What's life without a little adventure? 

NOTHIN'!  That's what it is.

On this page you'll get to revisit some of the adventures I've had.  Nissy and I had some great ones and now, I've graduated from Nissy's sidekick to Mason's...   No.  MOUSES!  That's not right at all. Now I HAVE a sidekick of my own and that would be my sister Mason.  And then there are the International Blog Crossovers with pals from other blogs.  Those are wonderful adventures, for sure. But no matter where I travel or with whom, the one thing you'll always find is...  ADVENTURE!


In this two-part adventure, Mason and I are summoned to the North Pole, on account of Rudolf havin' flyin' troubles.  Luckily for Santa, I'm able to figure stuff out in time to save Christmas Day.  MOUSES!

Part 1.  "reindeer dust"
Part 2.  "Seville saves Christmas"


Those darned, moused-up weasels.


Read all 'bout the trick they played on me this past Hallowe'en.

"the Hallowe'en visitor"


When arrows mysteriously start shootin' out of the big ol' oak tree at the end of my driveway, Mason and I end up travellin' through the oak tree and right into Sherwood Forest.  MOUSES!

Read all about this wild and crazy adventure spannin' four blog posts.

Part 1.  "watch out!"
Part 2.  "magic and wizardry"
Part 3.  "the fine nuances"
Part 4.  "homeward bound"


When the Easter Bunny is arrested the day before Easter, it's up to Mason and me to break him out of jail, for sure. MOUSES!



I thought I had found a big ol' pot of gold that I could keep all to myself. Who knew a nasty little leprechaun was gonna come looking for it, wanting it back.  MOUSES!

"finders keepers...  maybe"


An unexpected visitor arrived at my house on Valentine's Day.  Arrived?  He smashed right into my office window. MOUSES!

Was it a bird?  A plane?  A SNOWBALL?  No, it was...  You'll never guess who he was so you'll have to read all about it, for sure.

"blown off course"


Mason and I find ourselves trapped in another dimension, inside a beautiful Christmas tree ornament, where we have to rescue Rudolf from a couple of very evil and nasty snowmen. MOUSES!

"the mysterious Christmas ornament"


Bein' suspicious by nature, Mason suspects something is up when I'm instructed to pick up my whisks, in PURRson, for the Whisk-of-the-Month Club, which I didn't even sign up for in the first place!.  Find out if she was right to worry in our two-part Hallowe'en adventure, right here.

part #1:  "a Hallowe'en adventure"
part #2:  "and now, the conclusion"


You can imagine, I am sure, how surprised I was to find a secret room hidden away at the end of our upstairs hallway.  A secret room filled with view screens from around the world and accessible only to a chosen few.  How it got there, I will never know.  Mason knows, though.  Yup, Mason knows, for sure.  MOUSES!

"the situation room"


I head off on another International Blog Crossover in an attempt to promote my book, Rescued:  The Stories of 12 Cats, Through Their Eyes.  Thanks to Savvy's experiments with nip and Silver's ability to hack into my publisher's computers, we're able to make sure the books are being printed on the best paper, ever.

Here are the links...
Part 1:  "in the nip of time, a publishing caper" on Savannah's Paw Tracks
Part 2:  "in the nip of time" on the DashKitten Blog
Part 3:  "the publishing caper" on Nerissa's Life.


Seeing a market for the stuff, Seville and I work on our next great invention....   catnip-flavoured breath mints for cats.  Better than sliced bread, for sure.  MOUSES!

"catnip and fairy dust"


Nerissa and Seville are summoned to London by Her Majesty, the Queen of England, when Big Ben stops chiming. Only the world's leading experts in eggbeater-whisk time travelling-teleportation physics are up to such an important task.

"like clockwork"


Thanks to some of Seville's previous wheelin' and dealin' with that ol' weasel syndicate, he and I ended up on Santa's naughty list.  MOUSES!

Luckily for us, we were able to get off the naughty list in the nick of time.  In the nick of time for Christmas.

Heheheheeee..  in the nick of time. Get it?  St. Nick?

Anywho...  "the naughty list"


Leave it to Seville.

Sivvers jacked my blog and started up his own business sellin' brooms powered with eggbeater teleportation technology.  Imagine my surprise when a witch arrived at the door, waitin' to pick up her new broom.

Stuff like this never happens at normal houses.  Only at mine.  MOUSES!

"the broom closet"


Plush Nissy is sent out on assignment in search of fish.

After stealin' a dolly of the stuff, the plush me and the peeps flee the town of Lunenberg with the fish police hot on their tails.

Okay, FINE.  I have been informed by Peep #1 that peeps don't have tails. They don't want anyone to get the wrong idea and think that they do. MOUSES!

"the Lunenberg caper"


Seville and I head off to the Turks and Caicos Islands in search of a bloomin' plumeria for the peep and when I say bloomin', I mean bloomin' as in one that has flowers.

Never really thought 'bout the size of those things before though, you know? They're like...  TREES!  Hard to fit a tree into a plant pot.  Yup, I know that now, for sure.

"tropical island paradise"


You can imagine my surprise when Seville and I were asked by the Easter Bunny, himself, to lend a paw (or eight) in the savin' of Easter mornin'.  They were in big trouble over at Easter Bunny Headquarters and our assistance was needed, ASAP.

Of course, we were more than happy to oblige. You don't brush off the Easter Bunny!  That's for sure.

Part 1, "a request for assistance"
Part 2, "savin' Easter morning"


In search of four-leaved clovers, Seville and I recently teleported over to the Emerald Isle.

After a quick visit to a pub, a fairy we met there led us to the clover farm managed by the two leprechauns brothers, Sean and Seamus O'Reilly.  A deal was made and clover was picked.

You can read all about our special St. Patrick's Day adventure on Nerissa's Life.

"Seville's four-leaved clovers"


I'm headin' off on another adventure in another INTERNATIONAL BLOG CROSSOVER.

Dash's fursib, Silver, finds Dash's old workshop and in it, all sorts of great stuff.  A quick call to Savvy and myself and the two of us teleport right on over to meet up with Silver.  This is the start of a wonderful adventuresome friendship between Silver, Savvy and myself.

Join us for adventure and fun in this three post series.  WHAT FUN!

Here are the links...
Part #1,  "the adventure starts HERE" on Dash Kitten
Part #2,  "a discovery brings a new adventure partner" on Savannah's Paw Tracks
Part #3,  "our conclusion and a new beginning" on Nerissa's Life


January of 2014 arrived with some weird weather conditions here in Nova Scotia and I, Nerissa the Cat, was unable to build a snowcat.

So I decided to take matters into my own paws. Sivvers and I teleported off to Ottawa to have a little chat with the peeps runnin' the Worldwide Weather Offices, Forecasting and Control, Canadian Division.

You'll never guess what we found there. Members of Parliament havin' snowball fights in the halls and everything!

You can read all about it in my two-part adventure.  Here are the links...
Part 1,  "winter wonderland...  NOT!"
Part 2,  "should have used a whisk"


On Christmas Eve, my brother Seville and I had to make a mad dash for the North Pole to sort out some havoc caused by a couple of apprentice elves. MOUSES!

It was a wild adventure but all was sorted out in the end and we even got to meet Rudolf!  Neat, huh?  Yup, very neat, indeed.

"home in time for Christmas"


I was so excited when my pal, Speedy, suddenly emerged from our front hall closet.

Speedy was on a mission to help Santa and that mission had to be completed, ASAP, 'cause Christmas was right around the corner.

How lucky was I that Speedy wanted my help with his adventure?  I was very lucky, indeed!

Here are the links...
Part 1,  "the search for Peter" on Speedy the Cheeky House Bunny
Part 2,  "in search of Peter" on Nerissa's Life
Part 3,  "the search for Peter" on Speedy the Cheeky House Bunny


Seville and I break out the whisks and head back in time to the late 1700's.  A little change here...  and little change there...   The rest is history, my friends.  HISTORY.

"the past, the present and the pumpkin pie."


What should have been an easy teleportation to Sammy's house takes my brother and me to a haunted manor where we have a ghostly adventure.

I'm tellin' you, never trust a marmalade cat with teleportation co-ordinates!

"the Hallowe'en party"


Recently, I sent the plush me out on assignment.

I needed to infiltrate Stephen McNeil's campaign headquarters but knew that if I went myself, someone would recognise me, for sure.  Also, I don't like goin' in the car.

What to do...  What to do...

I figured that Plush Nissy could make the trip and find out just what was happenin' on the night of the elections so I sent him out on assignment!  Every cat should have a plush version of himself, I should think.

And 'cause you'll want a bit of background information, before readin' about Plush Nissy's adventure, you should first  check out the post 'bout Earl Grey and the Tuxedo Party of Canada

"because neglect STILL isn't workin'!"
"operation FLEA"


Remember my first ever international blog crossover?  I travelled through space and time, using good ol' egg beater-whisk time travelling- teleportation technology and went in search of... 

Oh no, you're not gonna trick me into givin' everything away.  To find out about my searchin', you'll have to read the adventure.

Now, this particular adventure was taken with my pals Dash and Savvy and took place over a period of five blog posts.  I only told parts two and five so to get the whole story, you'll have to visit DashKitten and Savannah's Paw Tracks, too.  Have fun!

Here are the links...
Part 1, "the bookshoppe mystery and travelling to Zealandia" on DashKitten
Part 2, "the adventure continues" on Nerissa's Life
Part 3, "Nerissa arrives...  sort of" on Savannah's Paw Tracks
Part 4, "arrival in New Zealand...  ROAD TRIP!"on Savannah's Paw Tracks
Part 5, "and now, the conclusion" on Nerissa's Life



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