Sunday 15 October 2017

you ever notice?

You ever notice?  You ever notice stuff like uh...  Well...  Well like how we cats are able to multi-task, while peeps are able to...  To uh...  To...

Well it isn't like they don't TRY.

Yeah, it isn't like they don't try to multi-task.

But uh...  But when tryin'...  Well when tryin' to multi-task, they're usually more inclined to multi-fail, if you know what I mean.


Why just this mornin', I saw some unknown female peep walkin' down the street on the phone.  Let me clarify that.  She wasn't walkin' on the phone.  She was talkin' on the phone, while walkin'.


So anyway...

So anyway, this unknown peep was tryin' to talk on the phone, while walkin'.  Yeah, she was tryin' to do both those things, at the very same time.  But let me tell you somethin': She was gettin' nowhere, real fast.

Now truth be told, I don't actually know what she was sayin' to the person on the other end of the line, so maybe...  MAYBE the phone conversation part was goin' okay.  I, I really couldn't say.  But the walkin' part?

Two snails passed her.  I noticed 'cause they were shakin' their fists, and yellin', "OUTTA OUR WAY!"


Clearly, that peep was not up to the multi-taskin' task of talkin', while walkin'.


Now we cats, on the other paw...

We cats can multi-task with the best of 'em.  We cats can multi-task up a storm!  My sister, Mason?  She can purr while eatin'.  My brother, Andy, can inhale treats while annoyin' me to no end.  And I, Seville the Cat, am able to supervise the peep while doin' my washin'.  Yup, I can do both those things at the very same time.  No probs, whatsoever.  Good thing, too, on account of the peep needin' a good deal of supervision.


I don't know if it's 'cause we have four paws, instead of two hands and two feet, or if it's 'cause we're just smarter than peeps, generally speakin', but we cats are WAY BETTER multi-taskers, for sure.

Most likely a combination of the two.

Oh my mouses, just look at that.  We cats can multi-task the art of multi-taskin'.  We use our smarts at the same time as usin' our four paws, and...  VOILA!


When Peep #1 tries to multi-task, I usually make my exit from the room.  Partly 'cause she's likely to fail and look pathetic - which is never a good look for any peep - and partly 'cause she's likely to do somethin' stupid.  You know, stupid like uh...  Well, like not look where she's goin', and trip over me.


Why, just the other day, Peep #1 thought she'd multi-task her way into gettin' some gardenin' done, while doin' some laundry, too.

Let's just say, the laundry had to be RE-done, on account of it gettin' dirty, because of the gardenin' the peep was doin'.

Does she not know gardenin' is done in the dirt?  Does she not know dirt makes laundry dirty?  Does she not know anythin'?


And don't even get me started about when she thought she'd multi-task her way through answerin' e-mails.

Bet those peeps at Amazon are wonderin' why my peep was wishing 'em a happy birthday.  And the pal whose birthday it was, is probably wonderin' why the peep was e-mailin' her about savin' the seals.  And the Prime Minister might be wonderin' why Peep #1 is askin' him to send us a new stainless steel cat comb.


And then there was the case of the cheese scones.

FYI: Baking powder and salt?  TWO. DIFFERENT. THINGS.


I think the real problem is, peeps just don't have enough workin' brain cells to divide their attention amongst multiple things.  I mean, if they ask half their brain cells to work on one task, and the other half to work on another, neither task gets enough cells.  Next thing you know, everybody is confused.

Yeah, I think that's the problem, for sure.

But back to that unknown peep on the phone.  There she goes.  AGAIN.  Opposite direction, this time, but equally as slow.

And look at that!  Once more, she was passed by two speeding snails.

How embarrassing for her.



  1. Oh, my Dad can't multi task either and sometimes single task is a problem too!

  2. I don't know about us cats and multi-tasking... Binga only seems to be able to do one thing at a time - be annoying! Although I have to say, she does it well.

  3. Aww my word! There could have been a major snail accident there... Just when you need a traffic cop snail theres never on around! Did you get the peep's number and could report her for being stationary in a 30 zone MOL
    Toodle pip and purrs

  4. OH Seville, mew had us in hysterics dude, and yep we know exactly how mew feel about peeps and multi-tasking, like seriously how hard is it to feed six cats at once, clean their bathroom facilities and then get treats ready fur dessert? I mean come on, it's easy-peasy mew would think. Apparently not according to the P.A. - we're just waiting fur them new fandango robots to come on the market and we're buying one as a Cat-Service-Droid! MOL

    Big hugs

    Basil & Co xox

    P.S. are the snails still passing the women on the phone? MOL

  5. don't be too hard on your human! We can all be gifted multi taskers like you felines!

  6. Your conclusions make sense, even our humans must admit you're true : it drives Claire crazy when Momo starts explaining something during a walk and stops walking ! Purrs

  7. I agree and I am human. I can barely do one thing at a time :)

  8. It's because we cats are smarter, fur sure, that we are experts at multi-taskin'. My Dad was trying to get something out of a closet & talk to Mom at the same time & stepped on my foot! OUCH! And when Mom tries to cook & talk on the phone with grandma - I declare the kitchen a hazard zone, 'cause something's about to go down! Tee hee hee!


I love hearin' from my pals. I really, REALLY do. PURRS.