Wednesday 8 November 2023

in shock

Oh. My. Mouses.


I'm tellin' ya, my friends.  I'm in shock.

I'm in shock.  Saffy's in shock.  We kitties are most definitely, DEFINITELY in shock.


In shock.


So I was checkin' on my stash of boxes in the garage the other day.  Counting 'em, inspecting 'em, talking to 'em and letting 'em know how much I adore 'em and can't wait to bring 'em in the house and take a nap in 'em and play with 'em...  And maybe even give 'em a good scratching now and then.

You know, that sorta thing.

Well at least that's what I was GONNA do.


Okay, so the truth is, I was headin' INTO the garage the other day to check on my stash of boxes, when...



When I discovered my stash of boxes was gone.

That's right, my friends: gone.  Gone, I tell you.  GONE!  Not a trace of 'em anywhere to be found.


Well as you can imagine, the first thing I did was come inside the house, get on the phone, and call the police.  A missin' stash of boxes is not somethin' to mess around with, at all.  I KNOW how important it is to get the police on the case right away if there's gonna be any chance of gettin' your stash back, unharmed.

Learned that lesson the hard way when my stash of nip disappeared one year, only to find out - TOO LATE - that Peepers had gone and put it in the compost pile on account of the new harvest bein' ready and fresher and stuff, NEVER ONCE THINKIN' about how the older nip stash could have been used to stuff a cushion or somethin' for me to curl up on.

But that's a peep for you, isn't it.


So anyway...

So anyway, I got on the blower right away with the police.

Well once the officer on the blower's other end stopped laughin'...

Silly man thought my call was some kinda prank.

So once the officer stopped laughin', he went and hung up on me.

Can you believe it?


Well that's when Saffy and I decided we'd have to take matters into our own eight paws.  We'd have to investigate the case and close it ourselves.  And like I said before, we knew how important it was to start right away before the case went all cold like a long-forgotten pot of tea found the next mornin'.


First thing needin' to be done was to interview all potential suspects, startin' with our numero uno, PRIMO suspecto, for sure: the peep.


And that's when we found out that Peepers had gone and used OUR stash of boxes to put on the ground before fillin' up her new, STUPID raised garden beds.   She had gone and sliced 'em open, laid 'em flat, put 'em on the ground, and then covered 'em with dirt, like they were garbage or somethin'; and TOTALLY RUINING 'EM, for sure.

And that, my friends, is why Saffron and I are in shock.

It brings a kitty to tears.



And remember:



Continue to practice SOCIAL DISTANCIN' measures



Remember to mask up, too.


  1. Using good boxes to do what!? Has the peep no sense as to the graveness of the situation? You need to get onto the cardboard box helpline ASAP. They can supply first aid boxes for boxes in need of aid as well as a selection of cases as stand-ins and sit-ins till you can get your own new stock. And if there isn't such an organisation, well I think you just need to start one, Seville. yes, I do. I find pizza boxes and Fancy Feast packaging are a good start if buying your own (on the peep's card) . . .
    Toodle pips and purrs

  2. Seville, We feel for you, We really do! That really is shocking! Such a waste of purr-fectly good boxes too! Didn't the Peep leave even one? Not a single one? We are quite SPEECHLESS!!!

  3. That really is pretty shocking and sad too!

  4. That is just so wrong. You must seek revenge.

  5. MOUSES! That is just a cryin' shame, Sivvers! She cut them up and used them for gardening and didn't replace them? The nerve!

  6. dood...get shop, food stor, both. order any thing and every much that they hafta send yur order in 73 boxes....yea ~~ :) ♥

  7. Call the police, again, and report this dastardly crime.


I love hearin' from my pals. I really, REALLY do. PURRS.