Sunday 18 June 2017

I need a box!

What to do, what to do...


Oh hello there, my friends.  I'm afraid you've found me in a bit of a sticky situation, for sure. Tomorrow is International Box Day and I, Seville the Cat, do not yet have a box.  That's right.  I'm boxless.  MOUSES!

I don't know how it happened.  Usually the peep is good for a box or two.  There's usually at least one box lyin' about.

Lyin'.  Layin'.  Lyin'.  Whatever.

But today, on International Box Day Eve, there is not a box to be found.  MOUSES!


On the other paw...

What's this?  Could this be a box?  A box especially pour moi?

Humph!  This box appears to have a bunch of stuff already in it.  But my need to have box for International Box Day, supersedes any need this stuff has to be in a box.

Hey Peepers!  What do want me to do with all this stuff here in this here box?

What stuff, you ask?  This stuff.  This stuff here in this here box.

What box, you ask?  This box.  This box here with all this stuff.

Boy-oh-boy, you'd think I was askin' her to do complex mathematical calculations or somethin'. Sometimes I really wonder 'bout the intelligence of my peep.  MOUSES!

Hey Peepers!  You want me to just chuck it?  Just chuck out all this stuff from this here box?  I'll leave it out by the back door and you can toss it in the garbage later.

I don't know.  Just some papers and things.  I don't they're very important.  None of 'em pertain to me.

And with that, I was unceremoniously lifted out of my new-found box, and plunked down on the carpet beside it.


But Peepers, THAT'S MY BOX.

No, I don't have my name on it, but neither do you.

I bet I can leave my mark on that ol' box quicker than you can write your name.  MOUSES!

NO, I didn't pee on the box.

NO, I didn't pee on anythin' in the box, either.  What kinda kitty do you think I am?  MOUSES!

Peepers, I need a box.  I NEED a box.  I need a box by tomorrow, for sure.

Tomorrow!  TOMORROW!  Do you know NOTHING, woman?  Tomorrow is International Box Day and I, Seville the Cat, am in dire need of a box.


box box, Peepers.  You know, a box.  I need a box.  I need a box to play in, a box to nap in, a box to have a little wash in, and whatever-else-I-wanna-do in.  You know, a box!  A box in which to do box things.

Again with the litter box wise-cracks?  Since when did you become such a potty-mouth, Peepers? MOUSES!

Well Peepers, if I can't have that box, you'll need to find me some other box.  You have any spare boxes hidden about?

What do you MEAN you don't keep spare boxes hidden about?  What kind of peep are you?  Don't you know it's your duty to have spare boxes on paw for emergencies such as this?

Peepers, my not havin' a box for International Box Day IS an emergency, for sure.  Boxes and nip mice should ALWAYS be in ready supply.  It's all there in our cat-peep contract.  Good peeps know that.  Clearly, you're not a very good peep.

And since you're such a lousy peep...

I mean, since you're such a WONDERFUL peep, who has obviously momentarily forgotten how very important it is for kitties such as myself to have boxes for International Box Day....

That's a good Peepers.  That's the ticket!  Now you finish emptyin' out that there box, and you'll have my International Box Day box ready before you know it.

Ahhh...  What a box.  This is the PERFECT box, for sure.

Thanks Peepers!  I knew you could do it.  You just needed a little encouragement, is all.


Oh, and Peepers?  Don't forget, I'm not the only cat livin' in this here house. I'm not the only cat whose gonna need a box for the Box Day celebrations tomorrow.  My fur-sibs are all gonna want boxes of their own, too.  You have any more boxes needin' emptyin' out?

What?  MORE litter box jokes?  They weren't funny the first time and they're not funny now.  MOUSES!


  1. Well, I completely forgot about Box Day, but I usually forget important days like that. MOUSES!

  2. Stella keeps her box on the cedar chest at the end of the bed. She keeps a towel in it to sleep on. Usually though she sleeps in between the mummies on the king-size bed. So she will not go boxless tomorrow!!

  3. A cat without a box? That's unheard of! So, you all need your own boxes, huh? No sharing? Olive doesn't share her box either, even though all three cats could fit in it!

  4. I'm glad you got your box, Seville!

  5. That does look like a MOST satisfactory box for Box Day - the hard part will be SHARING IT!!

    Hugs, Teddy

  6. That was definitely an emergency situation, you really saved the day by finding one o the peep's boxes. Penny really does pee in boxes, I don't know why. She enjoys sleeping in them and then all of a sudden she pees.

  7. Oh Sevile that was a close shave fur sure, but at least mew got a box! Mew'll neffur believe what happened here, dad had a bonfire last week and the P.A. pointed out one really nice sturdy box among the box collection to keep, dad said no purroblem I'll put it aside. Well mew know what happened when we went to get the box on Sunday, dad had furgotten and incinerated it!!!

    Bestest purrs

    Basil & Co xox

  8. Oh, Sivvy, you crack us up. I actually feel sorry for your Peep because you really put her through the paces. Hopefully, she'll get enough boxes out for all of you because you wouldn't want to leave the box for the litter box and come back to find Rushton or Sir-Farts-A-Lot in YOUR box!

  9. I was shaking with fear over you not getting your box for Box Day, Seville. Maybe you need to sit down with your Peeps and revise their contract. I've got mine trained to have several boxes of various sizes and depths scattered all over our house...and not just for Box Day. Sometimes its like we have more boxes than cats, but that keeps us happy and you know what they say about happy cats...they don't pee on stuff. Just saying...

  10. We're glad you got a box, Seville ! What a pawsome box ! Happy International Box Day ! Purrs

  11. Oh no! Not only am I late for your post (the heat delayed my flight) but I missed IBD too! First day on the job as retired peep and it's all gone wrong. I think a talking to is required. Now as to these boxes, did your peep find some more or are you on a time share contract?
    Purrs, ERin

  12. Whew, you had us worried there, Seville! We thought you were going to remain boxless, and that is simply a travesty. But, thank goodness, your well-trained peep pulled through!

  13. Glad you got your box.xπŸΎπŸΎπŸΎπŸ˜»πŸ’•


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