Wednesday 6 March 2019

the charmer

Let me be frank, my friends.

No, I don't mean, let be Frank.  My name is now, and always will be, Seville.

Plus, if I were to become Frank, who then would Frank be?


Let's start over, shall we?

Let me be honest.

Let me be..

Okay, enough of that.  So without any further ado...

Let me just say that...

I, Seville the Cat, am a charmer.


That's right!  Yup, you heard correctly.  I am a charmer, for sure.

Why, I EXUDE charm.  I...

What's that Rushy?

No, in this instance, exuding stuff is a good thing.  It's not like that time you had an abscess, and..

Somehow I appear to have gotten off track.


Okay, so the other night, I hopped up onto the chesterfield and sat down next to Peep #1.  She was doing some knitting or something like that.  You know, playing with sticks and strings and things.


But I needed her attention, so...

So I lifted a paw, and...

Ever so gently...

Ever so gently, I tapped on her knitting needle with my paw.


Oh yeah, I charmed the pants right off the peep with that move, for sure.

Well not really.  I mean, first of all, she wasn't wearing any pants.

NO!  She most certainly was not nekkid.  She was in her nightie, you see.  My peep never knits nekkid.  Nekkid knitting would simply not do, for seeing a pantless peep is a sight a kitty can never unsee.

Not in all a kitty's nine lives, for sure.


It's really just an expression, I think.  The charming the pants off a peep thing, I mean.

Rest assured, no pants were harmed by my charming behaviour, at all.


But anyway...

But anyway, after being incredibly adorable and cute with the tapping of the knitting needle with a paw thing, do you know what I did?

Well I'LL TELL YOU what I did.


Are you ready?

I, Seville the Cat, stretched out on my tummy and started kneading the peep's leg.

No, not her pantless leg.  I thought we already covered that.

And speakin' of covering, her leg was covered, too.  Her nightie was covering it, completely.


But I, Seville the Cat, am not normally a needy...  I mean, kneady - 'cause actually, I sometimes can be a little needy, in fact - cat, you see.  So when I started kneading the peep's leg with my paws, she was all...

OOHING and AHHING and that sort of thing.

To be perfectly honest, I'm a little surprised she didn't call up the papers!

Probably on account of her not wanting to stand up and disturb me while I was doing my kneading, to be sure.



  1. Aww . . . you touched your momma's heart, Severs. I bet she gave you a big kiss. Purr purr purr.

  2. I bet she was putty in your paws, Seville.

  3. dood.......ewe noe how ta werk it buddy; thiz izza awwwwww kinda post; now ... go raiz ten kindz oh soundz like swell coz ewe WILL bee abe bull ta getz a way with it !!! { hi frank } ♥♥♥

  4. Are you sure Charming isn’t your middle name?

  5. You sure know how to help her find a happy!

  6. Awww. I love to do kneading too, but sometimes I can be a little too sharp on the claws, Mrs H says.

  7. We humans are considerate that way... not disturbing our kneady cats when they are in a needy state.

  8. I definitely believe you are a charmer. And good to know the Peep doesn't knit neked.:)

  9. You ARE a charmer, no doubt about that and with knitting, there should always be kneading!! - Tom x

  10. KNEADING is GOOD. Seville. Keep on KNEADING.

  11. Severs, you had my mom "OOHING and AHHING," too, when I read this post to her. Luv you.


I love hearin' from my pals. I really, REALLY do. PURRS.