Sunday 11 December 2011

mixed feelings... part one

I was out in my garden this afternoon... inspecting stuff.  I'm sure you know how it is.  Anywho, in the garden, I came across a cage.  A wire cage.  Hmmm.... 

Personally, I'm not a fan of cages.  I don't know many cats who are.  Cats never like to be on the other side of anything and cages are meant to do just that.  They're meant to keep someone on the other side of where that someone would like to be.  Nasty stuff.

I thought to myself, "I've seen this cage before."  It was familiar and yet different all at the same time.  Then I remembered!  It used to be folded up in a closet in my basement.  Folded up, it seemed pretty harmless but now, it was out in the middle of my garden - in my yard - and not folded up at all!  Just what kind of sinister plot could my peeps be hatching this time?

Then my jaw dropped, my tail drooped and my whiskers started atwitchin'.  I had to ask myself, "are my peeps trying to catch cats?  Is this heinous metal contraption a cat catching machine?  No," I told myself, "my peeps are not horrors.  They wouldn't think of doing such a thing."  Also, I happened to notice that the door to the cage was closed so it really couldn't catch a cat or any other kind of critter.  So, why was it there?

I inspected the cage further and discovered the bottom had been removed.  And I remembered seeing my peep #1 with a manzes one day not so long ago.  The manzes had a saw and wire cutters.  I remembered seeing them doing something with what I now believe was this cage...

Just what is my peep up to now?  Dare I ask?

Tune in to my next posting on Thursday for part two of "mixing feelings..."  It'll curl your whiskers!!!

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