Wednesday 5 April 2023

so stupid

Well that was pretty stupid.


No, that wasn't just stupid.  It was super duper stupendously stupid, for sure.  That was SO stupid...

To tell you the truth, no one can calculate anythin' that high.  It was totally off the charts, you see.  You know, the charts that calculate degrees of stupidity.


HEY PEEPERS!  HEY PEEPERS!  You happen to know why my office stinks?

Never mind answerin', ol' peep of mine.  That was what one might call a rhetorical question.  I happen to already know why my office stinks.  It stinks on account of SOMEBODY stinkin' the whole thing up.

And when I say somebody, I mean you, Peepers.  Just in case you're confused.


So here's the thing: Peepers likes to think she shares my office with me when in fact, it is MY office, to be sure.  I allow her to vacuum - OCCASIONALLY and only when I'm not in. - and dust a bit and things.

But the problem is, Peepers has a tendency to take liberties, you see.  Just 'cause I let her do a little tidying in MY office now and then, doesn't mean she owns the joint.  AND IT CERTAINLY doesn't mean she should be doin' what she was doin' over the weekend in there.

What did she do?

I'm so glad you asked!

What she did was, she went and stunk the whole place up.


You see, a few weeks back, the peep did ask if she could use the table and counter in MY office to set up some lights for her peeper...  I mean, pepper plants.  Heeheehee...  My gosh I crack myself up.

But back to the business with the peepers...



Okay, so she asked if she could use some of the space and I, bein' the kind and generous cat that I am, allowed her to do so.  AGAINST MY BETTER JUDGEMENT, I might add, but you've gotta throw your peep a bone every now and then; you know?  Of course you do.


Well over the weekend, Peepers decided all her little peeper pepper plants - heeheehee - were in need of some plant food; AND I DON'T KNOW WITH WHAT SHE FED 'EM, but it stinks to high heaven.

Good grief, it's worse than when my late long-haired lactose intolerant marmalade brother, Andy, got into the cheese.  And that, my friends, was as bad as I thought stinks could ever get.

Well that and some of Peepers' perfumes.


But the bottom line is: my office stinks.  MY office stinks.  And it stinks on account of Peepers stupendous stupidity.

Of all the dirty rotten things for a peep to go and do.

And speakin' of rotten, I suspect there was somethin' rotten in that there plant food she used.

Seriously, a dead rat would smell better.



And remember:



Continue to practice SOCIAL DISTANCIN' measures




  1. That plant food sounds heinous, Sivvers. How DARE your peep stink up your office like that. And for what? Peeper pepper plants! MOUSES!

  2. Gosh, Mom are has calmed down a tad with the stinky ol' perfume. Whew. But she is in MY office. Just as you share yours, I feel that I should share mine.

  3. That just ain't right, Seviile!

  4. That sounds awful. Perhaps you should leave her a stinky gift as revenge. :)

  5. That sounds like it all did pass the smell test Seville!

  6. Oh, dear, we saw a plant light here too... We bet our den will soon be as stinky as yours! Yikes!

  7. Hmmm, a rat might smell pretty interesting.

  8. Yikes!! Your office and she stinks it up???? Really?!
    She must make amends and soon! Like...NOW!
    Purrs, Julie

  9. OMG Severs. Disaster! How could she pay you back this way for your generosity???

  10. OMG Saville, mew need to contact Cat Line stat and make a formal complaint and ask for reparations of the catnip kind dude!

  11. guyz

    we bee on free wi fi two day !!!

    sew stoppin bye with paste N coppee

    with easturr greetinz and NOE BURD

    happee fun day hippee hoppee :) ♥♥

  12. Eww, that sounds terrible. The remedy is of course, and as the saying goes, if you cant beat them then join them. Maybe create your one stink, Seville? Import, using the peepers credit card, some exotic full size catnip plants, a whole grove of them... well a room size grove of them. That should fix it.
    Toodle pips and purrs


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