Wednesday 1 February 2012

it was a two bandage event

The last few days have been a little bit crazy at my house.  Well, maybe crazy isn't the word.  But things have not been good.  But not to worry, everything is much better now.  Much, much better.

It all started on Saturday night.  My brother Seville was having pains.  Really, really bad pains.  He cried so much.  My peeps were really worried.  So was I.  I like Seville.  Hey, he's my brother, man.  Sorry 'bout that...  couldn't resist.  I was watching old re-runs from what the peeps call the 70s the other night...  whatever that is.

Anyway, first thing Sunday morning, the peep called our family doctor.  Because it was a weekend, the peep had to leave a message.  The doctor on call would call right back.  And she did.  She wanted to see Seville right away.  So off he and the peeps went.  Well...  it wasn't as easy as that sounds. 

Peep #1 thought she'd put Seville in a carrier for the trip.  Seville didn't agree.  Let's just say...  it was a two bandage event.  No need to worry about the peep though.  It's not like this has never happened before.  So Seville ended up sitting in the front seat of the car with a collar and leash.  The carrier rode along in the back.

When the doctor saw my brother, she knew just what was wrong.  Seville was having pee-pee problems.  He couldn't tinkle.  And that's not good...  not good at all.  No wonder he was in such pain!  The doctor said there were crystals in his urine.  His bladder was filled right up with them.  I don't know what these crystals are but apparently, they're very bad.  Different kind of crystal from the special glasses my peeps use in the dining room, I guess.  Those, they like.

So, Seville had to be knocked out for a bit while the doctor got rid of the crystals.  She thought about trying with him still awake but that didn't turn out so good.  The peep already had two bandages on by this time...  probably didn't need any more.  The doctor probably didn't want any either.

Poor Seville had to spend two nights in hospital.  I felt so sorry for him.  He was there all alone.  No family or friends to keep him company.  I kind of thought the peep should head on over to the hospital with a sleeping bag and pillow and spend the night on the floor next to his jail cell...  uh, sorry...  'hospital' bed.  When I made this suggestion, the peep pretended not to hear me.  Hmmph!

But all is well now.  Seville is home.  He's fine.  He says he's having no problems doing you-know-what.  That's good.  The doctor told him he MUST drink more water.  The peeps have been telling him that too.  So have I.  Like I said, I love my brother.  I don't want him to go back into hospital again.

Oh, I almost forgot.  We all got a fountain.  That's right, a fountain.  It's great!  The idea is that maybe Seville will drink a little more water if it comes from a fountain.  So far he hasn't really taken to it but I'm trying to set a good example.  I take a drink every time I pass it.  I love it.  What a nifty idea.  A fountain just for us cats.  It's not for the peeps.  It's just for us...  that's right...  us cats.


  1. Just 2 days? When I had pee-pee problems, I had to stay 4 nights...BOTH times. Although Mom and Dad came to visit me every day, I was miserable. And when I got home, Ling was all puffy and hissy.
    Oh, and they bought us a fountain too. Guess what? We hated it.
    Drink, Seville, DRINK. It'll keep you away from the vet. Trust me.

    Your pal, Cosmo

  2. Poor Seville! Glad he's feeling better, and hope he learns to like the fountain. Bogey adores water. If I turn the faucet on a trickle he laps at it like the crazy cat he is!

    BTW, I'm the mystery shadow person. For whatever reasons, Blogger won't let me follow you as myself!

    Critter Alley

  3. Oh poor Seville! That musta been no fun at all!! We hope he won't have any more problems. We got a fountain too and we like to drink from it!

  4. We feel so bad for Seville! We are also glad he is doing better! It is sometimes so hard to get kitties to drink their water. I have often thought of getting Cody one to try and get him to stop drinking out of Dakota's water bowl. Which one did you get?

  5. Wow, that sounds very scary. We are glad Seville is doing better, and hope that these crystal problems are gone for good. Enjoy that new fountain!

  6. Only two days? That's good. When (angel) Jet Dragon had a blockage, he had to stay for four long days. And he wouldn't eat. My woman visited and tried to hand feed him, but he would just spit it out. We are furry glad that Seville is much better. If he eats wet food, you can mix more water in, to help him.

  7. OH my... so glad that Seville is doing better. What a skeeerie experience for all of you. How nice you got a fountain out of it though. You'll love that.

    pawhugs, Max

  8. Oh my cat I came to say Hi and hello and thanks for visiting and I saw this. What a scary experience. I am glad that all seems to be well now. Please drink because I know too well what a scary thing it is to be in the hospital. Hugs GJ xx

  9. Hope Seville is feeling better now, sorry to hear about this episode. Hope the water fountain will continue to help him stay well.

  10. ohai Nerissa, thanks you fur stopping at mai bloggy. Iz sorry pore Seville haz teh pawblem wiv kristulz an I hope he gets all betters. We haz a fowtin on owr catio an only 1 owt of 5 cats drinks owt of it, I hope Seville chanjis hiz mind an likes it an therr iz speshul noms fur kitties wiv this pawblems. *softpaw*

  11. Oh you poor poor baby, Seville. Bless your heart. PLEASE drink. Please let us know if he does start drinking more, Nerissa.


  12. Oh Dear da crystallz are a BAD thin ^..^ :0,,,, Gabriel Almost had a problem a few monfz ago .... we gotz a fountin too fur Chrismouse and we luv owrz ^..^ hope Seville will luv hiz too ^..^ Glad you better Dude ~ Purrz

  13. yikes, that's scary. glad you were there and got him in so jiffy. hope he heals up just fine. remember to drink lots. maybe even mix water in with the food to get more in. water good. peeing good. crystals bad. blockage bad.


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