. You are a mighty hunter Nissy. Now if I did that to mom, she'd probably pack her bags and leave the neighborhood forever. She's such a sissy.

  3. Nerissa, my human is just as bad as yours - in fact, she loves snakes almost as much as she loves cats... and (gasp!) there was even a time, when she was a kid, that she liked snakes MORE than cats!

    Ugh. Your human and mine... both hopeless.

  4. ell, you know what Nissy!? My momma and my human brothers ALL rejected the gifts that our Grande Dame of all family cats, Robin, carefully chose and brought all the way UP to the deck and into the house. ALL of them. Mouses, bunnies, chipmunks, snakes, birdies, squirrels, butterflies, and other assorted goods. They finally intercepted her on the deck before she knocked on the window with her gifts, and went out to praise her for all her good work. She would drop the gift for their delectation and they would gather her up..all 6 pounds of her, and bring her in to praise some more. We have had quite a variety of wildlife brought into the house. xxoo

  5. Poor misunderstood and unappreciated. I agree that your peep must have been suffering from trauma and blood loss. Try to be patient with her...

  6. aiieee!! She let it go??? Nissy I am so sorry cuz I know you worked really hard to catch something really special to help her feel better...ungrateful she is MOUSES!

  7. Dang pal, all that hard work and not appreciated! Next time just keep snoozing!

  8. OMC Meez mommy wulda had a heawt attack. Gween snake or not da vewy fact dat it mite hav been danglin' fwum meez mouff wulda been nuff tu send hers stwaight ovew da edge. MOL

    Luv and Hugs and Kitty Kisses ♥♥♥


  9. Oh the ingratitude! LOL! We hope you got extra treats and nip as compensation!

    p.s. glad your Peep's fingers are all intact!! Take care

  10. *sigh* peeps can be SOOOO crazy where snakes are concerned. Seriouslies.

  11. Ahhhh!!!!!!!!!! SO SO SO glad my kitties don't being me snakes!!!! ICK!!!!!
    SO sorry to hear about the wound!!! Happy healing! OUCH!
    ღ husky hugz ღ frum our pack at Love is being owned by a husky!

  12. Paws up for your hunting prowess, Nissy! It all starts with letting those peeps go unsupservised, and it's clearly all downhill from there with them. If we don't watch them like they're kittens, who knows what mischief they get into, then they make no sense at all as a result.

  13. Goodness me Nissy! if one of my girls did that here we would be in big trouble! Forrest the poochie already found us a nice baby Eastern bit him....trip to the ER vet and antivenene ...he's lucky to be alive MOUSES! so i think i would be happy if you bought me a green snake...much nicer ;) hope mums finger is better hugs Fozziemum xx

    1. Yeah.... the snakes here in Nova Scotia are pretty harmless, I think. They just eat bugs and stuff. That's why the peep likes having 'em in the garden and THAT'S why I thought a snake would make such a good prezzie. purrs

  14. Nissy, Clearly, you gots to DED the presents before you bring them to her. She really just doesn't get it, does she? Peeps--they should get out and HUNT more. Maybe you should get her a bow and arrow? They're kind hopeless without some kinda weapon.

  15. OMC!! I hate snakes!! I would have been freakin' out!!! But you were so thoughtful Nerissa. . .sorry Mommy didn't agree. . I do have to say that your post had me ROFLMAO!!!!! PS. I am good at doing the same thing to my fingers. . . my son always teases me about it too. . . the "kids" (kitties) lick me and try to heal me . . . have a blessed, pawsome week Nerissa!! lubs ya!! <3

    1. They were just little snakes, really. Big ones would have been too big for me to carry! purrs

  16. Really? She picked up the snake and walked with it? OMC!

  17. they just don't appreciate you

  18. Wow! You're quite the huntress. I can't believe your human didn't appreciate such awesome prezzies. *shakes head*

  19. Yeah they really do not appreciate all we do fur them. Just goes to show that a good bitey is needed when given a Peep a give. I mean bitey the gift not the Peep.
    But then again.
    Purrs Nissy

  20. MOUSES, snakies. We are so envious. They are signs of transformation. After all these years we've never seen a snake on our property but the head peep saw one in the nature park nearby and took it as a good sign of change.

  21. They haven't a clue, have they! Peeps!!!! What you going to do with them? A kitty tries his very best and they are just ungrateful. Sheesh!!

  22. Sorry Nissy, I have been away from your blog during a least 2 weeks. But it's not my fault. My human is really lazy. Working 8 hours a day seems the end of the world for her !
    Your Peeps is really ungrateful. Snakes are nice gifts. I know how difficult it is to catch a green prey in the green grass. I have the same problem with the nice green lizard that I catch. Every time I do it my human says that I am a bad cat !
    But we are nice, helpfull cats !
    Next time keep your gift for ... you.

  23. To bad your hopeless Peep took the green snakies away from you :(
    Good idea to give her a dead mousie next time :)


  24. Snakes? None of us have ever even seen a snake, and you found two in one day. That sounds really incredible. If the peep doesn't appreciate your gifts, we suggest that the next time, you just hork in her shoe! Mol! XO, Lily Olivia, Mauricio, Misty May, Giulietta, Fiona, Astrid, Lisbeth and Calista Jo


I love hearin' from my pals. I really, REALLY do. PURRS.