Wednesday 20 February 2013

reality check

"But...  I did my best..."  Have you ever heard someone say that?  The statement is usually made in a whining snivelling kind of voice.  Sound familiar now?  Yeah, I'm sure you've all heard it.  Peeps say it all the time.

The fact of the matter is that we can only ever do our best.  We can't do better than our best 'cause that just doesn't make sense.  If we have a best and then we do better than that best, well then...  we have a new best.  So we're still only doin' our best.  It's just a different best.  We have raised the bar,
                                                                                       so to speak.  Make sense?

But...  is our best always good enough? 

It's absolutely fine to tell the young peeps that all they need do is their best 'cause, let's face it, all that should ever be expected of those young ones is their best.  When peeps are just five and six years old and whatnot, they've got a lot of stuff to learn.  They need to concentrate on their learnin' and not be bothered by competing with others, learnin' the same stuff.  When those little ones do their best, well...  that really is good enough.

My problem is with peeps who aren't little anymore.  My problem is with the big peeps.  The adult peeps.  The peeps who seem to have forgotten that they're no longer young and in grade one or somethin'.  The peeps who have forgotten that there's a different standard set for adults, than for children.  The peeps who have forgotten that for adults, results matter.  It doesn't really matter if you've done your best when you're an adult.  What matters are the results.  Know what I mean?

Far too often, these big peeps who think they're still five or six or somethin', use the aforementioned statement as an excuse to not improve themselves.  I guess they think that their best really is the best and that's almost never right.  Truth is, only a bunch of sapsy-heeded jakes would ever think they can sail through life telling other peeps they've done their best so whatever it is that they've done, has to be good enough.  Apparently, no one has ever explained to them that the rest of the world doesn't have to settle for their best if someone else can, and is willing, to do whatever it is, better.

So...  when is ones best not good enough?  Well obviously, when it's not!

Let's say you're a rocket scientist and you're responsible for doin' the calculations for sending a rocket with some peeps up to the moon or somethin'.  Well...  you make a teeny tiny little mistake with those calculations and you're off by a fraction of a degree.  Next thing you know, those peeps in that rocket are sailin' past the moon and heading toward the outer fringes of the solar system.  Just what are you gonna tell those peeps?  I really don't think it would be appropriate to say, "But I did my best..."  Would Captain Kirk say that?  Not on your mouses!

Or maybe you're a chef and you put the lettuce for the salads in the cooler right below a big ol' container of raw chicken and that lettuce gets spattered with stuff from said chicken.  Next thing you know all the patrons of your restaurant are in the hospital suffering from food poisoning.  You know, they're likely gonna be pretty upset and I'm not sure if your sayin', "But I did my best..." is gonna cut it.  Do you really think Chef Ramsey would ever say that?  Bet my mouses he wouldn't!

I could go on and on with the examples but I'm sure we've all got the picture by now.  Sometimes, our best just isn't good enough.  We all have to accept this fact.  Peeps and cats alike.  We all have our limits.  Each and every one of us.  It's true.

Personally, one of my limits is that I really can't tolerate peeps who think I'm gotta put up with something mediocre just 'cause mediocre is the best those peeps have to offer.  I'm not tryin' to be mean or anything.  I'm just tired of hearing it.  I'm tired of hearing all the excuses.  Just sick and tired.  If you ask me, those peeps need to be slapped in the face with the tail of reality and have some sense knocked into them.

Last year, my peep #1 promised me she would grow me a catnip garden.  It never came to fruition.  She got the seed and rigged up a little cage thingy to protect the plants but the plants never grew.  The peep totally screwed up.  Totally!  I don't know what she did or didn't do.  All I know is that there was no catnip harvest from my garden.  Those were the results and and those results were - and still are - unacceptable.  And I don't wanna hear from the peep that she did her best 'cause, quite frankly, her best just wasn't good enough. 

Luckily for me, the peep knows I have an intolerance for sapsy-heeded jakes.  She didn't even try to make any excuses.  She went out and bought us cats the necessary nip.  But this year, I'm expecting better from the peep.  Gonna wanna see some better results.  Gonna wanna see some fresh nip bein' harvested from my very own nip garden.  I've put my peep on notice.  And, if necessary, the tail of reality is ready.  I've got it on standby.


  1. oh my, you really called out your peep! Screwing up the nip, what is going on?!?! how can one peep be so cavalier about something as precious as nip? I hope things turn out better this time around for all concerned parties.

  2. I truly believe all we can do is our very best at what we are good at doing. There isn't anything better than your best effort. Hope you get that catnip plant.

  3. don't get me started about people who say they are giving 110 percent.

  4. I bet catmip is really good smellink. I hope u gets moar has. :)

  5. Well, I do know you can teach an old dog new tricks, but Peeps, that's another story all together!

  6. perhaps she should greminate the seed indoors then when they are big enough put it out side in your nip garden,xx Speedy

  7. Wow, you are in control for sure.

    My Gang has never had a nip garden.
    A weed or two in the backyard but ...
    I do let them sniff the flowers that I put on the table.
    Only if they start to chew, I take them away.

    You have it good over there.

  8. You won't believe this. Our Mommy found some catnip seeds and planted some, never believing they would grow, let alone live. But surprise surprise, they are doing so well, they are overflowing the pot! But you know what the bigger surprise is? WE don't like it. HAH! And so now she has these 2 huge pots of catnip and no idea what to do with them.

    1. Er-hrmmm... May I make a suggestion regardin' that nip.... purrs

  9. Wow.... good post Nerissa... you gave us lots to think about.

    Have a great day.

    hugs, Max, Bugsy, and Knuckles

  10. Nissy, you are just so smart and analytical in your thinking. All the thinks going on in your brain!

    About nip - we have not ever grown it form seeds, but a small plant purchased at the garden center or PetSmart and transplanted into a bigger pot does pretty well. Maybe you can let your peep try that.

  11. dood...ya dunno HOW GLAD we iz ta final lee see another post bout de dangers oh stoooooooooooooooooooopid burd chickn N de fact it be cauzin food poizin inn....

    thanz buddy...ewe rock !!!

    oh, N sorree bout de hole catnip issue.... we can hope this yeer yur food service purrson doez better ;)

  12. Our mum bought us a nip plant a few years ago and planted it in the garden border. We thought it died in the winter because it disappeared, but in the Spring it came up twice as big.Our nip plant keeps having babies so mum planted a whole border full of babies and it is like nippy heaven now they have grown up too. We think our mum really did do her best!

  13. All of that venting for a catnip plant! I sure hope the Peep does her best but you must remember, none of us are perfect

  14. Nissy, you & I have the same intolerance for peeps saying they are doing their best when their best is not their best.

  15. I hear you, Nerissa - my human is pretty much a failure in the catnip growing category - it pretty much had to grow itself!

  16. I love the idea of a tail of reality!! BOL Make your peeps do regular progress reports that may help!

  17. Your peep better get on the ball!

    Oink oink,
    Katie and Coccolino the mini pig

  18. We have a cat mint plant outside and I ljust LOVE that plant. It's big and I can easily hide under it and no one knows I'm there.

  19. Dude, I got yer back with my Patented Smacky Paws!

    Guaranteed to put the fear of Bast in ANY hooman!


  20. Yous knows that the best Catmip is BC Buddys by Kooky Cat! If yours does not grows, me will send yous some of the best BC Bud Catnip yous ever had!

  21. Oh Dear, we sure hope your #1 Peep getz her batootie into gear and getz your nip growin az soon az Spring getz here!! Which iz not soon enough fur us ^..^, but at least we haz a small supply growin in da greenhouse which getz brought up on occashun...... yeah occashun! what'z up wif !?!

    Lolly wantz to fank you fur your well wishez, she'z tryin her best to walk on her foot wif mom'z help, but not yet......^..^ da problem iz, if she not walking on it in a few dayz, it'z a real posabilitiez she gonna have to have surgury :(so da mom iz wurkin real hard on tryin to rehab her........

    Purrz & Headbonkz Dude,

    Kissez from Lolly ^.,^ ♥xo♥


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