Sunday 8 January 2012

that's my spot!

In my house, all we cats have favourite spots.  Personally, I'm very fond of the floor in the family room, at the west end of the coffee table.  That's currently my favourite spot.  I've had others.  I'm sure there will be more. 

Rushy is really into the bottom shelf of the television stand.  Thank goodness peep #1 didn't put it together properly, leaving that extra space.  Yeah for the peep!  My sister Constance is lovin' the green kitty carrier at the moment, which is odd,  because that's the thing used to take us to the doctor and she'll never go into it then.  Tobias & Blossom are enjoying the couch in the family room.  Toby, at the east end, and Blossom at the west.  Occasionally, Blossom allows Snowdrop to join her.  But only if she asks really, really nicely.  My auntie Primrose loves the little nest next to the television stand.  Usually, she curls up in it but sometimes she'll stretch out alongside.  Just depends on her mood, I suppose.

Sometimes, more than one of us will want the same spot.  CAT FIGHT!  You see, very rarely will two cats fit into the same spot at the same time.  It's a law or something.  I think it has to do with physics.

Spots are important.  I have my favourite spot.  But even if I'm not in my spot at the moment...  that doesn't mean someone else can use it.  My spot is not up for rent.  It's MY spot.  Auntie Primrose is very particular about this issue.  No one...  and I mean no one...  not even me...  is allowed in her spot.  Her spot is her spot.  I understand.  My spot is mine.

Hey...  you, over there...  THAT'S MY SPOT!


  1. Good for you for putting your paw firmly down that no one can take your spot. Very wise of you.

  2. We all have our favorite spots too! They always seem to change, though. Right now, my favorite spot is the laundry basket in the closet. It's so comfy in there...and quiet!!


  3. you sound like my Mom at the movie theatre...she has a certain seat and God help the poor you-know-what that dares to sit in it! Geeze, you would think she was a CAT!


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