Sunday 21 July 2013

if it looks like a duck

If it looks like a duck and quacks like a duck, it probably is a duck.  Right?  Hmmm....  not accordin' to the weatherman.

So there I was, draped across the couch in the family room yesterday morning, glarin' at peep #1 and tellin' her to KEEP HER DISTANCE 'cause, quite frankly, it was way too hot for cuddling.  Cuddling?  To tell you the truth, it was way too hot to have a peep anywhere within the proximity of a mouse's tail length of you.  Even a cat's tail length would've been too close.  Yeah, it was that hot.  We're in the
                                                                                                 midst of a heat wave.

But, the peep bein' a peep, sat down next to me, anyway.  MOUSES!  Then she turned on the television to get the weather and that's when I heard it.

And just what did I hear?  I heard that weatherman on the weather channel talkin' about heat waves.  He was talking 'bout what is a heat wave and what isn't a heat wave.  I kind of think he needs to go back to weatherman school 'cause I'm pretty sure he has it all wrong.

That ol' weatherman said that in order for there to be a heat wave, there must be three consecutive days of thirty degrees Celsius or above temperatures.  Well, I'm pretty sure we haven't had that so, I guess, according to him, we're not havin' a heat wave.  But I'm also pretty sure that we ARE havin' a heat wave.  So what's up with that?

Like I said, if it looks like a duck and quacks like a duck, it probably is a duck.  Therefore, ergo, obviously - sometimes one must be redundant to get ones point across - if it looks like a heat wave and feels like a heat wave, it must be a heat wave.  Right?  No?  MOUSES!

Let me tell you, it was thirty something degrees out there yesterday afternoon and with the humidex, it felt like forty!  And that was in the shade.  If forty degrees in the shade isn't hot, what is?

It has been hot all week.  Maybe the actual temperatures weren't always in the thirties but with the humidex, they were.  Those days all felt like they were over thirty degrees.  So if it feels like a heat wave, surely it is one.  It's not like I can think the heat away.  I tried and it just doesn't work. 

Even the nights haven't been cool.  Friday was the coolest day all week.  Big deal.  At midnight, there I was, still outside, tryin' to get some cool night air and not finding any.  Believe me, I looked everywhere.  At midnight it was twenty-three degrees and muggy as muggy can be.  I only came inside 'cause the peep came out to get me in her nightie and the sight was just too embarrassing.  What if nosey neighbour cat should see?  I figured that if she stayed outside any longer, she might get herself arrested or something.  Peeps really aren't supposed to waltz around in public in their nighties you know although, from what I've been told, a lot of them do.  Still no reason for my peep to be doin' that.  Prancin' about and showin' off her nighties, for all the world to see.  MOUSES!  That might constitute a peep show or something and I know you can get arrested for that.  No, I decided it would be best if she and I just went inside the house where she would be out of the prying public's eye.  When you're a celebrity like me, you have to be careful of what embarrassing things your peeps might get up to, if you know what I mean.  I'm sure that you do.

But I digress. 

I sent the peep out for pictures, yesterday.  I gave her a list of the shots that I required.  I needed some pictures of the plumeria on the deck but I wasn't going out there to get them.  No way was I going out there.  That's the hottest part of the whole garden and if the coolest parts of the garden were hot, the hottest parts would be sweltering.  The pictures proved my point.  Just as I suspected, the little plumeria dudes where happy as clams.  They like tropical climates and, apparently, they like our deck.  They think we're havin' a heat wave and they're lovin' it.

Then I sent her out to take pictures of the calla lilies.  They were slow in coming up this year 'cause the spring was late and cool.  Well, ol' peepers said there are at least four flowers startin' where there were none a couple of weeks ago.  Calla lilies like hot weather.  They, too, think we're having a heat wave.  More proof of my theory.

Then I, personally, went with the peep to investigate the little shade garden on the other side of the deck.  The shade garden that stays cool and comfortable all day long.  Just as I suspected, I found a bunch of hostas over there drinkin' margaritas and pina coladas 'cause, like I heard them complainin' in their drunken stupor, we're having' a heat wave!

So there you have it, folks.  If it looks like a heat wave and feels like a heat wave, it SURELY MUST BE A HEAT WAVE.  I've spoken to the ducks on this matter and they all agree with me.  Now we just need to get that ol' weatherman on board.  He's gonna have to agree with me 'cause, quite frankly, I'm pretty sure that I'm right.  MOUSES!


  1. Sounds like a heat wave to us Nissy. I think there is a heat wave everywhere. Your flowers are very pretty. Take care and have a super Sunday.

  2. Nissy you are so right. Only weatherpersons get paid whether they are right or wrong. That one appears to be "splitting hairs" just to take up tv time. Since there wasn't much more to talk about other than the HEAT WAVE!

    Now just remember that your USA friends are not so good at Celsius temperatures so you my want to also do the conversion to degrees F (my human is good at both, but most here don't "get" Celsius).

  3. We are having a small break from our heat wave. But I hear from our weatherlady it won't last. Right now it is 16 outside. Now, we use Fahrenheit (don't you love spell check for humans?) here, but Mommy has two temps on the puter and one is Celsius so we can be polite to those who use it instead. Now, I'm not sayin you aren't polite. I'm saying mommy thinks it's polite. Okay. She was curious. It has nothing to do with polite. It's 60F!
    I would say she is a smarty pants but I refuse to go there. I like food.
    I'll try to send our one day reprieve to you.

  4. We have been having a heat wave here too. We feel kind of sorry for Dad as his home office has no cooling while we have been relaxing in the restful coolness. Well not really coolness but Dad leaves the cooling thing on low, or is that high?
    The plants like the summertime summertime sum-sum-summertime.

  5. Okay, okay...

    Due to the requestin' of some information...

    30C = 86F
    40C = 104F
    23C = 73.4F

    So... a heat wave is three consecutive days of 86F or higher. Yesterday afternoon, it FELT like 104F! And at midnight on Friday, the temperature finally dropped to 73.4F

  6. Well silly, of course you are right, you always are right! We've had a heat wave and a wet wave at the same time...humid fur sure!

  7. We've been having a heatwave here in the UK for over two weeks!

    I want it to go away so I can be myself again.

    Purrs x

  8. The weather has been hot in the UK (well as near to hot as we get - it's been in the 80's for over a week) - the weather man said today was going to be just the same - the same as what? - it's barely 60 here today - now Mum's back wearing a cardigan (bless her she feels the cold) so expect we'll have to sit on her all night to keep her warm. It's a hard life.
    Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

  9. our heat wave is on its way out and a couple more days and it will gone as the cool down has started which means rain back again*sigh* xx Speedy

  10. Of course you're right Nissy. We don't care where you live, those weather guessers never know what they are talking about and should never be trusted. We hope you can drop by and see us today (Sunday) 'cause we be celebrating our 1st blogoversary and we have something for you. Purrs and hugs from the kitties at, Lily Olivia, Mauricio, Misty May, Giulietta, Fiona, Astrid, Lisbeth and Calista Jo

  11. Sounds pretty darn hot to me, Nerissa! I think weather humans are hired purely on their level of incompetence.

  12. So agree with you! Thank Goodness we are having a break here! And by "Break" we mean the high today will be 96F, or 35.5C. Right now it is a cool 80F, or 26.6C. This is almost winter in Texas MOL. SO EXCITING!!! This week was nice, but last week we had the entire week over 100F.... we toasted. The A/C is having a break too... And we get to go outside in the yard - yuppie!!
    Be cool over there and have a great Sunday!!

  13. PEEP SHOW!!!

    Nissy, you crack us up. We'd be laughing if it wasn't so hot. Here in the desert it's not considered HOT until it's 105 F ::does math:: 40.6 C. Right now it's monsoon and it's icky-sticky!

  14. Oh, thank you for posting the C to F conversion cuz I didn't know how hot 30C was but yes!! That is a heat wave. That weatherman needs to go back to school, MOL.

    For me, "too hot" is when I just can't stand to have a kitty lying next to me. That's hot.

    I have a new blog called Purr Therapy, hope you can come visit me sometime!

  15. The Human is used to summer temps in the 60s (18C) but she is visiting friends a few hundred miles away and it's like 108 (41) today and has been for the three days she's been here. She can't WAIT to come home. Why did she go at all is what I want to know!!

    I'm sorry you has the hots there. Why don't you teleport over for the night? We can finish tearing up that bedspread.

  16. I'm with you pal - you were in the middle of a heat wave. Who cares what the weatherman said, they are wrong most of the time anyway.

  17. Ahhh, but we physics kittehs HAVE to it a WAVE or is it a PARTICLE? (sorry, silly science humor our mommy made us type)

    It's been a heat particle over here too - so much so that Allie's nose got REAL PINK when she went out and mommy made her go back in because she was over heating (or is that over particle-ing...?)

    Our brains hurt now...!

  18. YOU are warm Nissy - come here we ahve earthquakes and cold winds ;-) Heh heh

  19. Makes perfect sense to me!

  20. With that definition, it would mean it's a heat wave where we are year round! All we can say is, thank goodness for the a/c.

  21. Looks like we are all having a heat wave. Looking forward to some cooler weather. Have a marvellous Monday and stay cool.
    Best wishes Molly

  22. sounds like the temps all year round in Singapore!

  23. IT's pretty darn miserable here too Nissy...What's up with that anyway???? We have to wear fur coats all the time AND put up with this heat too? Seems totally wrong to me. Surely if we all sign a petition we can get something done about this situation??? Hmmmm????

    Stay cool buddy.........a not too easy task these days but worth pursuing!

    Kitty Hugs, Sam

  24. we have cooled down quite a bit and hope that you get some relief soon too!

  25. Hmpf! Those weathermen can't predict anything much past their own noses! All we know is we're having a good summer without much heat or waves so we'll try sending some of our cools to you! Purrs....

  26. Definitely hot! Although where we are (near da ocean) we get some relief thankfully.


  27. Oh we have the HOTS in the UK, thank you so much for coming to our pawty xx00xx

    Mollie and Alfie

  28. The Human says Fank Cod she is back in SF where the cools are so refreshing! The high was 72 here today---ahhh, sweet relief she says. Hope things have cooled down a bit for you too!

  29. Nissy, thanks for stopping by! Here in Texas, it's just under 40C (high 90s or 100F) all summer. The Lady does not like it at all and feels forced to stay inside in the a/c the whole time. I never go outside so I really don't know what that kind if heat feels like.

    You have a beautiful garden! I hope it's cooled off a bit now for you. Oh, and the weather peeps are hardly ever right.

  30. Hi sweet Nissy. You handsome mancat you. I have gone missing quite a bit I know. Things are not the same here where I am so it makes me gone more thn I am here sometimes. No, I'm not sick. xoxoxox


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