Wednesday 30 August 2023


Whoa...  MAMA.

That was a loud one, for sure.


Well my dear pals, I awoke this mornin' to heavy rain and SUPER LOUD boomies.  Super duper loud boomies, for sure.  Oh, I've heard louder, all right, but these ones were pretty loud as well.  Loud enough to send Saffron runnin' down to the basement to hide.

Plus, they went on and on and on.  Must have been boomin' for at least a good ol' hour!  And yes, Saffy was down in the basement that whole time.


Now you're probably all wonderin' if I, Seville the Cat, was hidin' in the basement on account of the boomies, as well.

I was not.

Nope.  No sirree.  I did NOT run down to the basement to hide.

'Cause I was too busy hidin' under a bed.


But once the boomies stopped, all was well with the world, again.  No damage done, at all.

I don't think.

Saffron went outside to inspect stuff after the storm had passed.  After the boomies had stopped, that is.  After the last of the boomies, he emerged from downstairs.  And, of course, after the pourin' rain had gone from a torrent to a drizzle.

But you know...

You know, even after the rain stops, the ground can still be wet.  The grass seems to take FOREVER to dry.

Which is the reason Peepers has been givin' for not havin' mowed the lawn in recent history.


Now I don't know exactly where Saffy was walkin' this mornin' but boy-oh-boy, did his paws ever get wet.  All four of 'em were soppin', for sure.  If I didn't know better, I would think he had been wadin' through puddles out there.  But I DO know better and I KNOW that generally speakin', we cats don't wade in knee high water.  Generally speakin', we don't like gettin' our paws soakin' wet.

But wet they were.  Wet.  Wet.  WET!

No need to worry though, my dear pals.  He dried 'em all off.  Yup, on one of Peepers' good sweaters.

Serves the peep right for leavin' it on a chair just where a kitty with wet paws might put it to use.


And FYI, the sweater is now in the wash.

Where it's wet.


And speakin' of sweaters...

And speakin' of sweaters, Peepers is STILL workin' on the one she's been knittin' for what seems like weeks and weeks and weeks.  In all my nine lives, I HAVE NEVER seen anyone take so long to knit one stupid sweater.  I TRIED helpin' her out, but...

All I got were complaints.

My gosh, a kitty tries to lend a helpin' paw and gets nothin' but grief.


And did you know...

And did you know (and this is TOTALLY UNRELATED topic), APPARENTLY, accordin' to some peeps, it is impossible to wash out cat slobber from unknitted yarn?

Well why don't you finish knittin' that stupid sweater, Peepers, and wash it out then!

My gosh, it's like I have to explain EVERYTHIN' to her.  Can't think for herself.  Tsk, tsk, tsk...


Besides, there's absolutely no proof that slobber was mine.

Could have been Saffy's, you know.

FOR ALL I KNOW, it could have been HERS.

Peepers', I mean.  Peepers' stupid slobber.

'Cause I'm sure the girl drools.  Haven't caught her in the act but nevertheless, I AM POSITIVELY SURE.

There's no better explanation for that huge amount of slobber.



And remember:



Continue to practice SOCIAL DISTANCIN' measures



Remember to mask up, too.


  1. We've had way to many boomie sessions here Seville, no fun!

  2. Sounds like you all had a epic storm, Seville.
    Glad there were no lasting effects from me, except for Saffron's wet paws.

  3. I am glad your storms didn't develop into something worse. You are very brave. I don't like wet paws either.

  4. The Peep should have offered Saffy a towel if she didn't want him to use her sweater. :)

  5. We don't know anything about knitting, but we would imagine that slobber would be super duper helpful if a peep was making a sweater. Wait, it's not? MOUSES!

  6. I think this warrants an experiment re the slobber; I mean if human slobber comes out eassier than cat slobber, the latter of course is much desired around cat nip toys but not on human attire. The solution I told Mrs H, was to make her jumpers all cat nip based toys!
    Toodle pips and purrs


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