Wednesday 13 February 2013

here today, gone tomorrow

The other day, I wanted into the living room but the door was closed so, of course, I called for a peep to come and open it.  Any peep would have done but it was the first peep who answered my beck and call.  Before opening the door, the peep and I stood there for a moment, looking through the glass at my brother Rushton.  There he was, stretched out on the floor, lookin' as wistful as a wistful cat can look and staring at one of our new toys from Christmas.

The peep and I entered the living room and walked over to Rushton and the toy.  Immediately, we both knew exactly what was wrong.  It was broken!  Someone had broken it.  And it was lookin' like that someone was Rushton.

There was our beautiful new Catit Senses Circuit, lying on the floor with one of the dome pieces missing.  Well, it wasn't so much missing as it had been tossed to the side.  Most likely tossed to the side by Rushton.  The peep got down on her hands and knees, gave Rushy a good behind-the-ears-scritch to console him and attempted to fix the toy.  That was when she noticed that the ball that lives within the Catit Senses Circuit was missing.  A mystery for sure.  Duh, duh, duh, duuuuhhhhhhh......

Of course she couldn't fix our toy without the ball.  The ball is an intricate part of the toy.  That's the part we bat about sending it from one end of the circuit to the other and back again.  Where-oh-where could our little ball be?

Since she was already on her hands and knees, the peep started crawling around the living room floor, looking for the ball.  Yes folks, she was crawling.  What a sight!  A funny sight, for sure.  Not the glorious sight Rushy and I were anticipating when she finally found the missing ball and fixed our toy but quite entertaining, I must admit. 

The peep looked here and the peep looked there and she pretty much looked just about everywhere but then, out of the blue the peep said, "What is this?"  She was peering at something lying on the carpet and it was not the missing ball.  She peered closer.  "Is that...  no...  it couldn't be."  Yes, that is just what the peep said before adding, "and is that another one?  Are those really feathers?"

Rushy and I could tell that the peep was in total shock.  I just stood there, on all four paws, not darin' to move even a whisker.  Rushy jumped up onto the dining room table and feigned sleep.  He may have looked all innocent but I knew he was guilty of somethin'.

The peep continued to mutter stuff under her breath.  "Did someone catch a bird?  And they brought it into the living room without my knowing?  Could those nasty rumours started by that pseudo-scientific report on cats killing birds be true?  No, I can't believe that.  My cats aren't birders.  I refuse to believe I live with a dozen serial killers.  It just can't be.  I know for a fact that all twelve of our cats might catch a couple of birds between them in a year.  And that's in a good year.  Not a typical year.  In a typical year they don't catch any!  That nonsensical fluff piece about the Fluffies of the world was nothing more than a dangerous piece of junky science and ridiculous journalism.  No truth in it whatsoever."  Yes, my friends...  these are all things my peep said.  I swear on a stack of the nip that she said every single word.  The peep was on a roll, I tell you...  unlike our missing ball from the Catit Senses Circuit.  It was still missing.

The peep was still kneeling on the floor, looking at what she now knew to be feathers when something on the kitty condo caught her attention.  She reached over and touched the little sisal ball hanging from the lower level of the condo.  That sisal ball is a pretty neat toy, you know.  We got it for Christmas, too, and it's attached to the kitty condo using the magic of magnets.  The peep looked closely at this second toy and stated slowly, "I'm sure this ball used to have feathers," with used bein' the operative word.

Mystery solved.  We cats didn't catch a bird.  What nonsense!  No sirree.  One of us, however, did rip all the feathers out of the new magnetic toy.  I'm thinkin' it was Rushton.  I know it wasn't me.  I know that for sure.

As for the Senses Circuit toy...  the ball is still missing.  The peep thinks it's under the couch but hasn't bothered to pull the couch out to check.  I'm gonna send one of my sisters under there, later on.  Tobias and Tess are both little and will fit easily.  After the ball is retrieved, I'm sure the toy can be fixed.  Well, that toy can.  I'm not so sure 'bout the magnetic ball one.  I don't think the feathers can be reattached.  I think they're gone for good.  Oh well, you know what they say...  here today, gone tomorrow.  There's almost always a little bit of truth to every saying, I suppose.  Especially when you've got a brother named Rushton.

And just so you know...  Even though I've mentioned our wonderful Catit Senses Circuit toy by name, this was not a paid advertisement, or anythin' of the sort.  We got that toy from Santa.


  1. What fun! We love to see one of our peeps crawlin around looking for something on the floor, too. That's what we call just "good, clean, fun"! MOL! Too bad you couldn't get pics. Just sayin.

  2. I like cereal more than a serial person.

  3. yeah, some toys just can't survive some boys cats. Hope your sisters can find the missing toy under the sofa!

  4. Well glad that mystery was solved. We were wondering how a bird would have gotten into the house. Too bad the toy was ruint. Have yourselves a great day.

  5. So glad it wasn't a bird. We get them in our house from time to time. Really hard to get them out.

    Your new toy with the ball sounds batty.

    Orange brothers, we know all about them.
    Riley Andrew is most likely the cause of everything trouble wise.
    I think it's an orange thing. Also, could be the stripes. Or, just cause he's who he is. Always doing something. He's name is always being called.

  6. Whew, SO glad to hear you guys aren't serial killers! (Which, of course, we KNEW all along...)

  7. The only way any of us could catch a bird is if it got inside! I keep hoping... because I have NO shame about being a Fierce Killing Machine! Um, even though I've only managed to kill a few crickets and spiders.

  8. dood...ewe dont noe how much shock we wuz in....tho we iz knot any mor....thanx be ta COD, when we saw de B werd, hurd it MAY BE IN DE HOUZ.....N even werst...sum one eated de stooooooooopid rood nastee tastin caca droppin thing.....a sigh oh ree leef could be hurd kleer over in halibutt harbor when we featherz came frum a TOY....

    phew...that wuz a close one !!

  9. Dang, that toy is so much fun... gotta get the peep to keep looking...
    Harry, Dexter and Tipp

  10. We are glad the mystery of the feathers was solved. Now to solve the mystery of the missing ball.

  11. Whew, glad to hear it wasn't a bird and you aren't serial killers!

    Oink oink,
    Katie and Coccolino the mini pig

  12. Mommy won't let me out to kill anything so I kill the carpet! I hork on it and claw it. Xxoo

  13. I pull fev-vers off stuff all the time. Usually, the stuff is still good to play wif even without them. Humans are soooooooo lazy! Like it would kill her or sumfing to move that couch. Sheesh!

  14. I luvluvluv you peep!!! She is totally RIGHT about all that fluffy reporting about us cats...heck I don't even GO outside, so how can you call me a killer???? well....maybe the occasional feather toy now and then...but seriously...anywhow, I just wanna add that I think Rushton is totally handsome, he looks like Mom's before my cat Popcorn. paw pats, Savannah

  15. That was funny, Nerissa and I'm happy it wasn't a bird. I was thinking, is Rushton magnetic... I mean.. well, you know what I mean ;)
    Happy Valentine's Day :)

  16. BOL sounds like the peeps do a good job at keeping you amused! I do hope your toy is soon fixed!

  17. We get our peeps looking for lost toys all the time. Glad it wasn't a birdie. Mice sound good though.
    Happy Valentines Day. We hope it is a good one and one you will remember fodnly.
    Best wishes Molly

  18. so happy it wasn't a bird, would hate to see you get bad press!
    We knew it wasn't a review cause you didn't link to them!

  19. Oh, that toy looks great fun. I have shown this to my Mummy and told her I want one too.


  20. Ok, I am just going to say it ….. get the peep to take special notice when they clear the litter box tomorrow!!! ;)

  21. Happy Valentine's day Nerissa!
    My mummy has to find my toys all the time BOL

  22. Me LOVES it when one of my peeps is crawling on the floor! The hairy slobbery sister Cinnamon goes doggy nutso! She prances around and jumps all over them and licks their face until they collapses in a heap giggling, then she licks and licks while they tries to cover their face with their hands and gets up!!! It is the bestest entertainment EVER!!!

  23. oh nerissa dahling, you are a good story teller.

    emma and buster

  24. Happy Valentine's Day, Nerissa and all the kitties and even the Peeps! We love your blog! ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

  25. Well I do hope your fabulous toy can be fixed...Happy Valentine's Day kitties! Now Nerissa, you needs to get across Canada pronto...we'z having a Catnipalooza and we know you likes your nip...anyhoo, come catch the tail end of it...

  26. Hi Nissy...OK - it's just you and me talking here - you all HID that little ball didn't you?! In some place that your Peep will NEVER find it right? I love to do stuff like that. Even on cleaning day when the house gets turned upside down, my Mom can't find some of my BESTEST hiding places. Part of the games we play....maybe the BEST part!

    Kitty Hugs, Sammy

  27. So, didja find it? My Pinkie is gone, too. Sometimes she disappears for weeks and then pops up again. I think it's kinda like the resurrection but the Human says that's sacrilegious so I guess I won't think that anymore.

    1. Hmmm... could have somethin' to do with time distortions and worm holes. You got any of those floatin' around your house?


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