Sunday 22 January 2012

gotta love a shoe

Turns out, the car needed a shoe!  Could you believe it?  Who knew cars wore shoes in the first place?  I know I didn't.  But apparently, cars have brakes.  Knew that.   And brakes, well, they wear shoes.  Didn't know that!  So, if you're wondering about my peep's car...  well, the car's shoe broke and jammed up the tire and that's why it wouldn't turn.  Or something like that.  A lot of this is just gobbely-goop to me.  Only repeating what the peep said.

But this whole shoe business interests me.  My sister Mason and my brother Seville are both really into shoes.  They love shoes.  Not just any shoes though.  They love peep #1's shoes.  They're always snuggling up to her shoes.  They rest their heads upon them.  They cuddle them.  Once, Mason put one on!  Well, kind of...  she was lying down and stretched her leg out and slipped it into the shoe.  She thinks she's Cinderella or something.

My peep once broke a shoe.  Came right apart at the side.  It's no wonder...  I saw the peep wearing them outside, walking through puddles and whatnot.  Anyway, when the shoe broke, she gave it - and the other one that sort of matches but it wasn't a perfect match 'cause it was kind of opposite to the broken one and remember, it wasn't broken.  Anyway, she gave both shoes to Mason.  But guess what?  Mason didn't want them!  No interest at all!!!  Apparently, shoes are only good if they're being worn by the peep when not cuddled.  Peep #2 says, the first peep must have "stinky feet."  I laughed so hard when I heard that.  Almost fell over on my tail.  Mason says that that's not it at all.  She just likes to feel close to the peep...  and her shoes.  I don't know what Seville's deal is.

PS.  The peep said that if I wanted to use this picture, I had to mention that the little bits of white stuff on the carpet are the remnants of our last toilet paper roll attack.  Yeah, I was in on that one.  That was a good one.  Lots of fun.


  1. Our mom has a whole closet full of those shoes. If we woulda known that's what the car needed, we woulda sent you a couple. I like chewing on them shoes. I've ruined a few of my mom's shoes...which didn't make her happy for some reason.


  2. hehe - Love the toilet paper attack. M is laughing over that one cuz she used to have a kitty that did that.

  3. I have a shoe thing too! Not as bad as my angel sisfur Admiral did but I'm starting to develope it. xoxoxo


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