Wednesday 12 July 2017

he's doin' laps

For mousin' out loud.


There I was yesterday, workin' hard on my blog post when...

When Peep #1 let Andy in.



That's right, the peep let Anderson into MY office, AGAIN!

And when I say again, I don't mean again as in like for a second time.  I don't mean again as in like for a third time, either.  I mean again as in like for a one million and thirty-ninth time, give or take a million or two.  MOUSES!

Apparently, my brother Anderson has started an exercise routine.

I know, I know...  I know what you're thinkin'.  You're thinkin', the peep lettin' Andy into my office has nothin' to do with exercise, and while I'd normally agree with you on that, this time, I can't.



You see...

You see, Andy has decided he should start doin' laps.

Now Andy doin' laps wouldn't be so bad if it weren't for those laps takin' him through MY office a million and thirty-nine, give or take a million or two, times, but as I found out yesterday, it does.

All day long, EVERY TIME the peep opened my office door by the driveway, Andy would dart inside. Then he'd trot straight over to the other door - the one that leads into the kitchen - and ask the peep to open that.  Then he'd go through the kitchen and out the kitchen window, only to reappear at my office door by the driveway again, wantin' back inside.

This went on and on and on...

And on and on and on...

And on.



Like I said, Andy is now doin' laps.

And why?

Well apparently, he overheard the peeps talking 'bout how he had gained an ounce or two.

Ounce...  Pound...  Whatever.

But to be perfectly honest, a lot of that is just floof.

Okay, to be PERFECTLY honest, there's not enough floof in the world to account for Andy's size, but...

But he IS part Coon, and was clearly meant to be a very big cat.

Nevertheless, Anderson now has an exercise routine.

Andy has a problem, too.  The problem is, his exercise routine of doin' laps isn't workin' out so well, on account of those laps not only annoyingly takin' him through MY OFFICE a million and thirty-nine, give or take a million or two, times, but also...

But also takin' him through the kitchen and right past the...


Yeah, that's right, for every lap Andy makes, a snack or two he takes, and...

And that is doin' nothin' but addin' more...


What can I say?  A million and thirty-nine (give or take a million or two) snacks a day, is a whole lot of snacks.



  1. Well, sun-colorful floofs ARE quite nice, actually. Just sayin'. ;)

  2. Sounds like Andy, needs some exercise after all those snacks. Not fair that he gets them all. Take care.

  3. I guess an exercise routine should be combined with a sensible diet... but who wants that?

  4. MOL - I'd pick snacks over laps too!

  5. Hmm, I have a cunning plan! Why not move the treats to the furthest part of the house then Andy's laps will cost more in calories than treats. Or get one of those cat wheels, like the hamsters have. If a chippie was at one end I bet you could even generate some electricity too!

  6. Hey YOU! :)

    Just thought I'd drop in to let you know that I've nominated you for the blogger recognition award!! :)

    Your posts are purrtastic & they deserve as many eyeballs as I can send over ! ;)


  7. THAT sounds like R kinda roo teen; pluz, ya HAFTA stop in de kitshun ta get sum snax ta bee ABE BULL ta contin ewe on ...RIGHT !!! ☺☺♥♥

  8. I know how you feel Seville. Eric used to look in the lounge window and scrape the glass to be let in. Then he would walk right out to the kitchen and go out the catflap. Two minutes later he would be back at the window again. We were daft enough to keep letting him in the window, but after 5 or 6 times we used to pretend we couldn't see or hear him. Then he would come back in the cat flap and whap Flynn as if it was his fault!

  9. Maybe he needs to change his route to exclude the kitchen. :)

  10. If he's demanding a doorpeep so much, it sounds like exercise for the Peep more than for Sir-Farts-Alot. I hope he doesn't leave a gift as he passes through ... if you know what I mean ;)

  11. You need cat flaps indoors!! Definitely!!!

    You need to speak to the peep!

  12. Seville, maybe for every time Andy comes through your office you charge him a treat toll fee. Mew Mew!


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