Wednesday 4 January 2012

the crow show

I, Nerissa the cat, may have a blog... but the crows...  well...   they've got their own show.  It's broadcast live, every day, December through March...  inclusive.

I love the crow show.  It's great fun.

In my backyard, there is a large oak tree.  Actually, we have quite a few oak trees but this particular one is situated just so.  Perfect stage for the...  you guessed it...  that's right...  the crow show!

My peeps set the stage.  They'll put out old bread and whatnot, down on the ground, below the oak.  Then, sometime between eleven in the morning and two in the afternoon, the crows arrive.  I think there are seven members of this particular acting troupe.  You have to see them all at once in order to count them, 'cause quite frankly, they all look alike.  But I'm pretty sure there are seven.

First one arrives and perches on a branch of the oak.  He (or it could be a she because remember, they all look like each other) caws and caws.  He's quite loud.  Must have gone to a good theatre school as he projects very well.  Then others arrive.  Soon the whole troupe is present.

Then, one at a time, the crows swoop down and grab a piece of bread.  They'll fly back up and across the yard to eat it before returning for another.  Sometimes they'll do a little extra almost upside down circular kind of thing in between the main swoops.  Sometimes, they cross one another in mid-flight.  Oh, it's a great show.  Between the cawing and the acrobatic swooping and such, it's quite entertaining.

The best seat in the house is the kitty condo in the family room but there are a couple of window sills available...  the cheaper seats.  And of course, when weather permits, there's outdoor seating.  I quite enjoy the little rooftop outside the kitchen window.  But the railing on the deck is also quite comfortable.  You don't want to get too close, however.  I don't know if you've ever noticed or not but crows are BIG.  And sometimes they poop.  In mid-flight!  Don't ever sit in their flight path.

Oohhh...  look at the time.  I've got to go.  It's almost time for the crow show to begin.  Mustn't be late!


  1. Wow, your very own, personalized Crow Show. Are you ever lucky. I has birdie TV, but not any Crow Shows. Have fun!

  2. love your description of "The Crow Show" Enjoy!!

  3. Pawsome! That sounds like much fun to watch! I wish we had the crow show here, but I do has a tree right outside my perch window sill where many birdies land and hop arounds.

    Its furry nice to meets you, looks like your momma followed me on twitter. I hopes you can stop by my bloggie too. Purrrrrrrrs


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