Wednesday 8 February 2012

usually, I'm in favour of boxes...

Usually, I'm in favour of boxes.  I like boxes.  Oh, who am I kidding...  I LOVE the boxes.  I do.  I really, really do.  But this box...  well...  it's different.  The problem with this box, is what came in it.

The peeps drove all the way to the nearest big town.  They were gone almost all day.  That, in itself, leaves much to be desired.  When they came home, they brought...  duh duh duh duuuhhhh...  the box.

I recognised it right away.   I knew exactly what was in it.  It was the kind of box that contains papers.  Hundreds and hundreds of papers.  Maybe even a thousand or more.  Each one with tickets printed on it.  Tickets that would need to be numbered, cut and stapled before being placed into envelopes and handed out to 'ticket sellers'.  Yes, my peeps are organising another raffle for the Valley Waag Animal Shelter.

Now, don't get me wrong.  It's a really good cause.  Just about as good as it gets.  The animal shelter does wonderful work.  I've heard all about it.  They take in kitties not as fortunate as my furry family and I.  They look after them really, really well.  They get all their shots - which is much better when I'm talking about someone else getting them than when we're talking about me at the doctor's office - and are either spayed or neutered...  depending on whether we're talking girl kitties or boy kitties.  They're treated for worms & fleas and their ears are checked for mites.  And then, while they wait for their forever homes, they get food and drink and a warm comfy place to sleep accompanied by lots and lots of love.  All in all, the Valley Waag Animal Shelter is one of the best things around.

The problem is my peeps.  That peep #1 of mine is gonna want the raffle to be a success.  I just know it.  That means, if she doesn't have enough ticket sellers, she'll go sell the tickets herself.  And that, my friends, means less time to be spent with me.  I don't really like that.  I have needs, you know.  Tummy tickles, chin tickles, hugs, kisses, paw massages, food dish replenishing, water dish replenishing, treats to be given...  The list goes on and on and on...  These are all things for which I rely upon the peep. 

So, if you happen to be in my neighbourhood in the next few weeks...  please stop by and give me a tummy tickle or two, okay?  I suspect I'm gonna be feeling all lonely and blue.  I'm probably gonna really need the tummy tickles.  Oh, I'm sure of it.

PS.  To learn more about the Valley Waag Animal Shelter, you can check out their website.  Just click on the name there.  Yeah, that's right.  Click on the shelter's name and it will take you right to their site!  Pretty neat, huh?


  1. We are sorry Nerissa - we are too far away to be able to help you with the tickets.
    Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

  2. OMC! My mommy would be happies to come and tummy tickle or chin rubbies..whatever you want. I not even jellus. xoxox

  3. My mama loves to give tummy tickles. She wishes you were closer. You see, I don't like them, and she thinks she's deprived.

  4. We're pretty sure your peeps won't neglect you even if they have to go out to sell tickets. But in case they don't, our Mommy says you can come over and you won't have the time to be lonely or blue. :)

  5. Hi Nerissa
    Thanks for stopping by my blog it was so good to meet you!
    I love boxes too.
    In fact I am the box checker in my house.
    Any box that comes in must pass muster with me first.
    Please stop by anytime for a visit I always love hearing from my kitty furfriends.

  6. Wow - Nerissa - you must do a better job of training your oomans. Only one at a time is permitted to get involved with charity work because their first charity is you! Better revise the rules sweetie.

  7. We think it's pretty cool that your peeps are doing a raffle to raise green papers for the animals. We hope they sell lots!!

  8. We like da of da humans helping homeless aminals, but, it shouldn't take time away from us. Ack, gess der is no other way to do it...sorry.

  9. Nerissa, you've got very good peeps.
    Thanks for visiting Shelter-cats!

  10. We are sending you cyber-tickles.... Hope that helps.

    pawhugs, Max


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