Saturday 7 April 2012

yoo-hoo... another award!

Yoo-hoo, YOO-HOO!  I got another award!!!  I'm so thrilled.  Thank you so much Sammy, for giving me the ABC award.  As some of you probably know, ABC stands for Awesome Blog Content and I'm just thrilled to bits that Sammy thought my blog was even just a little bit awesome.  Sammy has a pretty awesome blog of his own.  It's called onespoiledcat and it's an amazing read.  You'll definitely want to check it out!

When accepting the ABC award, I have to list twenty-six things about myself...  one thing for each letter in the alphabet.  This was kind of tricky.  Thought for a moment I might have to break out the dictionary but, in the end, I managed to find all twenty-six.  I did it!  Yoo-hoo!!!  So, here goes...

A is for being ADDICTED to the nip.
B is for BOY cat...  even though the peep gave me a girls' name.  What a peep!
C is for being CURIOUS...  'cause I'm a cat...  and we are.
D is for being DISMAYED at some of the things my peeps do.  Giving me a girls' name, for
E is for EDUCATED.  I was home schooled by my Mama but she gave me a wonderful education.
F is for FORMERLY FERAL.  Really and truly...  I was.
G is for being a GORGEOUS GUS.  That's what peep #1 calls me all the time so I'm pretty sure it
    must be true.
H is for HISTORIAN.  Read my blog?  It's all true, you know.  I write the history of tomorrow.
I is for my getting a little INDIGNANT when people think that the peep writes my blog.
J is for being JENNIFER'S best friend.  That's peep #1.  Her name is Jennifer.
K is for a KEYBOARD clicking blogger cat.  Yes, it is really I who writes this blog twice a week.
L is for LITERARY.  You've read my blog?
M is for creating the expression MOUSES!  I really hope it catches on.
N is for NOT a girl even though I've got a girls' name.  Blame the peeps!
O is for being the OBJECT of my peeps' affections.  I'm pretty sure that I am.
P is for being in the PEEP PROTECTION PATROL.  I'm their leader, you know.  Must protect the
Q is for QUICK-AS-A-WINK which is what I am when I race outdoors when I'm supposed to be in.
R is for being a READER.  I try my best to read all my friends' blogs every single day.
S is for STERLING and SILVER which describe my tabby coat.  Oh, and I'm SHORT-HAIRED, too.
T is for being TRUSTING of my peeps.  Not too fond of others, though...  'cause I was feral.
U is for UNATTACHED.  Just lettin' the lady kitties know...
V is for VACCINATED.  I hate it but it's important.  We've all been needled.
W is for WORLD famous.  I've got friends from all over the world, now.  Wonderful!  Ooh...  that
    starts with a W, too.
X is for being a bit of a XENOPHOBE...  'cause I was feral and all.
Y is for YOO-HOO! which is how I felt when Sammy gave me this award.
Z is for the ZIGGING and ZAGGING I do when the peep wants to take me to see the doctor.

Now, I get to award some other kitties with the ABC award.  Ooh...  this is so much fun.  Of course, there are lots of blogs out there with awesome content so it was hard to choose just a few.  But it gave me an excellent excuse to read lots & lots of them which, of course, was lots & lots of fun!  Yoo-hoo!!!  And if any of you kitties don't want to participate or just have too much on the go right now and want to hold off until later, that's okay.  There are no obligations...  PROMISE!

  1.  Herman at It's a Wonderpurr LIFE
  2.  CJ at CJs PawPad
  3.  Mario at Mario's Meowsings
  4.  Katie at Katie Isabella
  5.  Spitty at Spitty the Kitty
  6.  Lars & Odin at Bengal Business
  7.  Sebastian at Sebastian the Sensitive Soul
  8.  Cody at Cat Chat
  9.  Ryker, Faraday, Maxwell & Allie at A Tonk's Tail...  err, Tale...
10.  Bama & Boise at Shat Cast

I would have loved to have given all my blogging buddies this award but I think I was only allowed ten and my eyes were getting crossed from doin' so much reading.  There comes a time when a kitty has just got to get off the computer.  Know what I mean?


  1. Congratulations on your fine award Nerissa! You more than deserve it. And on behalf of the Shat Cats, Bama and Boise, I would like to thank you for selecting us to receive the award as well, it is an honor. :-)

  2. ConCATulations to the blogaward !
    It was fun reading all this stuff about you :)

  3. Great answers Nerissa - we though you were a lady cat too - SORRY.
    Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

    1. That's okay... almost EVERYBODY does. Personally, I blame the peep!

  4. FaRADaY: Mowzers! Yoo is a BOY? Pawesome! We canz hang out in a MANCAT Cave together!

    Allie: And congratulations on being given the ABC award!
    Maxwell: and thank you for passing such a pawesome award on to us!

  5. we are soooo flattered to have been given this award!!! THANK YOU!!

    Congratulations to YOU because your blog is just purrfection and we have adored it from the first day we discovered it!

    We are deeply honored!!!
    We also LOVED your answers, even those with BIG WORDS MOL!

  6. Congrats on your award, way to go!!!
    Loved all of the answers that you gave.
    Wishing you the best at Easter time and sending love and cheers across the miles.

  7. Congratulation for the award and for the list of 26 things. You wrote a great post ...

    Have a super day.

    pawhugs, Max

  8. Congrats on your award, Nerissa!
    We are curious though...why did your peeps give you a girls' name?

    1. Well... as you know I was feral. My mama brought my sibs and I to the peeps' veranda when we were a few weeks old. We wouldn't let the peeps near us. They could only watch us from afar. So, they named us without 'checking things out', if you know what I mean. Constance & Beatrice were calicos so they KNEW they were girls. Desdemona & I were both silver tabbies and they had no idea but peep #1 says that we were pretty, so... The rest is history!

  9. Huge concatulations on winning your award. You definitely deserve it because you has interesting things to write about. And I am sincerely touched and honored that you would award ME this award too. I will try to do justice to the questions. Thank you so much and it was truly wonderpurr to read your answers to the alphabet questions. Loves ya! Herman

  10. Concats on your award. We luf these awards where we learn about our furriends. Happy Easter. xoxo

  11. Oh my Cat! I'm so very surprised and honored. Talk about being in good company with some outstanding blogs. Thank you so much sweetie. I'll do my best to live up to expectations.

  12. Well *hangs head in shame* I didn’t know you were a chap cat either. So sorry !!! Congratulations. Great answers. Loved reading them :)

  13. You get an A plus from us on the ABC award!!

    Happy Easter!


  14. Oh. My. Cod. NERISSA!!!!! You're NOT a girl?????
    Now this opens up a WHOLE new world of possibilities.

  15. Concats on your great award. We have to admit that we thought you were a ladycat too.

  16. Congrats on your award and wow, you told about yourself very nicely!

  17. Congrats on your award! And good for you for getting through the whole alphabet!!

  18. Nerissa, great information and Congrats on the award. I must admit, as a new reader, I was a little confused on the name thing!

  19. WOW!!! Sure lookz like you been really bizzy round here lately wif Birfdayz and Awardz and lotz ov vizitorz! ^..^
    Well..... Happy Birfday!!!, Concatulationz!!! on All countz!!
    And Happy Easter ^..^ x6 +1 ♥xoxo♥

  20. Nerissa! Me thinks yous is a handsome man cat! Me is sure your cat name is very masculine!
    Me loved what yous did for the Meme and me just realized - me never passed it along!!!

  21. Concatulations on your award, Nerissa!

  22. Congrats to Nerissa on his blog award!!! Wow, listing twenty-six things is a big job for a kitty. Cheops sends hugs from Weekend Cat Blogging.

  23. Hey Nerissa! You did an EASTEREGGxcellent (tee hee) job of your A-Z list describing your fabulous self. You deserve the ABC blog for sure because we love your blog a lot and are happy we found you in cyberspace!

    Kitty Hugs, Sammy (and his Mom)

  24. OMC, thank you for this fabulous awardie! I is already working on my alphabet, but it might take me a few days since the Human iz slowing me down, saying, "No, Spitty, you can't say THAT!"

    Nerissa, Did I read that you're a (shhhhhhhh) BOY? OMC! What was your Mommy thinking when she named you?? I think I've been calling you "darling" and stuffs, ha ha meow!

    Hoppy Easter! ;-)

  25. WELL!! We thought (cos of your name) you were a GIRLCAT but now that we know better, Salem says she lurves ALL the boys!

  26. HAPPY EASTER !!!!!
    We liked reading your ABC's too :)
    Purrs Tillie and Georgia,
    Tiger,Treasure and JJ

  27. Nerissa, CONGRATS on your award! That's pawsome!! :)
    But OH DEAR about the naming without 'checking things out' lol... we've had a few incidences around here of having to "tweak" names :-)
    Thanks so much for stopping by today.
    Hugs from your Greek kitty friends!

  28. Awesome award - congratulations...
    Mr Bumpy, Bloggercat

  29. Concats on your award! And thank you for selecting me to receive the award as well! Now I have to convince typist to write more about me. She's been slacking the last few days...

  30. Conga rats on your award. Those are some mighty good answers. We are glad to meet you since you are a formerly feral kitty. All of us are formerly feral. And we are terrific cats. That was fun reading your answers. Thanks for your nice Birthday wishes and good to meet you.

  31. I'm really glad that you don't have to be feral anymore, but why did they give you a girl's name??

    Nubbin wiggles,

    1. Well, 'cause I was feral, they couldn't get close enough to me to check out my parts... if you know what I mean. The peep says I was pretty so, she guessed I was a girl. She guessed WRONG!!!

  32. concats on your award. you have a pretty name.

    emma and buster

  33. I'm still working on my alphabet. V is for vengeful though. I dunno about J yet. How did you get named Nerissa??

    1. There were four of us in the litter and we were all given Shakespearean names that contained an 's' sound... Nerissa, Desdemona, Beatrice & Constance. Peep #1 chose Shakespearean names 'cause she trained as an 'actor'.

  34. Concatulation on your award!!!! We are so happy for you! And thanks for visiting us today!

  35. Nerissa!! Give your assistant a great big nose tap for such a good ABC post... WOW!!
    Hugs madi

  36. Mommy is getting there to help me with the awardie. She needed to honor Marg and then help Princess. We're going to get there. xoxox

  37. Congrats!!! That was lots of fun to read, and lots of work for you!

  38. Thanks for 'splaining about your name, Buddy. The Human teaches a Brit Lit class so she is partial to Shakespeare. Any name from that source is a-okay with her, ha ha meow!

    Hey, I am going to do my ABC post tomorrow! Come on over ;-)

  39. This is my first visit to your blog -- you have such a beautiful kitty! In fact, all over your kitties are gorgeous!

  40. Congrads on your award, We are new to your blog and are going to follow along!! Stop by and say HI!!

  41. As for me new to your blog, i find it so interesting and me myself a catlover as well. Will visit your blog from time to time to peep your interesting story.

    1. Yoo-hoo! I always love it when I meet new friends. purrs


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