Wednesday 25 September 2019

oohhh... what's this?

Well thank you very much, Mr. UPS driver, Sir.  You need me to sign for that or anythin'?  X on the dotted line?  Pawprint or somethin'?  Anythin' like that?

No?  Okay-dokey then.  And if you wouldn't mind puttin' that there box inside the house for me, that would be great.


Now I wonder what this could be.  I don't remember ordering anythin'.  Not even anythin' advertised on TV.

Let's take a little looksie, shall we?

Hmmm...  Apparently, it's addressed to the peep.


BUT WE ALL KNOW, what's hers is mine, and what's mine is...  Well...  MINE.


So she should have no problem with my openin' it up.

You know, this here box - as big as it is - it really kinda light.  I wonder if there's anythin' in it at all.  It might just be a box.


There's no such thing as JUST a box.  A Jack-in-the-box, sure, but not JUST a box.  A box is a box is a box.  An item to be treasured and...  Well...  Shall we say..  REVERED?  And actually, empty boxes are the very best kinda boxes, on account of an empty box bein' the perfect place for cat like me to hang out.  You put too much stuff in a box, and there's no room inside that there box for me, and that, my friends, SUCKS.


I'll just use a claw to examine this uh...  Umm...  OOPSIE!  Now look at that.  My claw accidentally tore right through the tape on that there box.

I wonder how that happened.

OOPSIE!  However it happened, it happened again.

And once more?  You know, for good measure.  Plus, it's a well known fact that these things happen in threes.


And now that the tape is all split and no longer holding the box shut, I might as well go ahead and open it up, and...

OH MY MOUSES!  THE PEEP BOUGHT ME YARN!  Oh what a glorious peep my peep can be.  One, two, three...  FOURTEEN balls of yarn.

Bet you didn't know I knew how to count that high, huh?


So I wonder what I'm gonna do with all these balls of yarn.  I'm usually content with unravelling one ball at a time.  I really don't need any more than the one.  It's not like I know how to knit.

On the other paw, the peep does.  Know how to knit, I mean.  She's not so much into the unravelling thing.


I think...  I think I'll toss these balls of yarn outta my way, outta this here box, and onto the floor.  Might keep one, though.  You know, to unravel later on.  But I have no need for the rest.

And once the balls of yarn are all gone...


An empty box.


*settles down and curls up in said box*

They SAY money can't buy happiness, but do you know what?   Money can buy a box, and a box is happiness wrapped up with a bow.



  1. Seville, it's delightful to hear you so happy!

  2. Miss kitty SoftPaws pawsum rescue page here our pawsum purfriend a box & a bunch of yarn does it get any better i ask holy pawsumness๐Ÿ’–๐Ÿ’–๐Ÿ’–๐Ÿ’–

  3. Wow, how awesome that you got a new box delivered right to your door, Seville!

  4. Nice one, Seville, sounds like you're all set for home comforts and fun way into next year—dependant how long it takes to unravel that wool that is.
    Toodle pips and purrs


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